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Blood Lust Bulletin [Post #1]
Question, what is this forum for?
Ah, Blood Lust is simply for that - asking questions.

What do I do to ask a question?
Start a New Thread, fill the title with your question, and if needed be, write down a bit more description of the question, or board problem you might have encountered.

How long do I wait for replies?
It depends on the nature of your question or problem. It can span from a few hours for simple board help, to a few days for tech support. Patience is a virtue.

Who can answer the questions?
Primarily, M/S staff. But if the question has been answered before, or it is a common question that some members know the answer of, then by all means, help out. However, final say still comes from Staff Members.

Can I open as many threads as possible?
Yes and No. You may choose to open a thread for every question, but it defeats the purpose of making one thread. You may put all your questions in one thread too. Just be sure NOT to ask an already answered question as much as possible.

What questions am I allowed to ask?
Anything from asking where to put a thread, how to split banners, what to do if you want to change usernames and the likes. Make sure they are relevant to the board, coz we're not handling personal problems here.

Anything else I need to know?
Even in this area, Midnight Whispers, Midnight Shadow's board rules apply. Follow this and you won't go wrong.

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