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Genesis: DOFP [Announcements] [Post #1]

We've moved into the future, the year is 2025 and nothing is as you know it. Mutants and Superhumans are being hunt down by sentinels. Due to the registration act it has become much easier to locate them. That and the upgrades to the Sentinels are coming in quite handy as well. The SGF (Secret Government Facility) are calling the shots now. More information can be found here.

A head count has been started. Please be so kind to help add to this list to make it more comprehensive. This is basically a roll call. Claim your characters or not. It is up to you but you have one week or your old character is up for grabs. You can even claim your old character and make him/her deceased if you want. Where the missing are, nobody knows for now. All we know is that they got picked up by the SGF and that is that.

Once you are done, have a look at the SFG: Dossiers and fill out your own. Please mind the formatting.

When you're ready to write a new bio or add to the old one you notice that we've added a field named History 2015-2025, please use that field to fill in the fast forward events that have happened to your character. Have a look at this bio to see what I mean.

Questions? You know where to ask them! Enjoy playing in the renewed Genesis: Days of Future Past!
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