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Joy was livid. It was like this revelation had poked a hole into a carefully crafted shield – and what was pouring out now was impossible to stop. That small voice in her mind, that rang from the far back and cautioned her to watch, to listen, was ignored. Instead Joy pushed – and pushed. She fought and she fought hard, just like her father had taught her to.

“Ground me?” she snapped back, not even missing a beat. “You can’t ground me.” That was a fact, there was no need to discuss it. Here was something Joy had inherited from her mother. She stuck to the facts. There was no point going into any kind of details. Reality was a simple matter. One just needed to accept that.

Joy could sense Carol’s fluctuations. The energy wanted out. And Joy wanted to taunt her, wanted to draw it right out of her. Even over the bed of her unconscious father.

But instead, it was now Carol’s turn to lay down the ground rules. Her mother was basically throwing her out. It made Joy scoff and yet at the same time, it gave Joy something familiar. A glimpse of her mother in this much younger woman. It took away some of her momentum as the girl still very much present in this young woman woke up.

The girl who missed her mother above everything else.

“You can’t do this. You can’t go behind my back, damnit”, she ground out. “We were always honest with each other…” Joy exhaled with a huff, forcing her fists open. She clapped them together. Palm against palm to dissipate the energy that had built inside of her. But instead of being snuffed out, the charge jumped. “What”, she let out in surprise as it jumped to her mother and then to her father.

The shriek that came from her lip was one of surprise and one of terror. What was she doing?

Her father’s body arched. So reminiscent of a body receiving electro shocks. His eyes flew open. And before Joy could put together what was going on, he was up and out of his bed. She caught a glance of his face, of his eyes. Cold as ice. There was no recognition registering in his face as his gaze skidded across Carol and Joy.

His shoulder bumped into Joy, pushing her off balance for a moment. He was on the move.

Joy simply reacted. She spun and took pursuit.

She was vaguely aware of her mother following them as well.

It took her all but half a minute to figure out where her father was going. Joy did not allow it slow herself down. So often she had pestered him to tell her about his time as the Winter Soldier. A man so ruthless, so driven. Often with only a single objective on his mind, no mercy, no remorse, as he took the lives he had been sent out for.

“Madrox”, she yelled – in part for her mother, in part for herself to make herself realise what was about to happen.

Bucky moved with grace and strength so unlike the pale and unmoving figure she had just seen in that bed. He left chaos in his wake as he used every trick in the book to slow down the women hot on his heels. It took all but a few minutes for them to arrive in the basement. Somewhere she had lost sight of him. He was too fast, too good at this.

So the image that presented itself to her when she entered the large basement areas that contained all the cell took the air right out of her lungs. “Dad”, she uttered as she stared at Bucky pressing one of the metal bars he had yanked from the lining of the cell down onto Jamie Madrox’s throat. The man was kicking wildly. He was fighting for his life.

Joy came to a halt. She stood, almost fascinated by the view. For so long, Jamie Madrox had been the root of her misery. For so long, in a way, he had been the cause for it all. In her world, his dupe had broken her mother. It had driven apart her parents.

Her father growled, his bionic arm whirred with added energy as he pushed the bar down. He was in the process of squashing the man’s wind pipe. Joy breathed out, once more she brought her palms together in a deafening clap. She lit up, took her energy form.

Then she turned around, her father at her back.
She had never before tasted the idea of revenge on her tongue.

It was maddening. It was unlike anything she knew. And instead of the adult she was growing into stopping her father, the girl who had suffered with and for her parents took over.

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“I’m not going behind your back.” Carol tried to stay calm, tried to make the younger woman see that this had not been something to hurt her. That it was all just as new for them as it was for her, but Carol had never dealt with young adults like this. So when the energy hit her, she hissed, but instead of taking it in it jumped to Bucky.

Carol looked at him in surprise, fear filling her as she watched him react to the energy bolt. It was like stepping back in time when he sat up in bed and looked at them like he had no clue who they were.

He had done that twice to her, and she knew what it meant. This was James Buchanon, the Winter Soldier.

And then he was up and away, out of the apartment and Joy was already after him. Carol took a moment longer but gritting her teeth she flipped that stupid panic attack off and chased both her daughter and boyfriend. She wouldn’t let him hurt anybody while he was in this state. He wouldn’t forgive himself if he found out what he had done.

The fact that Joy had caught his direction and shouted who he was going after, made her move faster. She had to yell at people to get out of the way, and Bucky was throwing everything at them to slow them down.

Without even realising she had donned her suit, and energy was swirling around her as she chased after them.

She couldn’t go full force in here, not without destroying half the building to stop him. So she ran, trying to catch up to her daughter who was moving just as fast. It shouldn’t have taken them more than a few minutes, but Bucky moved faster in spaces like this, she was more of the brute force. She needed the room.

So, when Carol reached the basement, she was surprised to find Joy not stopping her father from trying to murder Jamie.

“Joy! What the fuck?” She snapped at her. Jamie was flailing, trying to fight off Bucky but even in this state he was stronger than the man who was slowly losing his life. She blinked, looking at his face, but the horror that she expected to appear, didn’t come. This was not Steven. This was Jamie. And they were not the same.

Her body lit up, and she used her super speed to get around Joy and knock Bucky away from Jamie. “Please, Bucky.” She whispered as she pushed him to the ground, not wanting to knock him out cold, afraid what the hit to his head would do. “Please, stop.” She rolled with him until they were in a sitting position and she had her legs around him, his back against her chest and one arm around his neck, putting pressure on it to knock him out like that.

She heard Jamie groaning and coughing; good he was still alive. “We need to stop meeting like this.” She breathed into his ear. Then she looked up at Joy, as she had Bucky in a chokehold. She felt like crying and laughing at the same time.

“He would have never forgiven you. Now help that man.” She sounded tired. So damn tired.
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