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02-28-2012, 10:44 PM
Doctor Who [Post #1]
Alright, been mulling over this for a while and figured to give it a go.

After some discussion with a few peeps as to how to go about this, I'm thinking it would be best to try this as an outlined RPG (There's a name for it, but it's eluding me. It'd be similar in format to the Only Time Can Tell RPG that was on CTP and then moved here as well as CTP's other similar RPG's such as What Really is Our Destiny, In Darkness Bind Them and What Lies Beyond the Morning. You get my drift, I think, no?)

I figure this would be set some odd years ahead of the current storyline. Specific details can be worked out in discussion. There could be any number of players here. One would be the Doctor (naturally ) and then one or two would be companions and then anyone else that wants in can be recurring characters (such as friends or family of the companions, specific aliens that make reappearances) and maybe a few people can play whatever alien(s) are in the current episode.

The Doctor would have his set personality, but whoever plays him could have pretty much any male AI (except for current and past Doctors, so no Matt, David or Chris) and whoever plays the companions would write up entirely original bios, plus any sub bios for those that may be linked to the companions to play.

I figure we could use this thread to work out episodes, develop them, discuss and figure how we're gonna work through them. Any thing that could potentially be surprising and fun to mess with whoever's looking in could be discussed via PM's or MSN.

Personally, I would prefer to play a companion and even have one partially developed in mind. So if anyone wants a go at the Doctor, pop in here and let's get cracking. See where this leads us, eh?

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