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01-10-2012, 08:51 PM
Gone but not forgotten [Post #1]
A little variation on a theme of all the characters you've had/ideas that never made it.

What characters have you gotten rid of and why? What was the final straw that made you realise that X character wasn't working in Y game and they had to be removed? Perhaps you created a 'short-term' character knowing they were never going to last but needed them for a plot or even just as an exercise in some form of character creation.

Perhaps you've never had a situation like this and all characters have remained active and never been retired/killed off etc.

Is there a line between a character taking time to bed in and just plain not working out? How do you know the difference?
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01-10-2012, 09:00 PM
Freya is probably the first character that comes to my mind. She's one of my favourite characters to play but I reached a point where I had to retire her. I'd tortured her for so long that I couldn't do anything else with her. I wanted her to have a happy ending and the only way she was ever going to get that was by leaving the FGB and being retired. I often think about bringing her back but I know that if I did that I'd probably end up ruining her, so I keep her gone.

More recently I've retired Willow and I'm sad to see her go but she didn't serve a purpose any more. She was part of a larger storyline with the faeries and as the rest of the faeries were retired Willow lost her friends and her reason to stay in the forces. So I ended up retiring her too. I could have kept playing her but she just didn't fit in any more and to try and make stay just wouldn't work.
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01-11-2012, 12:09 AM
A lot of times when characters have gone into the retired character land, it's been from RPGs that have either closed or where I'm no longer active. There's very few occasions where I would intentionally bring a character created for one RPG into another, so the characters go with the game as far as I'm concerned.

For characters that I've retired even though I continue in a game, I'd say I've done it both because I never clicked with the character and also because the character stopped being fun or reached a necessary end. In the latter situation, I would very much bring those characters back at some point if/when I felt inspired enough to do so (ADA, this would be Lexi; in FGB, maybe Caitlin or Olivia).

With Lexi, the interest and attachment was still there but I'd stopped having fun with the posts and I'd reached a dead end on what to do next. At that point, I knew that I needed a break from the character. When a character isn't working out, I usually know because I get absolutely no genuine inspiration to post and if I need to it has to be forced, which is never good.

I've retired some characters on the basis that there was only so many characters I could have at one time and made the decision that having a new character was more important. Depending on the character and the reason behind retiring them, some decisions are much quicker and easier to make than others.
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01-11-2012, 03:32 AM
Well, I've got a few on my list. Characters in most other games have gone inactive/retired simply because I just only seem to have a focus for one game and one game only and that's WWD. Nothing more or less. The one exception was G.C. from Thanatos. I positively loved him and was really getting into developing him and having some fun. So many plans, but then Kate and Rory left and there it went. I really can't see him being ported into another game because he was specifically tailored for that unless it happens to be another similar space opera.

As for WWD, they're as follows:

Catalina- I must confess, the main reason for her creation was solely to attempt to get out of getting a prize that I honestly didn't think I deserved. Didn't work and ended up deliberately wasting it later to get it out of the roster, but anyway, I did get into her a little bit. She was very strongly based on Catalina from the Grand Theft Auto series and even found a female boxer to use for an AI that matched the computer image from the game perfectly. She was the absolute biggest bitch you could ever come across and her normal voice is pretty much always a banshee scream. Insults galore, male-hating, nutcase. She was fun, but keeping up that level of bitchiness got tiresome quickly and she got retired.

Joshu- On of my first quieter characters. She's pretty much the opposite of Catalina. She would watch and observe everyone around her and would never, ever make the first approach and did everything she could to be in the background. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, this was often to waste because people would still approach/call her over and shiz. And despite doing my best to show that her observing everyone was to be discreet, somehow a lot of people seemed to realize she was listening in on conversations. Despite that slight headache, she was also very fun to play. She was my unofficial neutral char (who I would definitely mark as official neutral if WWD were to take on a neutral side) and as such, didn't put her in FGB due to the requirement to be in a coven and so I had her in ADA. Again, small issue there given how chars tend to automatically know someone is of the other side and there was some IC confusion as I had to keep having Joshu insist she wasn't a demon but I digress. There was eventually a rule change in ADA where everyone was required to join Legions and rather than compromise my char and her intended neutrality, I retired her. However, given that the Legions have since been disbanded, I'm seriously considering bringing her back. Maybe once I get either Greg or Bobby to level 2.

Codi- Yes, blatant self-insert. Didn't just say she was like me, but that she was me from this world, except then as she developed on her own and I put her through some pretty horrid torture, she eventually started to take on her own personality a little. Still me at base, but she grew apart from me and I enjoyed every minute of it. Eventually I had everything turned around for her to say that the world she came from, this world, was a fantasy created to manipulate her while she was growing up as part of an Avatar/Virtuosi's plans, except it was a bust, so he let her get kidnapped, tortured and raped to try to "fix" her to his whims as a last resort and when that failed, left her to her own devices where she was eventually cursed and had to have her powers bound and memory wiped to survive. Had more plans for her, but that fell through when I was asked to edit her bio to remove a previously approved bit, essentially erasing an important part of her history and flushing years of CD down the toilet (for a reason that's essentially translated into "because we felt like it"). Again, rather than compromise the character, I opted to retire her. If given the option to keep the bio without the edits, I would strongly consider bringing her back.

Tomi- My first character and one I will always love and enjoy playing. I could play her again if I were to bring her back quite easy. She's come and gone a few times. Sometimes I just needed a break from her and had trouble playing her properly. Other times I just had nothing to do with her and had a charrie idea that was just jumping around in my head, begging to be played. Even when she wasn't an active charrie, I had brought her back a few different times to be used in training threads while a mentor/trainer and sometimes as a supporting character in other threads. She ended up becoming very entrenched in Codi's storyline and so when I had to retire her, it rendered Tomi difficult to play once more. As tight as their storylines became, if one was suddenly rendered invalid/non-canon, it killed the other. However, given that I don't think that decree applies in ADA, I might just bring her back anyway and continue to say that the storyline's canon.

Chelsea- I was looking forward to this one too. To be quite honest, was intended to be almost solely a fighting character. Very little, if any, character development, she was to be the one I turn to when I just wanted to seriously kick some ass and made her scope to match. Unfortunately, after a chance to try her out in a thread, it became quickly clear that the fighting style I planned for her was discouraged and with that, it became much harder to play her. Anytime I'd try to get motivated to play and develop her, I couldn't help but think of that and well, yeah. Just couldn't get into her anymore and let her go inactive before retiring her with Bobby and Shavoy

Shavoy- Fun, laid back guy. He was to be my pacifist. Sort of a comic relief. The trouble was that I really wanted to get into the Jamaican thing with him and have him as close as possible. But I'm a perfectionist and it bugged me that I could never get him the way I wanted to, so yeah, went inactive with him until he got retired.

Sharvani- In a way, she's a blend between Catalina, Joshu and Chelsea. She can be bitchy if she wants to like Catalina, but like Joshu, she has the sense to have some restraint. Also like Joshu, she's patient and intelligent. She liked to collect things of power in hope that it might amplify her power. Like Chelsea, I also was working on her scope to be badass, but unlike her, there would've been equal character development. I had ported her over to FGB just to get the levels though because I was intending on bringing Codi back and had retired her to give up the spot for her. She also has a chance of making a come back to the ADA.

So yeah, I have a few different characters that might make a return if/when I can get one of my present characters to level 2, the trick is trying to figure which one.
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01-11-2012, 08:00 AM
We've all been down that road. And in a sense, I've flipped a few characters that needed to go but there's only one that resonates as one that I truly struggled with.

Adam was a huge part of me. In fact, he was written as almost a self-insert considering he was a bit nerdy and had long hair (which was entirely me at the time) but I made him so much more interesting than I thought I was. He grew into a darker character, even going evil, and then after knowing great love and even greater loss, it became important for him to step aside and assess his own life and take his life into his own hands. His retirement simply came after I realized that his voice in my mind was so tired. He's likely to remain someone that could do the odd cameo appearance if given the opportunity but for now, he's best left in retirement.
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01-12-2012, 11:23 AM
I'll just review all my currently retired characters here

Allia and Freya were both retired because I felt like their stories were finished. Well, Allia did get her happily ever after and I see her as the type that could care for only her own happiness since she isn't tied with the Renegades anymore since she was turned, and she hasn't had much time to bond with the Bloodshadow even after she was. So she's fine to live in contentment with Apollo.

Freya was meant to do the same simply because I couldn't stand the idea of her facing more hardships after the fast forward (namely the Renegades losing their home and have to be in hiding etc) but she's the type of fighter character that just. wouldn't. give. up. So she's coming back soon.

Yvaine I've talked about briefly in another thread; she's one of those that just doesn't work out. I'm not that attached to her to begin with and it didn't take long for me to lose her feel.

Vivian I've also talked in length in the other thread.

Isabelle got boring after I made her Guide. This is a trap for me which led me to retire Nadia as well at some point. My Guide characters seem to fall into that stereotype of beings of ultimate goodness. I suppose Nadia still is but I'm trying to keep her interesting somewhat. Anyway, I felt like Isabelle lost her independence and strength in favor of her Guide status so that's why she had to go. She stopped becoming interesting to me too.

Lucille was getting a bit out of character. Somehow she's spiraled from the way I originally planned her to be into someone else entirely. In hindsight some of her choices were not entirely in character, so I had to put a stop to it before it became worse. Posting for her had also became like a chore and this is one of the signs that I no longer love her enough to keep her around.

Noelle was retired the first time to make way for Sage and because she had no storylines. After both problems were solved I brought her back and I'm glad I did.

Amelia was... not the type of character I enjoyed after all. She was a bit too desperate and in danger of becoming even more angsty so I decided she's not working out after all.

Sadie was fun but I never like playing hyper, always happy characters for too long.

Christina/Tigress was retired largely because her plot fell through and the fact that I wanted to use her AI somewhere else.

I think you know a character's story is finished when there's nothing left that they can possibly do, development wise. And not because the opportunity isn't there, but because there literally is nowhere else to go. I sometimes feel this way with Juliet these days, because she's already married and relatively happy. I feel like I keep coming up with problems just to keep her story going I think this is a common problem perhaps with characters that have been around for years.
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01-14-2012, 01:42 PM
First - when I create my characters, I create them for the long run. If I end up retiring a character shortly after creating them

The first char that comes to mind was ADA's Daeva. She climbed from normal member to Warlord, to something else altogether. These days? I'll say she's probably out there along the lines of Sekhmet. One of the more powerful beings living behind the lines. But as time passed and she matured, it became harder and harder to play her. Especially after the storyline involving Tempus. Losing him, and eventually having the power at her disposal to merge the three persona's she's had at the time, she became such a strong personality with such high standards and deeply rooted beliefs that I eventually had to realise that she regarded barely anyone or anything in the Academy worthy of the title "warrior" any longer. She was void of most kinds of emotions, so deeply tied to the cause of Evil ... and playing her became a chore more than fun. Around that time, I think I left ADA for the first time on a very extended hiatus.

The second one coming to mind is ADA's Ryia of Greentops. My first dragonrider. She was so much fun to play at the time but then EC came around and I could play a dragonrider an the actual Pern-style environment. I admit I'd somewhat stretched it with Ryia in ADA, so I ended up retiring her.

Last but not least, there's one character that actually didn't work out: Dagnar of EC. Cannot remember whenever I retired a character that quickly again. The idea was one I liked, and I still do like it but I remain unable to really tap into Dag's head. And when playing gets so hard that you end up dreading to try that's when I usually give up on a char.

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01-21-2012, 01:16 PM
I've had a quick look at my biography section and only two characters are retired from it. The first was a character in the old Genesis and the second was a Scourge character for EC.

The character of Deus from Genesis was a bit of a no-brainer. I wanted to create a 'good' character, and it didn't really fit in with the theme of the game. The second character, Leon, would have fit into the game but I didn't really have the time to break into the Scourge as a side so I found it difficult to play him.

I find I mainly retire characters when it comes to a point where playing them is no longer fun. This can happen for hundreds of reasons but the single greatest one is that they don't seem great on paper but they do not mesh well with other player characters. And what's the point of joining an RPG if you can't play with other users.
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01-21-2012, 04:44 PM
In the short time I've been active, I've had a couple of characters. Three of which I had to retire because the game went away. Anyway, the once on my retired list are

Arden - He was orginally an NPC of Tom's that I took, best friend of the Celestial Archon, boyfriend to the Archons sister. I had fun playing with Arden. I actually don't really know where I went wrong with him. He suddenly stopped talking to me and all became just a big "Meh" whenever he came to mind. That's when I realized that he was done for.

Julius - Julius was a great idea with a fun future in mind, and if I may say so, an awesome CI too But Julius was way off for me, he is the type of character that I can't play. The chemistry failed really bad on that on

Baatar - Now Baatar I actually miss. But I have myself to blame for that because I took to many wrong turns with him. He started first as a Raiju when Rory was Bloodshadow leader. And it started great but then suddenly I threw a ship in his face, his kind vanished and it just didn't work any more. So then I tried to do a little of a "revamp" on him by turning him to a Death Knight but that was even more wrong. I've tried to re think a little to maybe get him back into the game but I just felt that it didn't work.

Andy - My FGB character, never got around to play with him. After his bio was done and approved I basically looked at him and just went meh directly :-P I tried to write up something with him but it just didn't go the way I wanted to :-P

Jason and Philip - My characters in the Harry Potter The Greater Good. Them I miss really much sometimes, father and son. Them I had a lot of fun with, especially Phillip. He was so timid and fragile and basically anything frightened him.

Neltharion - Character I had in the game Thantos, space RPG. Him I really liked to play. I've tried to re do him to put him in another game but no of the others really suit him that much. Same thing goes for the other Thantos character Fenix I had

That's the ones I remember now at least

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