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WWD: Apocalypse [Post #1]

A - N E W - S T O R Y - A R C
And then darkness fell upon them
Joint ADA/FGB Information and Discussion Thread

The WWD is about to embark on a new, game-wide story arc. There will be several moving parts, and we want a place to keep everyone updated, plan missions, and announce important developments. This thread will be to announce major events, summaries, and other critical things to the arc. You can also use it for inter-coven communication and plotting and such. If you want to plan side-specific things, check out the FGB thread here or the latest ADA Meeting thread here.

What is this?
As you may have picked up on from the MI event in the graveyard, there are several player arcs that have moved from the background to being prominent ideas in the WWD game. First of foremost of these is the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Played by Chrissie [Gabriel/Victory], Jono [Alexander/War], Mari [Mari/Famine], and Ellen [Callen/Death], all four horsemen have been awakening and the arc is now set to begin. The other is The Curtain, but we'll discuss that later.

So this is the Apocalypse? Is the WWD Closing?
Yes, it is the apocalypse, no the game is not closing. What the game will look like when this is all over, though... well, your guess is as good as mine.

Who are the other Players?
In addition to the primary evil players (The Horsemen, info post here), there are also what you'd call evil support staff: The Great Twelve. I'll leave you to read up on them here.

The FGB will be working on a similar scale: the major players will be the Sentinels (info post here) and the supporting characters will be in The Curtain (info post here).

How do I get involved?
Keep an eye out for missions! You can also join one of the four groups listed above. You can have neutral characters get involved in other ways, and maybe they'll even feel the drive to align themselves with a particular side for this event. If they want to join one of the four groups, post here or contact a side leader.

That being said, you don't have to be a in one of the major groups to participate. Non-aligned ADA/FGBers and Neutrals are free to assist with missions and react to events at will. If you'd like to be involved in a formal position later, we can absolutely make that happen. The same goes if you want to remove your character from a formal position.

What's an example of how this will work?
The Horsemen are building their forces and testing their powers. In one such instance, let's say an entire town is leveled in a battle. People die, destruction everywhere, the whole shebang. The Times-Picayune (WWD Update Thread) will post what has happened from the human's perspective, alerting the FGB to the event. The Curtain could be tasked with retrieving key artifacts in the town's rubble to identify the Horsemen's endgame, while the Sentinels begin counterattacks and finding new footholds for good magic in the world. The Curtain may also be sent on missions in Academy territory to unearth information. Whether anyone makes it out alive is tough to say.

How will missions work?
This'll be on a case-by-case basis, but it might be as easy as posting in a character journal, a public thread, or a private thread. It could be as simple as posting with one or more players in a private or public thread. Then again, it could be as complex as infiltrating the ADA and posting in their private threads. It's all up for grabs. We will give you a length of time to complete the mission, and if you don't in that time, then you fail.

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What's Happened... Apocalypse: La vita è bella [Event #1, Part I]

- Death (Callen) and War (Alexander) started destroying Belle Chasse from the town's center. Humans dropped like flies due to Death's presence as War rallied for the annihilation of the town's folk.

- Angie alerts the Guides who also receive intel from the Curtain. The Forces begin to send in first-responders.

- Victory (Gabriel) sends in the Ursa and is confronted by one of the Sentinels, Everly. He announces the Apocalypse, and he and Everly establish the Sentinels and Horsemen have a connection, though it is unclear exactly how deep that connection goes.

- Eric and Isabel enter Belle Chasse, drawing forth certain demons with their presence. Annabel's and Isabel's scrolls awaken several more Great Twelves in their midst: Nadia (The Creator), Dominic (The Leader), Cora (The Weaver) and Annabel (The Preserver).

- The Sentinel of Death (Christian) and Water (Harleen) were awakened as well.

- Lukas and Alexander engage with Katya in battle. It turns out that the Horsemen are indestructible.

- Felicia Shaw, a member of the Crimson Thrones, works to cut off reports about what's happened in Belle Chasse, obscuring details even as some tweets manage to leak.

- War (Alexander) causes an earthquake, much to the dismay of the other horsemen. It's evident that theres rivalry between the horsemen.

- Famine (Lena) makes herself known. For the first time the four Horsemen are together in one place.

- The town of Belle Chasse is in ruins. People the world over are speculating about the little information they received before things were closed down.

- The FGB managed to successfully save several dozen townspeople and Ursa from Belle Chasse. The townspeople are scattered in hospitals and police stations throughout New Orleans. The largest concentration is at the Tulane Medical Center.

- The FGB has gathered at The Curtain, an alternate dimension located inside the Madison Avenue HQ, to discuss the actions of Belle Chasse and recover from the events.

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