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Don’t be so hard on her.

The thought was well meaning but had little weight when directed. Forge seemed to think his appreciation of Wanda lacking, when it was completely other. There was a kinship he had quickly established with her, a thread that bound them and turned to thick cording. Brothers gone, lost to the world with little else left to them. She was his support when Cait could only reach so far for him. He brought Wanda back to her skin when her mind threatened to break the world apart. She was the kid sibling that he had once been.

He bit back the retort that nearly ambled forth and instead offered a tight smile. There was no point arguing, not when the other man’s thoughts could skip about as recklessly as the mutant he was trying to defend. Wife, though, that was a powerful thing. Especially when one’s wife was extremely powerful. Yet he had not learned of the SFG dubbing Beth Omega. He rolled his eyes at himself and watched Forge near the threshold of the doorway and grounded himself.

It was somewhat like watching a tense point in a movie or a play, that moment when you wanted the hero to break in and take up the love of his life in his arms and swear to never let them go. Aaand Cait’s romance novel ramblings were rubbing off.

Forge breathed her name like a broken prayer and Gabriel tried to comprehend the time, from the years and months down to the minutes he would have counted were he in Forge’s place. The torture he would have put himself through numbering every second of every day…

He perked up at the posed question. “She’s not even been here an hour yet.” He took a step forward, halting at the threshold. “She’s been unconscious the entire time. Elise said she collapsed once she was outside the compound’s gates, though it hadn’t seemed by choice.” Likely from exhaustion, considering her immediately prior exercise. If Wanda’s claim carried any weight, he could only imagine the level of fatigue that would have finally caught up to her. He couldn’t wrap his head around the idea of never sleeping.

The only communication, it seemed, was psychically with Tony.

The sound of his name wrapped in a scream had every muscle taut and every sense on high alert. Plasma energy immediately shed away form his form and he focused on reigning it back in as he turned back to towards the stairs. A familiar voice shouted through down towards the lower level and he was moving.

He noted first the more familiar dainty form and then shifted to the younger form next to her that beat her in height. Though, if the situation wasn’t so red he might had had a few comments about.

“What the-Mads?” He turned the unconscious woman’s face for assessment, finding the right side sticky with a generous sheen of blood that concentrated near the temple. He took quick stock of another pair of similar points, one in the upper right chest and the lower right abdominal quadrant, then, “Wanda!” He seized the boy by the collar of his jacket and moved him out of the landing and into the kitchen. “Get her on the counter. Wanda!”

He was aware of bodies moving in and out of the room, a medkit was placed on one of the tables as was a defibrillator. He inhaled to yell once more.

“I’m right here.” The witch commented suddenly beside him. She lifted her hand over the unmoving form and shifted the fabric of reality about her. It was an odd thing to watch, subtle changes in the unconscious mutant, but the alterations to the head wound almost as though Wanda were flipping an animation book.

“Dad?” Tony’s voice suddenly asked from the doorway and Gabriel snapped harder than he should have to instruct him and his twin standing behind him to ‘go to their room’.

Chris had already set to work cutting away Madelyn’s shirt to reveal one of the other bullet holes that was weeping a steady stream of blood. He startled when Wanda rolled through another rotation and the wound moved from the lower abdomen to just under the ribcage.

“They won’t come out.” Wanda finally conceded. “It doesn’t matter which reality I shift her to, the bullets remain.” Her fingers twitched once more and Madelyn’s body resettled as it had been when she was ushered in. “They’re meant to be there, lodged in tissue and blood. So much red, I said there was red.”

“Chris, get that bullet out.” He instructed the teen.

“Daddy.” Alex’s voice rang like a little bell.

“I thought I told you to go to your room!” He turned to find both of his twins still hovering near the doorway, his daughter’s bright green eyes wide in the half fluorescent light.

“Daddy, Beth wants to help.”
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