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Pity the Child
Caelus's Avatar
Posts: 2,113
Name: Ecks (M)
Style: Tyrant
Status: Offline
Name: Reese Vallin.
Wearing: Just a pair of shorts.
Hair: A little bed-head.
Makeup: None.
Eating: Chocolate cake.
Drinking: Tea.
Thinking: Maybe I made a mistake. Maybe he made a mistake. Maybe it's case of picking the lesser of two evils.
Feeling: A little lonely.
Talking to: No-one.
Hearing: Nothing. The house is quiet.
Loving: Can't think of anything.
Wanting: To have answers.
Hating/Mad at: Myself, mostly.
Waiting: To see how long I last before bolting.

04-24-2011, 08:41 PM
Captain America
keep your eyes open
Captain America's Avatar
Posts: 691
Name: Tommy (M)
Style: Avengers
Status: Away
Name: Gray Lawson
Wearing: Some pretty dirty trousers and a vest top. certainly not my best look.
Hair: Is in a right state!
Makeup: Not really my forte, to be honest!
Eating: Chocolate, what else?!
Drinking: A beer. It's deserved, I feel!
Thinking: That Jenna should come out and join him helping these kids.
Feeling: Fulfilled!
Talking to: I'm texting Jenna, if that counts?
Hearing: A group of kids are singing that new Britney song. When the World Ends? Is that it?
Loving: The faces the kids had when we gave them all Easter Eggs this morning!
Wanting: To go and help some more of these kids. And to give them more chocolate!
Hating/Mad at: Nothing right now.
Waiting: For more deliveries to arrive! More kids to feed and get to safety!
so turn around, well they've surrounded you

it's a showdown and nobody comes to save you now

04-24-2011, 08:55 PM
your light in the mist
Tigerlily's Avatar
Posts: 2,521
Name: Ellie (F)
Status: Offline
Name: Albus Black
Wearing: jeans and a t-shirt...
Hair: it's there as usual
Makeup: no.
Eating: Just finished a burger.
Drinking: Some soda.
Thinking: "Bored, bored boooored."
Feeling: bored?
Talking to: Well, I was randomly talking to people on FB I suppose.
Hearing: Nothing actually right now.
Loving: ... Ninjas. Ninjas are cool.
Wanting: the usual~
Hating/Mad at: nothing? I dunno.
Waiting: for Jenna to flash over and get me so I can go to Japan and be less bored!

04-24-2011, 09:42 PM
playing for free
Sobriquet's Avatar
Posts: 8,440
Name: Tom (M)
Status: Away
Name: Oliver Hastings
Wearing: Red T-Shirt and blue jeans
Hair: on my head as it usually is!
Eating: OOH, I'd love a banana right now
Drinking: I had some cola not too long ago.
Thinking: Where is Lucille? I wanna show her how I taught the flower to sing the chorus to Toxic!!
Feeling: maybe a little hyper xDD
Talking to: Does singing to the flower count??
Hearing: I'm addicted to you, don't you know that your toxiiiiiiiiiiiiiic?!
Loving: Britney, life, everyone ^^
Wanting: a banana now
Hating/Mad at: I can't think of anything I really hate right now
Waiting: to find Lucille to show her this new song development!

expensive lies, but you're playing for free

04-24-2011, 09:51 PM
Black Widow
Teen Idle
Black Widow's Avatar
Posts: 2,137
Name: Carly (F)
Status: Away
Name: Willow Hale
Wearing: Dress, underwear, no shoes
Hair: Down and curly
Makeup: Nothing
Eating: Strawberries
Drinking: Nothing
Thinking: I wonder what Lucille is doing
Feeling: Happy
Talking to: Myself
Hearing: I'm not sure...it sounds like a faerie flower singing but it can't be
Loving: Everyone
Wanting: To meet new people
Hating/Mad at: Nobody!
Waiting: for someone to talk to me

04-24-2011, 10:18 PM
Magi General
No rhyme or reason
Imzadi's Avatar
Posts: 16,771
Name: Chrissie (F)
Style: Sovereign
Status: Offline
Name: Devin Alvarez
Wearing: Jeans, white wife-beater, jeans jacket
Hair: down
Makeup: doubt any of it is left.
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
Thinking: Do they deliver in this realm? Cuz I'd kill for some pizza and beer right now.
Feeling: Erm, flabbergasted? I dunno, ask me when I processed this sh!t
Talking to: Some half awake Guide.
Hearing: My own pulse? I'll get slapped around any minute now, I just know it.
Loving: Pfft. Pizza and beer? Yeah, pizza and beer, if I just had any.
Wanting: HaHA! Have a guess (ends with beer. starts with pizza ... but I'd totally go for a change this time ... pizza could come first)
Hating/Mad at: Ummm ... really? I'm out of hell! What's to hate?!
Waiting: For someone to explain to me where my mojo went. Or to get a kick in the guts or something. I dunno ... there's always another shoe to drop.

bury my heart next to yours

04-28-2011, 09:53 PM
Black Widow
Teen Idle
Black Widow's Avatar
Posts: 2,137
Name: Carly (F)
Status: Away
Name: Alix
Wearing: Jean's, t-shirt
Hair: Messy
Makeup: Never worn it. Never will.
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Thinking: I hope I don't screw this up
Feeling: Happy, for the first time in ages
Talking to: Cass
Hearing: Cass
Loving: Being with Cass
Wanting: Cass
Hating/Mad at:Nobody
Waiting: for nothing right now

04-28-2011, 10:14 PM
Magi General
No rhyme or reason
Imzadi's Avatar
Posts: 16,771
Name: Chrissie (F)
Style: Sovereign
Status: Offline
Name: Devin
Wearing: skinny jeans, boots, black top and a brown leather jacket
Hair: ponytail
Makeup: neh
Eating: nothing now. but I did bring a sandwich for later
Drinking: again, nothing now, but I got water
Thinking: This place ain't half bad. It surely lacks water but it has an odd charm to it.
Feeling: relaxed. and like I can properly breathe again
Talking to: no one
Hearing: water. there is water here somewhere
Loving: umm, Tequila? Does that count?
Wanting: to never use a spell again in my life.
Hating/Mad at: me. I should have left that darn book where it was
Waiting: for the other shoe to drop. I mean ... come on. There's always #2.

bury my heart next to yours

05-02-2011, 08:08 PM
Harley Quinn
Twin Skeletons
Harley Quinn's Avatar
Posts: 1,351
Name: Sabin (F)
Style: Sovereign
Status: Offline
Name: Hayley Roberts
Wearing: new pink Chanel dress and Gucci sandles
Hair: straightened and down
Makeup: perfect, of course
Eating: poptarts
Drinking: sprite
Thinking: don't blow the lights, don't blow the lights
Feeling: surrounded
Talking to: the laptop
Hearing: other students laughing WAY TOO LOUDLY
Loving: my Prada backpack
Wanting: an icced latte
Hating/Mad at: being at mutant school
Waiting: to talk to a teacher
There's a jet black crow droning on, and on, and on, and on.
Up above my head, it's droning on, and on, and on, and on:
'Keep making trouble until you find what you love'
I need a new partner in crime, and you just shrug...

06-16-2011, 10:57 PM
counting stars
Loki's Avatar
Posts: 4,790
Name: Fred (F)
Status: Offline
Name: Laura Kinney
Wearing: Skinny jeans, ruched tee, black converse
Hair: Down
Makeup: Lightweight
Eating: Grapes
Drinking: Water
Thinking: It would probably be better not to threaten whoever it is that does the grocery shopping around here.
Feeling: Bored and somewhat claustrophobic being indoors.
Talking to: No one. They're all wary of me.
Hearing: Chatter from the hallways.
Loving: That these grapes are seedless?
Wanting: The day to go by faster.
Hating/Mad at: Whoever does the grocery shopping because apparently they're favorite pop tart is strawberry since there's six boxes of it in the cupboard. Not everyone likes strawberry.
Waiting: For the staff to come to their senses and ask me to leave.

06-17-2011, 08:13 PM
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