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How to Donate [Post #1]
You might know that it's not free to keep a board on the internet, so if you're interested in helping us out by donating a small amount of money we will be very grateful. Of course we donít expect more from you than what you can spare and itís not an obligation, it's your choice. However, if you decide to donate please read the following carefully:

How can you donate?
Itís very easy; at the bottom of every page on the forum you'll find a paypal button and when you click on it it will lead you to a paypal page where you have to fill in a few things to process your donation. The minimum donation is Ä1 ($1,44). Don't forget to put your username in the transaction (there's a text field called Payment For: that's where you put your username) or we won't know who donated the money.

What do you need when donating?
To make the donation you need a credit card and a paypal account. If you're under age and you are using the credit card from your parents/guardians we ask you to ask permission from the credit card owner first, before you make a donation. If you're not under age and are using the credit card of someone else (i.e. your parents/guardians) we also ask you to ask permission first.

What do you get when you have donated?
- A custom AV (110x120px)
- AV/Name Change credits for every euro you donate
- Not restricted to the 3 month waiting period for a name change.
- Your very own Email forwarder (yourname@midnight-shadows.org)
- Custom contributor title (Contributor under your AV)
- Access to the Contributor forum
- Access to extra schemes
- Listed on the Contributor List
Is that all or is there more?
There is indeed more to gain from donation. No matter the amount of money you donate, in return for your donation you get credits which we will keep track of for you. With these credits you may exchange for one of the following additional items:
- Animated avatars
- Animated signatures
- Extra character slots for the board / modded games, as well as the Freeform RPG
- italicized user title
- italicized user name (in the Who's Online displays)
Please refer to the information in the contributor forum for more input on how much credits each of these items requires and whether other regulations apply.

Can I donate for someone else?
Yes you can. Simply put their username into "Payment for" to make the donation in their name.

Can I give credits to someone else?
As long as they are a contributor as well you may. If they are not yet one, you cannot transfer your credits to them. You would have to consider making a donation in their name.

Can I contribute without spending money?
Yes. We're offering the option to help us make avatars in order to gain some credits. The ratio is simple: 50 avatars gain you 1 credit. BUT these 50 avatars will need to be accepted. Meaning, if you submit 50 but we only deem 20 up to par with MS' standards when it comes to avatars, you will not gain that credit. Please do let us know what kinds of avatars you're planning on making and see whether we're actually accepting them at the moment (or may even have enough of the kind already).
Take note of further suggestions on av-making:
- must be jpeg format (no png or gif)
- no border or font of any kind
- no crazy crops
- no ultra close-ups
- no oversharpening
- use HQ images
- adjust lightning and colour to a bright, crisp, natural feel
- no selective colour filters etc.
We do reserve the right to pick and choose, and decline any if not all of the avatars you submit. Upon submitting your work to the staff you agree to giving up the rights to any of the images made, allowing the board run as Midnight-Shadows.org to do with them as seen fit.

We thank you ever so kindly!

-- The Midnight Shadows Staff

Announcement March 13, 2012
Originally Posted by Imzadi

Everyone, we'd like to remind you that it is of utmost importance for you to put down the current username for the member who is to receive the credits resulting from your donation upon making a contribution. It would be even BETTER if you could not just include the username but the userid in parenthesis as well (eg: Imzadi (UID: 8)) as that allows us to determine the recipient beyond the shadow of a doubt.

In the future, failing to put the username into the donation form will lead to the credits not being updated under your name - or at least not until you can prove that the donation made in question was made by you. To avoid this kind of hassle, please just remember to include the current username (and userid).

Thank you.

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