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There was a moment where she held her breath, waiting for Sian to respond, wondering if she was the sort to prefer something more direct like Die Hard or maybe she was into the chick flick rom-com sort in the vein of The Holiday. Both decent movies, but not exactly what she wanted to watch to let her mind unwind from the day.

Sian turned to look at her and offered a perfect smile, drawing her focus to her mouth, and her agreement with the selection chased her concerns for the moment away. She liked it too. That meant she had actually seen it. That meant they had something in common. Whoa, babe, slow your horses.

She brightened at the mention of the unicorn, the one who stole Yvaine away from her bindings to the tree. Why it had to disappear after the scene at the Inn, she wasn’t sure. It should have sprouted wings or something and continued on as an active member of the story. It, like man other converts, had already deviated somewhat from the book so why not throw in a Pegasus.

Her hand reached into the bowl for another scoop and she pushed the fluffy corn when Sian commented on Claire Danes. “In that dress? Right?” Holy crap.

Amara wondered, often, about who and what Sian was. She had shared some of herself with her and intermittent bits with the residents of the theater. She couldn’t help watching her leave a room. Sian was lovely, was actually not attached, at least, not that she was aware of. That didn’t mean she understood the type of person that Sian would be attracted to.

Even if Benji’s sister had stared at her, goaded her into asking her out. Amara had deflected, insisting that someone as pretty as Sian could pick whomever she wanted and obviously her interest was not within the theater or she would have said something. Valeria had huffed and rolled her eyes, insistent that she knew when a girl liked girls, or when they claimed to like guys but could be easily swayed. That even though she liked the supposed human guy, that didn’t mean that was where she had always been fixated.

“I had the biggest crush on her when I was little.” She confessed, her features growing warm. “My mom used to watch Romeo and Juliet sometimes.” DiCaprio was cute enough, definitely improved with age, but it had been Danes for her all the way.
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“It’s a shame she’s not wearing it throughout the whole movie.” Sian nodded in agreement. Because hot damn. Although the dress she gets later on isn’t all that bad either, except not as revealing as the star dress. Or well, body clinging.

It had taken Sian a while to realise that she liked girls better than boys, that those flutters she felt whenever she saw a cute girl, meant that she was different from the other girls in her class. Those girls who kept on raving about the cute boys, giggling when they got their attention… and all Sian did was look at the girls instead of the boys.

Yeah, boys were really not her thing. She had tried it, just the once, to make sure but it hadn’t been satisfying at all.

You haven’t found the right one yet.
No, dangly bits just aren’t my thing.

Brunnhilde grunted her disapproval and Sian didn’t care. It was her body, her life and she was just along for the ride. Without Sian, Brunnhilde was nothing but some essence in a bottle.

Without me, you would have been dead by now.
Maybe, maybe not.

She grabbed another hand full of popcorn and started nodding at Amara’s confession. “I loved that movie. It was epic.” Sian agreed. “Did you see her in Homeland? The show? The only first few seasons are okay, after that it becomes a bore. Even Claire couldn’t make me continue to watch it.” Because the angle they had taken it in, hadn’t really entertained her anymore.

“You know that Victoria is such a bitch.” She commented, watching how Tristan got led on by that blond bimbo.
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