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Name: Just call me Renew (F)
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Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City
First off, let me state that even if you've never ever played any of the Grand Theft Auto games, this is still entirely playable. There is next to no connections between the games that is absolutely necessary to know. If you had played them all (at least the ones between GTA 3 and GTA: VCS), you would see a few characters have a link, but it's not necessary to know that to understand the plot of the current game you're playing.

Now that that's out of the way, what we've got here. With my love of the games, I had started creating one of my own games for the series, using my first ADA charrie as the main protagonist. Given that the story has moved on with the introduction of GTA 4 and the games after, it doesn't quite fit. So I converted it to an RPG form and attempted to see about getting it in as a bigger RPG, but didn't get picked up.

So here I've now got all these things worked out. Missions, the NPC's that give them and yes, even cheat codes lying around unused. So with this thread now, I've got a proposal for anyone interested:

I'm looking for someone to take a chance with this. I promise you, your part will be entirely simple. Create a character, any sort of character and just hop into the playing thread and go nuts. They can start out bad if you like, growing up on the streets and needing to steal/kill out of necessity or maybe they start out good and then is corrupted as you play. You will have almost complete control over this. You can have your character do whatever they want, develop however you please. If you want your char to take on missions, we can discuss how they get them, usually by going to certain NPC's in the city. They can steal, kill, rob to your heart's content to get money and items. Steal a police car, firetruck, ambulance, taxi or whatever to do little mini-missions to get money. Or just run around shooting people, but beware, depending on how much hell you have them raise, I can have police, SWAT or even the military descend on them. Hell, even if your char is behaving themselves, I can throw in a twist. I promise, you'll never ever be bored.

And if more than one person wants to hop in, by all means. I've got more than enough in missions and other shiz to keep a lot of people busy.
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11-20-2011, 02:57 PM
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Name: Just call me Renew (F)
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Just letting anyone who lurks this that I'm willing to start this at any time.

Also, I should mention that even if you've NEVER played a Grand Theft Auto game in your life, it absolutely does not matter. While there is a bit of a connection between the various characters in all the games, it's possible to pick up any of them and still understand the story of the game you're playing as a standalone plot. It'd be the same here where it would focus entirely around your charrie. All you need to do is write up any sort of character, good or bad-inclined and throw them in. Any position, anything. Police officer, politician, hair dresser, whatever, you'll get in on this, someway, somehow.

01-29-2012, 02:29 PM
The Riddler
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Name: Andy (M)
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What about canon characters? Characters that exist in one of the games, if I'd find a good image, would it be possible to start the character?

02-04-2012, 11:56 PM
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Name: Just call me Renew (F)
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Si, it's acceptable. The only exceptions being those that gave out missions such as El Burro or Donald Love. Those who didn't such as the playable characters are fine.

Also, I should point out that this particular one is present day so none that had died in the previous games are available, either.

EDIT: After reflecting on it a bit, I decided it's cool to play most characters from the previous games. The only ones with exceptions that cannot be played still are those that have died.

02-05-2012, 12:12 AM
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