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Graveyard Guide [Post #1]
Welcome to the Graveyard, M/S's Introduction Forum.

What is the Graveyard?
The Graveyard is an introduction forum for you to make a thread in and announce that you are now a member of the Midnight Shadows Community.

How do I start?
Simple. You just create a new thread, put in a suitable title, make a little introduction of yourself, and voila, wait for people to reply.

What do I put in it?
Start with your name, either your full name or your nickname. Then:
  • Add your age, but it is optional.
  • Share where you are on the World Map.
  • State some interests, hobbies, and likes/dislikes.
  • If you came from other Boards, add your username and the Board name.
  • Insert any other information you might want to add.

Anything else I should be aware of?
Yes. You may only open ONE thread per person, and this is exclusively for newcomers to the board. You may talk about each other in the respective threads, but please try to watch out for spam. Everyone is welcomed to post in all the intro threads, just follow Midnight Whispers and you won't go wrong.

That's it?
Almost Just a reminder that if you reply to another thread that you keep the RPG plugging out of it. This forum is to welcome people and not to scare them away with RPG wars on which side/rpg they have to pick.

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