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[In-Character] [Post #61]
She rolled her eyes as Gabe ‘excused’ himself and something about the gesture he had offered, his stupid comment, sparked something warm inside of her chest. Perhaps this could work. Perhaps they could work.

Her focus slid back to Alex and the tired expression on his face. She offered him a smile before she stepped through the doorway, managing one before a smaller body moved into the room, little fist rubbing at his left eye. “I feeled energy shed.” The boy commented, again his reasoning for waking. Felt the snap of energy Alex tried to draw, felt the flutter that Gabriel had offered.

When he walked into the end of the bed and tried to pull himself up, seemed to fail in the effort, and then everything in the world for a moment settled in on Ben lifting himself up off of his feet into the air. She exhaled the moment the boy settled himself onto the covers and watched with care as he crawled up towards Alex. Ben didn’t seem to care about anything around him or for the pair of people that made up his audience, he made his way upward until he could snuggle into Alex’s side and draped his arm across to settle against the larger man’s chest. Then he sighed and mumbled his good nights. “Uh-night, mommy.” He murmured. “Uh-night, daddy.”

Her vision blurred, salt water in her eyes and she sniffed them back. She had never thought that she would see the moment that had just come to pass. It had been there, like the most profound moment of her life, and then it was gone, and all she had was the memory of it happening. Even still, she had never thought she would have had that at all. Alex had been gone and she had been alone with Ben.

Paige swallowed and compelled herself to move. She crossed the distance to them and climbed onto the bed, side opposite Alex and scooted herself forward. She positioned herself to sandwich their son between them before she set her head onto one of pillows and pushed her own hand forward to mimic her son’s settling it somewhat below his smaller one. She pressed her face into Ben’s curls, touching a kiss to the crown of his head, and then sniffed back her emotions again, her fingers curling into Alex’s shirt.


She curled her knees forward somewhat to cocoon Ben with her body and then let sleep touch the fringes of her mind.
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[In-Character] [Post #62]
Alex had assumed a position now where looking at his brother caused no discomfort or required additional strength. So he simply watched, cataloguing all the differences in him to four years back. The way Gabe had filled out a bit more. Were there first strands of grey in his hair? More lines around his eyes. And a shadow that one could see out of the corner of one’s eyes. It would flee whenever one tried to see it directly. Then it would hide behind Gabriel’s grim look, his tired eyes and the perpetually tense mouth.

Was that what a life that consisted of hiding away two children and having buried his brothers while carrying a big target on had done to him? Alex swallowed at that, knowing there was a long path ahead of them.

When Gabriel spoke next, pointing out the one thing Alex needed to hear there and then, the older Summers smiled. Gratefully so, as well as amused. You stupid fuck. “Eloquent as ever”, Alex mumbled with half of his mouth tugged up ever so slightly. Then Gabriel went on, mentioned how he had accepted their blood ties from the start. Alex nodded. “I know”, he said in response. Back then, after their somewhat tricky start, Gabriel had let him with just like that.

Alex knew then, that he would have to work for the second time to be granted that privilege. And he could understand it.

“You’re my brother”, he said, his voice thick with exhaustion as he tried to speak up. It was the only thing he could bring out to somewhat return to Gabriel that … that what? That he was done running? That he was willing to turn around and face the music in order to have a family even if at times it would hurt? Too many here had extended the olive branch to him already, were accepting him back in … maybe eventually Gabriel would to. There was no other place for him to be…

Especially considering aside from his extended family – there was his small family. Showing up in the doorframe in the form of one Paige Guthrie. Alex felt his smile widen as it always did when she entered the room. He laughed when Gabriel advised caution. A knot that had settled deep in Alex’s stomach burst, letting him breathe a little easier. My brother.

He allowed himself to feel that again. To tap into the memories and feel hopeful for a moment.

Then his attention shifted fully to the woman standing in the doorway.

For a moment, he could see his future. A little bit like returning to the past – because she had been the woman in his life for so long already – but a lot more like turning a new leaf. And thus, like called forth by this thought, a little figure stepped around her. His small fist was rubbing at his eyes, and the words made Alex smile. His heart swelled in his chest, pride and love and gratitude all rolled into a single emotion.

Like in reflex, Alex reached for the blanket next to him and pulled it over himself, then held it up and waited for Ben to come to him. “Sorry, buddy, that was me”, he responded to Ben’s explanation.

Alex wanted to stand up, reach to the foot of the bed to pull the little fellow up. But with a mouth open in surprise, wide eyes, and a small incredulous grin he watched his son levitate himself into the air. Blue eyes met turquoise ones. And he could see Paige exhale. Alex’s eyes shifted back to Ben and he pushed the free arm out to welcome his son into an embrace.

It was like they had done it like this for years. The way the little boy found his place next to the larger man. Alex instantly felt Ben’s warmth, and he felt something else. Something like a low hum. That Alex and Ben had a connection that existed on their mutation level Alex had seen that first night with Paige and him. But it was more than the boy just being aware of energy shifting. It was like the boy’s energy signature adapted to his own. Without conscious effort, he seemed to be stabilising Alex to a point where Alex could sense the natural ability of his cells to absorb energy being restored to existent levels – even if not to perfect ones.

Alex swallowed, feeling moved by all of it so profoundly that he felt moisture push into the corners of his eyes. His gaze sought Paige’s, then shifted down to the small figure now settled into the crook of his arm with one small arm draped across Alex’s wide chest. “Good night, buddy”, Alex murmured, certain that Paige could hear how thick his voice was in this moment.

Apparently, she shared the sentiment somewhat. Alex’s hand turned, palm open and facing her while he did not move the arm any further to not disturb the little form who was well on his way to dozing off again.

“Come here”, he mouthed at her when he saw that emotions welled up. He did have an idea why – and wanted her closer.

And she did, crawling into bed with her boys and providing the last part to this small family puzzle that was missing. When Paige’s hand fisted into his shirt, Alex pushed his other hand over hers.

No more words came, none were needed. Alex felt it, too. This.

Then sleep took him.

Fast Forward
Three days later. Alex is somewhat better but his progress is much slower
than that of the other ones hit with the suppressant. His power use is
accidental at best. The fatigue has gotten better ever since Jax has insisted
to run tests and help treat Alex with the help of Forge.

“Peanut butter?”
“Jelly, too?”
Ben giggled. “Ya-ah!” Like he was saying, don’t be silly.
“Alright”, Alex said and snatched both jars.

Someone had managed to get bagels, and Alex had secured three for the both of them. Not that it was hard. Someone had put the bag on the kitchen counter. It was 6:15 AM in the morning, and no one else had crawled out of their beds yet.

Ben had woken early. A tired Paige had not woken from the boy stirring while Alex had been awake for the better part of the past two hours. He had gotten a whole lot of sleep. What with Jaxon’s help, it appeared he was truly on the mend. And yet, this morning Alex had contemplated the why’s and the how’s. So apparently, part of his state could be explained by the suppressant and the way it interacted with his nervous system and mutation.

The slow burn had lasted well over forty-two hours. That was how long it had taken for the substance to leave his body. In part his depleted energy levels could be blamed on the injection as well. But that it had taken seventy-two hours for him to be able to get up and stay awake for longer than an hour at a time was unexpected.

Jaxon had mentioned a theory Caitlin had apparently had. With the downward spiral he and Gabriel had been on – maybe his mind had eventually drawn a line. He had needed to recuperate. Maybe the spiking frequency of attacks in the past three days did have to do with Alex hardly giving himself a break. Especially not if and when Gabriel had been involved.

“The mind is a powerful thing”, Jax had eventually told him.
Oddly enough, upon accepting that Alex had improved.

So now here he was, having breakfast with his son. He had made cocoa for Ben and some coffee for himself. Cream cheese was the spread of choice for Alex – Ben continued to go for the sweeter variety. First some Nutella, and now this piece of his bagel needed to have a thick layer of peanut butter, topped with jelly.

“Like this?”
“Mommy swirls it.” Ben explained, lifted a small hand and made a circular motion in the air.
“Like this?” Alex tried, running the knife through the spread.
“Nooo…” Ben giggled, grabbed Alex’s hand and made a zigzag motion that produced a curious pattern. “This way, daddy.”
“Alright. You got it”, he said, finished it for the piece of bagel and then handed it to the boy.
Ben took a big bite.

Alex picked up his own bagel, took a bite and washed it down with coffee. Sitting next to Ben, he looked down at the boy, a small smile playing on his lips. He still could remember first meeting Ben. Somehow the boy’s existence had struck … awe but also fear into him. But latter had eventually made room to an undying wish to know him. Paternal feelings… it had fast become part of Alex’s personality to want to make sure that Ben was alright.

And then, having those small arms wrap around him, give him a cuddle, a kiss or just one of those big beaming smile… Alex knew little he liked better.

To have a son.

His son.

The thoughts sometimes still blindsided him, surprised him – presenting him with a world that was so different to the one he had left four years back.

He watched as Ben lifted his hand, the second one coming up and describing small circles around the piece of bagel. It began floating above Ben’s palm. Alex leaned back, coffee mug in hand. “Energy shedding?” he asked.
“No”, Ben said, shaking his head. “Bending. I do that with you”, Ben continued, put the rest of the bagel into his mouth and then poked a finger at Alex’s upper arm. A spark jumped improving Alex’s ability to absorb for a moment.

“You’re not shedding right, dad.”

Leave it to the child to understand what was going on with him better than all the adults in the house. Ben was likely to be omega, much like his cousins. Alex was glad and proud, but at the same time he felt his guts tightened at the thought that so much power would paint an even larger target on his son’s back.

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[In-Character] [Post #63]
She couldn’t describe exactly what it was. Something like an extra sense. Normally, she could sweep it away, let it fester somewhere else. Her hand pushed out beside her and found the space empty, the sheets cool, the blankets piled on top of her. She lifted her face from the pillow and turned slightly to truly acknowledge that she was alone in bed. Light poured in through the slip between the barely open door and the frame, and something inside of her hissed at the bright presence, regardless of how narrow it was.

When she sought the dim lit digital clock and noted the time, she sighed and flopped back down onto the pillow, seeking to bury herself back into the warmth the mountain of covers offered. She peeked out between them towards the generous walk in closet that had been converted into a small bedroom for Ben and noted the nightlight illuminated that he was out of bed also.

“Paige?” Megan whispered through the crack in the door.

For fuck’s sake with these morning people.

“What’s up, babe?” She garbled through the sleep in her voice.

“Can I borrow your ankle boots?”

She didn’t respond, just lifted an arm from her side and gestured towards the armoire. Megan at least operated quietly, drawing the doors open with barely any noise. She listened to her move a few items before she shut the doors again, offered her thanks, and then she was gone. She had no idea where the younger woman was headed to at six in the damned morning that she needed ankle boots, but more power to her.

Turning onto her side, she pressed her eyes shut and tried to not count the seconds or the minutes until she realized that sleep was going to continue to elude her for the time being. Perhaps she could nap later with Ben in order to better catch up again. Not that she had been doing much of anything over the last three days. She pushed her beautiful blanket heap over and rolled herself upward. She reached for the sweatpants on the floor and pulled them up her legs before she padded quietly towards the door. The light forced her to wince, and she braved her way through it.

The agony.

A pair of familiar voices tugged her towards the kitchen and she made her way there. Caffeine, it was necessary.

“Mom.” Ben greeted, bright eyed, beaming.

“Ben.” She returned, perhaps not quite so perky, as she moved directly for the cupboards, searching for a coffee cup. Then she picked up the coffee pot and proceeded to pour herself a generous cup. At the moment, she didn’t care that the contents were as black as coal, she sipped at it anyway.

“Can you fix my dad?” The boy turned in his chair towards her.

There was no point addressing the fact that Ben had taken to declaring Alex ‘his dad’, he wasn’t wrong. It just tickled her something extra that when he spoke to other people including her, that Alex was noted as ‘my dad’, not simpler ‘dad’. As though he needed everyone, including his mother, to know that Alex was his dad. She quirked an eye brow at the boy as she drew another sip of coffee across her tongue. “I’ve never been able to ‘fix’ your dad.” She about snorted at the idea, and directly acknowledged her son’s claim over the man beside him. “Your mom is very powerful,” she smiled as she moved to sit beside them, “like super super powerful,” and Ben giggled, “but fixing your dad is not quite in my scope.”

“Just put a band-aid on him and kiss it there.” Be shrugged as he pressed a finger against Alex’s chest.

Nope, no qualms with putting a band-aid or kissing him there. “Of course, my love.” She sighed as she folded her legs around on the chair and then Ben leaned towards her.

“Eat this.” He told her as he shoved a nutella globbed piece of bagel against her mouth.
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