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Genesis: DOFP [SentS] [Post #1]
Sentinel Services

A government agency which has several subdivisions. Their main directive is to catch or kill non-humans. They do this by deploying Sentinels. These Sentinels are programmed to primarily detect mutants and supers alike. They are usually around three stories tall, capable of flight and outfitted with the latest tech to capture or kill mutants and supers.

With the help of Tony Stark, when he was still alive, these Sentinels are being upgraded around the clock. It has been said that there are over half a dozen different kinds. With the latest being man-sized.

Hound Program:
This program is a subdivision of SentS, and deploys agents to locate non-humans and determine if they can be used for the experimental programs or not. These agents are usually pro-human sympathisers with law enforcement or military background. They are being aided by mutants released after getting the green light from the Janus project.

They also serve to locate escaped non-humans and disable the resistance where possible.

Experimental Programs:
  • Project Janus: converting mutants into pro-human sympathisers, thus turning them against their own kind for the Hound program. They are starting with the use of the Sentinite program, ready to replace the use of brainwashing and drugs. There is a higher success rate with sentinites.
  • Project Troy: Canceled, replacing human parts with cybernetic components. Sequentially testing memory suppressants.
  • Project Morpheus: research into shape changing for Mark IX Sentinels
  • Project Typhon: Top Secret
  • Project Siren: research into luring mutants/supers out of hiding for easier catching
  • Project Prometheus: Telepath & Empath program
  • Project Shiva: All things involving pregnant mutants. Either captured or impregnated.
  • Project Cercopes: Testing abilities and if useable, graft mutant/supers abilities to the Mark VI Sentinels.

Sentinite Program:
Are microscopic sentinel type of tech created and implanted in the brains of several mutants/supers which can turn them into mutant-hating machines, with no self control and ready to take down any mutant/super. They are also used to create sleeper agents, who can be either activated remotely or activate on their own when mission parameters are reached.

Project Kratos:
Over the years, scientists have tried to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. Ever since Captain America, they never managed to reproduce that result. There have been variations of the serum but they never got it quite right. Steven Lang has started up project Kratos, with this serum he is able to activate latent x-genes in humans. This in combination with Janus will provide him with a new set of Super Soldiers.
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