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Lady Gaga
What is your opinion on Lady Gaga as a popstar and an artist?

I personally love everything about her, but I keep stumbling onto alot of hate messages from other 'popstars' I used the quotes because most of the people criticising are either unknown to me or are one hit wonders.

As far as her much goes, I think she is amazing, I have her album and I love it, as well as her collaboration with New Kids on the Block.

Her fashion for me is very odd, I love that is literally a style icon. Like any icon of a style her fashion is incredibly concentrated/over the top as is anything fashion related.

One other thing, I feel really horrible is that people call her really ugly, several of these so called popstars have said it. And I just can't help feel like they are all hypocrites, they want to be judged on their music right? Yet they are judging her on her appearance, hypocrite.

What is your opinion on her and her music?

03-28-2009, 07:18 PM
The Riddler
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I don't like her music or her "style". My two cents is that she is just like every "pop star" out there, there is nothing new, same sound as the others etc. etc... but as I said, that's my two cents of it ^^

03-28-2009, 11:11 PM
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I don't like her very much either. I think her music is very manufactured simply to gain access to as many markets as possible. It's ambiguous, stale, rap-pop and I find it boring.

Her style is a compensation for her lack of natural beauty. She cakes on makeup and uses flashy outfits to distract people from her face. Also, in most picture, her face is obscured probably for the same reason.

I just don't find her too exciting. She brings nothing new to the table. Like Spookshow said, she is just like every pop star out there.

03-29-2009, 12:40 AM
Shadow Child
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Originally Posted by Spookshow View Post

I don't like her music or her "style". My two cents is that she is just like every "pop star" out there, there is nothing new, same sound as the others etc. etc... but as I said, that's my two cents of it ^^
I disagree. Lady Gaga unlike alot of the other popstars crowd writes alot of her own music, and music for other peope; she wrote two songs on Britney Spear's Circus album, Britney wrote one or two only.

I am not really for many artists who cannot write their own music, artists who simply sing other peoples songs a prime example is Leona Lewis, she has the powerful voice but lacks the other creative side, that I think artists should have.

I didn't really mean for this thread to get much depth to the topic, but since we're here: should someone really be considered a popstar if all they do is sing somebody else's songs?

To me, you should be able to do all aspects associated with your status ie; writing song lyrics, recording them (and studio editing them) and finally performing them. I am being hard pressed to find many individuals who have all of these qualities.

Majority of the pop stars out there at the moment, just feel like products. Like celebrity is taking over talent.



03-29-2009, 09:03 PM
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I will admit that I did get Lady GaGa's album because my brother wanted a few songs from it and I did listen to it and i liked a few songs (Poker Face, Paparazzi, Lovegame) but I just found it hard to get into the rest of the album. They all sounded rather smiliar to each other but that's just my take on the album. Not the best album I've ever heard but certainly not the worst and there are songs on it that I really do like.

Maybe this is just the Leona fan in me getting annoyed by that comment but I think that simply because someone can sing and not write songs does not mean that they should be thought of as any less of an artist. Yes, I agree that it's amazing when people can sing songs they have written themselves but are you then suggesting that all song writers should sing the songs they write? Just as there are singers who cannot write songs very well (such as Leona, for example) there are scores of songwriters who cannot sing them. Whilst I agree that maybe celebrity is taking over talent in some cases, it's a bit of a tall order to ask one person to write/produce/perform/edit everything they do. Hence why there's a team for that sort of thing.

But, that's just my opinion


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03-29-2009, 09:12 PM
Shadow Child
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From what I know at one time or another in their career song writers did sing their own songs, then retire to write for other people. But that could just be a misconception.

I don't think they should be considered any less of an artist, I just think that being an artist should be more than just singing a song. Alot of the biggest hit songs a few years ago were songs written and performed by the same band.

It is an interesting concept, but some years ago wasn't that almost the norm for music artists? They wrote, performed etc. their own music because they were not given all of these teams to help them.

I might just have a jaded opinion or something, but when the music industry just seems close to flat lining (well on the pop music front). When you think back to your childhood/earlier years, you can still hear songs that you love, that were huge in their day right? But the artists name does not come to you?

Now it seems to be have been turned on its head, I can think of several famous artists but signature songs do not seem to come as easily.

This is my reason for liking Lady Gaga alot (besides me being a pop music *****) she writes, sings and produces her own music. I may be making ideals but she seems to me like a small step up from the norm of pop stars these days, especially when as I mentioned before they seem like such products.

Britney Spears is the first one to spring to mind when I think of pop stars that were simply products to fit a bill, the only thing IMO that she ever does lately is record (most likely with a small army of back up singers and electronic touch ups), she cannot sing live and is constantly around in the tabloids. I love britney's music but I only really feel a voice from it nowdays, nothing under the surface.


03-29-2009, 09:34 PM
Dark and Twisty
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I like Lady Gaga's two singles that are out. I feel that she is somewhat different and has a unique style. Looks shouldn't matter that's petty.

I don't agree that singers who don't write their own music are insignificant. Actors don't write their own scripts. Some people can express in physical form what writers can't. If singers wrote their own songs that's another career demolished (professional songwriters). I do however give props to people who do write their own songs. You have to have great composition skills.
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03-30-2009, 04:52 PM
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I can say that my kids like her music - but they like to dance. I like her music (obviously, or my kiddies probably wouldn't be listening to it). It's just really easy to listen to. I can listen to it and dance around at work, or I can play it as background noise when I'm working on my stupid research paper () without really being too distracted.
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04-04-2009, 07:45 PM
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Four years later and here we are.

I just found this because a guest was viewing the thread but it's kind of crazy how she's now considered the biggest pop star today and back then she was just "another pop star".
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05-17-2013, 08:13 AM
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