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01-14-2012, 12:19 PM
Ok after a quick count, I'm surprised to actually find I've got more male characters overall than females active at the moment.

I remember at first it was a daunting idea to play a guy. Then Menefer turned out to be my first male character. I think until today he's probably the most female out of the bunch considering how emotional and impulsive he is. After that I think I've taken a liking to playing them given that I find it a challenge because it doesn't just mean getting into someone else's head but also trying to apply a thought pattern different to mine. I'd actually love some feedback I think on how "male" my fellows really are. I usually go by things I've come to notice about my husband, my male friends and what my girlfriends tell me about their boyfriends.

I guess in the end my playing male characters these days is partly me trying to understand a certain type of man and partly and partly just really enjoying the challenge

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