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04-23-2015, 08:01 PM
Infinity Well Guide [Post #1]

Please do make use of this forum in order to plan for your pairings, couples, groups, factions whathaveyou. This should make it a lot easier to get together with players, give feedback on posts and such. Now, to keep order, we'd like to ask you to do the following:
- No fancy titles. State the character names / group names / ship name. Try to copy the style people before you used - makes it easier to navigate the place.
- No banter / spam / etc. Really try to stick to plotting! If a thread goes nasty on the spam, we'll lock it down.
- Do not start new threads for 'plotting calls' use this thread instead. Start a thread once you have a pairing.
If you'd like to secretly plan we suggest
- Gtalk
- Google Drive (the documents there can be shared with others)
- FB messenger
- Skype

If you're looking for someone to plot with post below using the following form:

Character Name: (no need to link the bio, others can get the link from your post)
Looking for (Group? Pairing? LI?)
Idea (Do you have one? Any endgame in mind? Or just for funsies?

Use the G: DOFP OOC or the Q&A if you have questions / suggestions for this forum or thread.
Be kind to each other, and have fun planning!
Remember to invite others! Maybe some one would really like to jump in but doesn't know how to ask.
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04-25-2015, 07:00 AM
Character Name: Bobby Drake
Looking for: An experienced player to give life to Bobby's anchor to humanity and wife, Lorna Dane
Idea: Bobby and Lorna once had a fling when they were younger, then met again years later to resume that fling. A third party (Alex Summers) became a temporary distraction for Lorna, but the two soon discovered that Alex's mind and Lorna's heart belonged to different people.

In the fastforward since the last time either characters were in play, Lorna and Bobby stayed together for years as each other's support system. Bobby also finally had the guts to ask Lorna to marry him when a new threat to the mutant populace surfaced, not wanting their lives to end without being together. They should've had a kid by 2025. Both have been active and strong members of the Resistance.

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