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All the Characters You've Had [Post #1]
Just out of curiousity, what characters have you had on MS, and any other board? Feel free to update and repost your list when needed

Midnight Shadows

Eternal Conflict

Jelena von Campt - A free spirited water mage, who's accepting of all races. She's just such a sweet girl CI- Sharon den Adel

The Summoning

Ailyn van Buren - She was nice, but didn't last long. One of those "left behind the family money" cases.. CI- Silje Wergeland ; retired

Wrestling With Demons - ADA

Red Apollo - Oh my goodness... My very first character! Made her way back in 2003, I think. She was such a wack job for a vampire. I'm kinda embarrassed I wrote her, actually. CI- Amy Lee ; retired

Caleb Roberts - My first attempt at a male character. An epic fail. CI- Tuomas Holopainen ; retired

Michelle Slater - My main character's sister. A little crazy, and not played nearly enough. CI - Deborah Ann Wohl

Wrestling With Demons - FGB

Jessickah Slater - My main character, and my favorite! I love playing her, and I don't think I'll ever get sick of my plots with her. CI- Simone Simons

The Greater Good

Nicola Larson - A good character, but I got bored with the RPG, so I retired her. I've brought her back elsewhere, though. CI- Charlotte Wessels ; semi-retired


Nadia Demurtas - I love her . She's a wonderful vampire, with such an interesting history. CI- Cristina Scabbia

Sophia Davenport - So carefree, and indifferent about everything. And a succubi . CI- Rachelle Lefevre

Forever Dawn


Lillian Dawson - SO DAMN CUTE! I love her to pieces! A human engaged to a werewolf. What could be better? CI- Jonsu Salomaa

Kate Jackson - Full name Katherine Jackson, but when Michael Jackson died, and they kept talking about his mom, I couldn't help but giggle. A vampire with a sad past. Had a dad that died in Pearl Harbor. I like her, since she grew up in Hawaii, and I used to live there. It makes me happy CI- Hayden Panetierre

Tara Chandran - A werewolf, who was raised in India. Recently moved to Colfax after finding out about her heritage, since her Mom was Native American. Sad, sad girl . CI- Frieda Pinto

Whispered Fantasies


Eva Castillo - A Mexican-American violinist who just moved to England to play in an orchestra. I loves her . CI- Marcela Bovio

Nicola Larson - The great comeback . Revamped her bio a bit, but she fits in well there, I think. CI- Charlotte Wessels

Perfect Ending


Anneke Huston - A wonderful bohemian chick that I haven't really played much. CI- Melissa Auf der Maur

Castle Heights

Courtney Daniels - An innocent girl I made recently . Haven't posted with her much, though. CI- Ginnifer Goodwin

Hollywood Scene Boards

San Diego County

Callista "Callie" Reiner - A photographer, which makes her awesome . CI- Fiona Apple
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Eternal Conflict

Braithe Harmon - Mah BB. A Greenrider who was once quiet and withdrawn but after a brief "retirement" and several set backs has become angry and is prone to moments of extreme anguish. She's the original emo marshmallow. She loves Cayiath (her dragon), Talyn (her partner) and Menefer (her "big brother"). AI: Lucy Griffiths

Calandra (Harrow) Murdoch - Banshee Queen who's a romantic softie at heart. She's a little distant at times, but she loves quite easily. She kinda married one of her former soldiers after he was turned into a Renegade when the magic went wonky in Gaia and has since been on a rollercoaster ride she kind of wants off of. She wants to do nothing more than protect the people she cares about most (family & her "subjects") and will sometimes clash with those people because she refuses to see things from their POV if she thinks it's harmful. AI: Eva Green

G'wain Tigren - My new one. He's a Death Knight who as it turns out is rather fiercely loyal and a bit of a deep thinker. He observes a helluva lot and is strangely intuitive. AI: Mads Mikkelsen

The Greater Good

Elisabeth "Essie" Cuthbert - She was a bit of an enigma even to me. Very sad to the point where it was a bit painful to play. AI: Kristen Stewart

Last Man Standing (@drewfuller.nl from like a million years ago - or 5 at least)

Wyatt - Futuristic Charmed based RPG from back in the day. I can't remember what he was like in the first game, but in the second one he was so warped with guilt and self-loathing that he was borderline suicidal. The first character who used to have me in tears every post that I wrote until he was retired. AI: Wes Ramsey

Haidee Knox - She was from a coven of witches similar to the Phoenixes who were ferocious blah blah blah. Of course she rebelled and instead of being aligned with the baddies she denied her heritage and assimilated into the mortal world. AI: Scarlett Johansson

Also played Piper & Phoebe.

And that would be about it, other than the NPC's.
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Oy ... ummm let me think. I'll limit this to the ones that were with me for quite a while

Eternal Conflict
Menefer R'tal - Dragonrider - Well, have had him for three years now, and damn he's going strong. Somewhere on the road he was close to getting to that 'time to be axed' stage - but he did one massive turnaround on me, and once more I cannot imagine not playing him. CI: Josh Holloway (LOST, S1)

Daraiya McVern - Slayer gone Dragonrider - She was my attempt at Buffy. Come on! Was obvious, no?! But she did develop a head of her own somewhere along the line becoming the quirky, bit-rough-on-the-outside, big-heart nut job she's now. She's slowly growing up on me these days, and I just love the direction she's moving in. It all happens very naturally without me losing the core of her character CI: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Makin Al-Din - Bogatyr - He's still somewhat new. The problem with him - which is inherent in his personality - is that he's so quiet. So most of the time he gets drowned out by the louder chars in my head. But I love that calm he has about him, and I am looking forward to what'll happen to him once he's shaken up a bit. CI: Tahmoh Pennikett

Lucius Galerius - Spellbreaker - Holy mother! Seriously, that hits it pretty well. The intensity he hits me with makes even Menefer pale in comparison (only TS' Thayer comes somewhat close). That guy is such an odd mix of rage / anger and brains / knowledge. He's not the smartest guy in the world, but he's got enough brains - that added to severe anger management problems and lack of respect for anyone non-Magi makes up for a char who frequently takes me for one hell of a ride. CI: Gerard Butler
The Summoning
Daeva Aesma / Davera Myne - Warrior - She was a port over from ADA - of course built into the world. She's been with me the longest in TS and she's become very much her own personality who has little / nothing in common with the ADA character. I love her, and damn do I miss her. That woman's fierce. CI: Danneel Harris

Saora Fulford - Gunner - She was the attempt at the anti-hero. A villain, and bloody hell, a villain she is. She's cold, ice-cold. She has serious brains and amazing organisational skills. Also, expect her to always have a contingency plan. Sounds rather Mary-Sue I know, which I'd like to note she isnt. Wielding guns and killing things is really the only thing she's good at - everything else she miserably fails at. CI: Kate Beckinsale [Underworld, Selene]

Mandalay DeShaune - Berserker - She was my first attempt at an anti-warrior so to say - that she'd turn out to be one hell of a hero on the inside I didn't see coming. I love that girl to pieces. She's loud, tactless, not the brightest candle in the chandelier but she's got guts once she sets her mind on something. CI: Britney Spears

Thayer DeShaune - Troublemaker - So yeah, this one started out as me wanting to play my own Dean That lasted exactly not long at all and then he began really doing his own thing. Threw me for a loop and drove me nearly insane so many times. I dearly miss playing him. CI: Jensen Ackles

Mackenzie Leigh Forbes - Scholar meets Alchemist - Newest character out of the bunch. She is somewhat an odd nut. Has a thing for trying everything out and can turn into a serious pack rat. She doesn't look dangerous but she's one who'll come through when you expect it the very least. CI: Mini Anden
Daeva Aesma - Warlock gone Energist gone Warlord - My very first character ever. She was fun to play, then she got harder and harder to play. Then the Lovers' Brawl with good old Tempus happened which turned her very bitter and almost impossible to play. CI: Danni Minouge

Ryia Greentops - Dragonsider / Summoner - Made her when I first read the Pern books She was my lower level fun-outlet back in the day. It was so hard fitting her background into the WWD's world, but then again back then we didn't have a proper, joined premise. Btw, her dragon was Keanouth CI: Eva Longoria

Gabriel Musgrave - Demon butt-monkey - My anti-demon who's still around today It's odd that he shares a face with Lucius but it does work He's a nutjob but a loveable and it's fun playing him esp. against those type of characters who are all grrrr and serious about demonic business CI: Gerard Butler

Devin Alvarez - Former-Witch - She was my attempt at FGB! I failed miserably So today, the poor thing's damned to hang around in ADA She's very Michelle Rodriguez! Broody and looking / growling at everyone. That smile in her AI is one very few people will have ever seen. CI: Michelle Rodriguez
I'll add the NPCs I've had with me for periods of long time later But yeah, I guess what becomes apparent is that I tend to make characters that stick around for a while - and I do recycle rather than create new (because good and working personality set ups are hard enough to create)

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Eternal Conflict

Serya Cade - My precious. God I love this woman. She has grown so much in the passed three years. From a silent, emotional disturbed girl to a loud mouth with a very strong character. I think her relationship with Menefer was the best thing that happened to her to get her were she is now. AI: Kate Beckinsale

Talyn - I blame Robin Hood for this one. I mean I saw the show and totally went crazy about the fact that I needed a thieve with Jonas as his AI. Now I love that man. Talyn has a big heart and he will do anything for his Braithe and his kiddies. AI: Jonas Armstrong

Orian T'Rak - I wanted a second dragonrider, one who was completely free spirited and had fun in his life. Although I did want him to have a darker background and that's where my short story for Ser came in handy. I mentioned an Orian in there and how her dad got rid of him and there we go. Orian was born. AI: Christian Bale

Yelena Enli Honiahaka - At some point I retired Talyn and got the urge to make a new character and that was Yelena. I just wanted a chatty person who was funny and didn't hold back her tongue AI: Navi Rewatt

Tiërra Vassenia Mariana - Aaaah my feisty, somewhat nutty Banshee. I needed a complete different character from what I had now and voila there she was and she's scourge too. Thought it would be interesting to have a character on another side than my own AI: Rachelle Lefevre

The Summoning

Lucas Kincaid - My very first character in the Final Fantasy world. I even made him before I started playing the games and had no clue what it was all about. Now I'm hooked to it LOL He's a good boy turned bad guy turned semi good boy. The sh!t I've put him through, oh dear. He's my baby though. AI: Milo Ventimiglia

Elana Kincaid - Lucas' sister. I wanted a second character and I wanted to play a girl so voila, there she was. She's a snark and a damn good fighter with a bit of a twisted mind. AI: Jessica Biel

Ilya Kincaid - Lucas & Elena's younger brother. He's psycho. period. I wanted to play a different kind of character and came up with this twisted soul. And he's so much fun to play AI: Jamie Bell

Connor Quinn - He's a brute with a big heart even though he will not let it show to the outside world. He's snarky and think he knows best. He's just straight forward and that's kinda refreshing when playing him. AI: Dominique Purcell

Wrestling With Demons

Keela - My very first ADA character. I played her for a while and had lots of fun with her. She was a temptress through and through but at some point I couldn't play her anymore and I had to retire her and create a new character. AI: Nikki Cox

Isabel Monaghan - My second ADA character and I still love her to pieces. She was feisty, snarky and so lovely evil. She didn't take crap from anybody and she was even more perfect when she became a warlady then all hell broke loose. AI: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Callen - My latest ADA character. After been gone for a while I needed to start over and decided to play a man for a change. Callen is a fallen angel and he has taken up the sport of tormenting his fellow demons and those lot over at the FGB AI: Chris O'Donnell

And at some point I had an FGB character too but I only posted once for her *coughs*


Bran Cooper - I wish I could've played him more but because of personal reasons, playing him was too difficult. I really do wish I could've played him. He has an awesome bio. AI: Jared Padalecki


Caitlin Arline Frye - I loved playing with her. She was like a totally awesome self made mutant and her interaction with Alex Summers was just brilliant. She was like a mini-Jean AI: Alicia Witt

I also played Jubilee (AI: Brenda Song), Quicksilver (AI: Shane West) and Mystique

The Greater Good

Dayton Christopher Callaghan - Yeah I never played him long enough but what I intended to do with him was make him a bit like a nerd, a hot nerd at that. AI: Penn Badgley

Johnathan Abraxis Smith - Ok this one started out as a spoof but since we needed teachers and I was rewatching Doc Who at that time I just needed to turn John Smith into a HP character. I tried to make him a little nutty, fun but educational at the same time. AI: David Tennant

Last Man Standing (@drewfuller.nl)

Chris - Futuristic Charmed based RPG from back in the day. I was so obsessed with Chris at that time, I practically rewatched that season over and over again until I basically could dream how he would react to things. God I loved to play him. I still do. I think if I held a marathon Charmed again I could still nail his character down easily. AI: Drew Fuller

I might or might not have made a character with the name Ellen but I will deny everything if you mention it to me.

These are all my characters, still alive and retired. Damn I play a lot
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Only including characters in this board, because otherwise this will take forever

Eternal Conflict
Freya Hart - Slayer turned Harbinger - I consider her my main character, the one I love the most. She's also my first character in this board. She's gone a loooong way since she started as a simple coldhearted, emotionless warrior. She's become someone else entirely that when I went to edit her first version of her bio I was like... "Who is this woman?" CI: Jennifer Garner (Elektra, mostly)

Allia Viriand - Assassin/Markswoman turned Vampire - Tom's NPC that I brought to life She was... well, I was unsure on who she was when I first started. She's been pretty unlucky in love until she met Apollo, and then unexpectedly she decided to be completely with him because she has no one left in Southlyn Weyr. She still feels bad for abandoning Ashton, but they weren't talking at the time anyway. Still getting adjusted to her new life as a Bloodshadow. CI: Melissa George

Lyra Caverndell - Archangel - Lyra has yet to venture out of the Celestial territory, but she has a terrible secret in her past that she's constantly trying to redeem. Also has a close relationship with her little sister. She's sweet but when pushed to her limits can really surprise even herself. CI: Claire Danes

Aidana Sylvarenth (Retired) - Dragonrider - Didn't get to play her much because I wasn't feeling her, but I may revive her for when I get my fourth character, because I've always wanted a dragonrider. She's kind of gentle and spent a few years of her life thinking she's a Magi, so she's also kind of confused. Might need to tweak her bio if I do reactivate her. CI: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Vivian Kane - Oh, Vivian, my evil Alchemist alter-ego and my one and only character in ADA. My second favorite character in this board. She's sexy, cunning, strong, cruel, and evil through and through. She can be pretty much anything depending on what she needs from someone. And she's a bit of a flirt too, with a habit of killing the men who don't live up to her expectations. I wrote some pretty graphic violent posts in the past with her, so she's actually kind of scary. CI: Kate Beckinsale
Isabelle Winters (Retired) - The character I used after I returned from ADA and eventually became Guide. She was... kind of adept in espionage and was nearly recruited to a Legion, but ever since she became Guide she got kind of boring. I liked her friendship with Kira and her relationship with Xavier though, but other than that she's just managing one crazy coven Considering how I found myself surprisingly attached to her after she's retired, she might make cameo appearances in the future. CI: Rachel Nichols
Juliet Swan - Originally made to complement Elijah, and she's my strictly RP character (even though I ended up throwing her into a tournament). She's from London and was taught all sorts of proper manners when she grew up. She's one foul tempered girl who's very unhappy about her life and when combined with her powers over fire, she's prone to burst into flames completely when she's really angry. And although she's never murdered someone yet in a fit of fury, you do not want to see her angry CI: Leighton Meester
Nadia Spencer - Gonna be honest, I only made her because I wanted to see the VD pairing with Alec But she ended up being made into my new Guide character, and she's kind of messed up really. She's paranoid most of the time, having been traumatized in her past, and she usually tries to put up a strong front especially now that she's a leader, but deep down she's still a little scared and insecure. CI: Nina Dobrev
The Greater Good
Elle Crawford - My nicest character. Didn't have much going for her aside from her romance. I think she was just made to be part of the Awesome Foursome A typical smart Ravenclaw Prefect who's too trusting for her own good. CI: Blake Lively
Esme Sommers - The feisty, firey ex-Gryffindor Auror. Never realized how much she's missing in her lonely life until she met a man who filled that void. CI: Rachel Weisz
Jasmine Chase - Pretty much like me; shy, loves writing, and is an author. Has a twin sister and dealt with not being able to express her feelings toward the person she loved for the longest time. Also Tom's NPC that I snagged And my Arthur/Morgana outlet. CI: Katie McGrath
Livia Knight - Didn't get to play her much at all, but she's a siren who's good at talking her way out of things but deep down just wanna hide from the big bad world. CI: Olivia Wilde
Catalina Chase - Ported from elsewhere, she's a traitor of some sort to her kind, what with spying for The Smiling Face and all. I loved her a lot too, if only because she used to always put herself first and that changed when she met Deacon. CI: Michelle Ryan
Katrina Sharpe - The secretly diabolical leader of WID. Appeared like the new world's foremost figure in intelligence for the greater good but has her own agenda. CI: Sarah Wayne Callies
Noelle Larssen - Still very new, not sure what to do with her yet. She's a tech, so pretty geeky and averse to any and all physical activities. But she's keeping her options open when it comes to her loyalty. CI: Nina Dobrev
Rhea Valdares - A true rogue who was devastated at the loss of her brother and was seeking the person responsible for it. Has no attachment whatsoever and wanders from place to place along the solar system. CI: Claire Forlani
Katrina Gray - The second in command in a mercenary crew. Was having a casual relationship with one of them, but didn't get too far with her either. She's got a good head on her shoulders and fiercely loyal to her friends. CI: Famke Janssen
Man that was a lot. And it did take forever
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I can't even remember characters from other boards, though i know I had a character named "Ambellina".

Eternal Conflict
Deimos Kasdaye - Well, he was Leto's son, then became her twin brother. Yeah, wrap your mind around that one. Okay fine, the revamp allowed for such a story swap. He's fun and outgoing which was a nice switch from Leto's once gloomy demeanor. I wanted a character that wasn't afraid to voice his thoughts and run his mouth and I think Deimos has lived up to that. He's also a woman lover, though sorry to the ladies, he's currently taken CI: Ryan Reynolds (old: Wentworth Miller)

Echo Evolet - The blind girl. I'm not sure how or when during the creation process she became blind. I guess it meshed well with the ability I wanted her to have. Plus the desire to have a White dragon made her different for starters so why not throw in the fact she can't physically see an inch in front of her face? CI: Miranda Kerr

Leto Kasdaye - The passenger. She's not really a main character of mine anymore, just the voice in Deimos' head that offers a mental slap whenever the opportunity arises. She's vanished as of date with her unborn baby, and it's in my head to off her upon her return. CI: Alessandra Ambrosio

Noémie “Noah” Fournier - Someone I'd like to play more. I think she could be an interesting character...maybe... CI: Hayden Panettiere

Merrick Solange - Merrick didn't see much action, but she sure liked those shiny things. CI: Miranda Kerr

Suri & Sica Wolfe Identical twin space pirates. One was a techie goodie-two-shoes and the other was a grease monkey with a love for the slummy bars in the galaxy. They were kind of fun. CIs: Megan Fox
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I so don't think I can remember all my Char's, but I can try


Jack: My first FGB character ever. If I had a good enough memory to rewrite his Bio he'd be back. He dissapeared from me for a while, but he was just a general goody good witch. AI: Brian Krause

Matt: I needed a break from Jack for a while and made the more arrogant Matt. He didn't last long though, I got bored of him too quickly. AI: Matt LeBlanc

Alexander: Still play him now, just with a different AI. He's had alot of different faces over the last few years, but he actually started out as a very nice, very good witch. AI: Jensen Ackles

Steven: When Alexander became a warlord, Steven was the brother that surfaced as a witch. Identical twin actually, who is now a low level witch starting out again. AI: Jensen Ackles


Alexander: From the beginning to the end and back again he's done it all. Arrogance personified, he's the only player I can always keep coming back to. AI: Jensen Ackles

Castiel: I very specifically created this second character to be in the Legion of the Midnight Sun. Not as arrogant, but I found him much harder to play. Kinda lost his purpose so retired now. Matthew Someone

Eternal Conflict

Rathma: Leader of the scourge, kind of loosly played like Alexander unfortunatly.

Teo: Renegade Slayer, actually really fun to play someone who knows nothing about anything.

Thonolan: Renegade Dragon Rider. Drunk alcoholic who's dragon was in a coma for a while

Thats the main ones, I think...
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Characters Hmmm well here goes...

Eternal Conflict


Mist and Myst- The Quintessential Valkyries. Played Mist most often in most of the major events of Gaia. Myst the Grandma was an invention later on. Didn't get to play her much before the Valkyrie Class was eliminated in EC.

One Eye Dyrin Paladin

Mists Grandfather. A one eyed cantankerous old sod. Died during the Plague thread in EC AI Rutger Hauer


Killian Morlock Oddessa

The feisty little Morlock with the identity crisis. Kind of happens when your momma was a test tube and daddy was a syringe. Dont quite know where I going with her. AI Jessica Stamm


Gil McDonald

Gil is basically me or least in the most part based on me. For those who don't know I was in the US Army for twenty years. Alot of what happened to Gil actually happened to me at sometime in my career. His relationship with Marl was as big a surprise to me as it was to everyone else. AI Jeremy Irons


Malice- The Daughter of Morgana and probably the most complex character that I play. She has grown to be one of my personal favs. It has been fun Myth weaving around her with the entire Avalon storyline. AI: Adrianna Lima

Boudicca- The newest one, Malices cousin and the Warrior Queen of the Iceni. Still working on her development. AI Kira Knightly
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02-19-2010, 05:14 PM
for me it goes somthing like this::

Eternal Conflict: Jamie Carlson Bloodshadow ....wants to be Queen no matter what or who she steps on to get what she wants
ADA-----Angel Balfour-----rebel seeking the power that the ADA leaders have but learns from her mistakes.
ADA------Scarlet McBride.......some might call her a pain in the buttocks but she was the only family member that Katherine Tuirner had but she hated Katherine better than anyone else.
FGB>>>> Katherine Turner------an level four demoness once vampire turned to the light. She was a total pain when she was in the ADA but now she has seen the error of her evil ways and now fights on the side of good. Rebirth one might say.
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02-23-2010, 07:19 AM
Charoline Parker/Berkeley Alice - My first RP character ever and the only one I currently play with any regularity. She started off being this being completely obsessed with doing good and a sheer absolutist, but has evolved into something wholly different. It's amazing to see how far she's come as a character, and I love watching to see where she'll end up next

Amy Parker - Demented and just a bit twisted. She was my response to the do-gooder Charoline when I first retired her. Still good, but sort of in a I'm-good-because-this-is-the-side-I'm-stuck-with type of way. She was a conniving, sneaky little bastard

Melana Graves - Sweet, innocent, just trying to have a place in the world. I grew annoyed and retired her rather quickly.

Olivia Cassidy - My first character that was good-natured, but flawed in some deep place I couldn't quite reach. There was something fundamentally wrong with her that caused her to want to do good, but it wasn't something I could figure. Had to retire her because it was so frustratingly difficult to play her.

Never Wilby - Happily psychotic with her brief moments of clarity. Inanimate objects and her could definitely be BFFs.

Verdi Candelora - Possibly my favorite character to date. She was the first character I had that was a real person to me. All of them were real on some level, but she was an actual person. She was flawed. She tried to do good, but screwed herself over more often than not. She didn't get the guy of her dreams. She gave into the power a bit too much. She was human... and I liked that about her. Can't wait to play her again.
Swish Parker - What can I say? I know what I like. She used logic to figure where she is today, and it's interesting to see how far I can push her to be evil as opposed to good. All around a really quirky, interesting character to play, but I'd like to develop her on more or a human level. As it stands, she borders on 2-Dimensional and that's a phase I'll certainly need to knock her out of at some point. She's simply so complicated that it's easier, for me, to portray her in a very superficial way. Going to have to get to the root of her issues at some point, and hopefully will do this through the latest WWD-wide event. Her mm, Charoline Parker/Berkeley Alice is a Guide and she's a Dark Elder. Should be fun to play.
Corinne El Baz - I haven't really gotten a handle on her as a character yet. Maybe it will come with more time, but... not sure. She's apt at her job, but I need to make her more human before going forward with her any more.
All of the chars were ChatRPG characters and I certainly don't remember all of their personalities, just bits and pieces here and there.
Lara Stautem - Young, sassy, but respectful simultaneously. She was very strong-willed and rejected some forms of authority, but still was her own person without being a rebel. Kind of awkward to describe, but she flowed and I really liked playing her.

Kaia Jones

Isabelle Montare
- My first coven head. Kind of messed up, but who isn't?

Olivia Nessarode - The happy-go-lucky whitelighter that loves the world and stuff!

Andrew Charles - Evil, bad guyishnessment. Turned into a very unpleasant fellow pretty soon off.

Three - The first "mature" character I've ever played. It was interesting to play a prostitute, I'm not going to lie.

Emily Hawkins - Jennifer Garner was her AI, but outside of that I don't really remember all that much...

Kimberly Housened - Most. Amazing. Character. Ever. Kimberly was born in the outbreak of Nazi Germany and taken to a medical facility to be studied because of her power to drain the life force out of people. She fought back, naturally, and was shoved in a place with other magical beings (who, by the way, served as the catalyst for Hitler's fascination with the Occult. Not really, but it did in her bio) and hidden underground for years. Even when the concentration camps were released, she was still stuck there with the other magical beings. She started going absolutely bonkers and drained others' energy to keep herself healthy. She grew completely addicted to this energy and started draining everyone around her. Realizing the risk, one of the elder beings froze her in time for... sixty years, I believe, until she was re-awaken in the midst of what had, by now, turned into a memorial site of sorts for the deceased of WWII. She was then guided to a rather out of the way coven and remained there until it disbanded, though she was still addicted to that energy flow.

Sakura Jenkins

Tol Jenkins
- We used to have this running joke that, because I was always the first person to volunteer for everything, that was the reason Tol always was the first person to die or be seriously wounded in every single bad thing that happened to Arcadia Coven. Which was completely true, which is why I had to come up with another character called...

Samantha Militan - Sheer crazy. She threw kitchen appliances at people. The original Never, only about ten times worse. The girl had legit no idea what was happening in the world. So much fun to play!

Charlotte York - Something about a secret society is all I can really recall about her...

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