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The Sky's the Limit [OneShot]
Following Carol's and Joy's first scene in this thread directly.

Joy looked up. The wind whipped her hair around her head as she considered the option to just push upward. Take off, and leave this place behind her. This place that was home but wasn’t. That had her mother who was barely like the woman she knew and a father who was fighting the prospect of losing all brain function. Because that was what it was, right? Joy had come here, she had forced the hand of the people at the theatre. And she can been the weight needed to tip the balance in their favour.

But was it that, really? Had she done anyone any favours?

Maybe in her world, her mother had been broken but she had been alive. And so had her father. Now she was looking at having spared her mother the worst of her incarceration but the cost was her father’s life.

Joy closed her eyes. She felt helpless. Like once more the earth was being pulled out from under her. It was a sensation so similar to what she had felt when seeing her mother, live and in the flesh, naked, battered and bruised. But the worst of it had been that look in her eyes. To see the ghost of that broken woman ready to emerge. Used and abused, beyond repair.

Clasping a hand over her mouth, Joy stifled a sob.

Why was none of this easy? Why was it all about self-doubt, regret and diffuse, uncontrollable fear? Never had she taken the moment to consider what it would feel like to second-guess every move she made. What if she made it all worse instead of better?

What if her life had already been the best case scenario for her parents?

Joy pulled her hand away, bending over. Her palms just above her knees, she heaved air into her lungs. Was she going to throw up? Joy suddenly felt sick to her stomach. And she wasn’t sure what was worse. The image of her mother, or the fact that her brain kept superimposing the ghostly appearance of her father over it.

Sucking deep breaths into her lungs, she felt the tears. Joy fought every single one of them. She had done so much crying ever since coming to the past. So many tears shed. But crying changed nothing, right? It did absolutely nothing. It did not erase that memory of her mother, or change anything about her father’s current state.

Joy tried to imagine what life would have been like without her father in it – but she came up empty. A daddy’s girl she had been called more than once. He had taught her everything she knew about her abilities, about battle. He had even helped her understand her Kree physique better. He had taught her how to ride a bike. How to drive. How to pop the cap of a beer bottle making it look like she was hardly even moving her fingers. He had let her have that smoke at fifteen, and had held her hair when she’d puked afterwards.

Her mother had not approved.

He had welcomed every last one of her dates with that quiet, reserved demeanour he did so well. Every guy had been on his best behaviour – to a point where it had eventually annoyed her. Not one of them would dare deliver her back home even a minute late.

Back then, this had sent her up the walls – now it only stoked the production of tears, and the first one slipped out from under her eyelids.

Joy stood tall again, heaving with the effort. She realised that it had begun raining. Her mind went back to the day she had been up here with Leif. The day it had all begun. Joy closed her eyes, letting the drop of water fall onto heated skin. She tried to relax, tried to bring the flame down to a simmer. But instead it felt like it was only further growing, into a roaring storm.

An incredulous growl rose from her chest and Joy balled her fists. When she opened her eyes, they were glowing. Energy soaring through her veins. She flexed her upper arm muscles, then those in her fingers and her fists lit up in the same, golden energy. If Joy were to don her mother’s colour, she would look like her spitting image. But Joy, instead, had chosen the black and red of his father’s former alter ego.

The growl grew and turned into a scream that she gifted to the roaring winds as the storm above her built.

The emotions tore through her. The sensation of betrayal as he allowed that feeling to take root. Why had her mother said nothing about his state of mind? Why had her father never mentioned his predicament? In her timeline, he would have never kept this from her.

But it was not her timeline, she had to remind herself. What applied to her mother did to her father as well.

Joy’s form lit up completely, and she pushed into the sky. She never saw Leif’s form emerge from the door behind her, didn’t hear him call her name. She only heard the white noise in her ears, roaring of the storm. The winds tore at her, gravity holding fast, but she was stronger. She drew the energy from within her – her body nothing short of an incredibly powerful engine.

Slowly, she pulled her fists upwards and pushed them out in front of her. Not for the first time, she wondered what that people was from which she had inherited so many of her abilities. A Kree Warrior. Her mother had rarely ever spoken of them. Joy knew her own energised form looked as imposing as her mother’s did. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail that fell like dark fire from her crown. The drop of temperature as she left the earth behind her was something she barely noticed.

As she left the atmosphere, it took an incredible amount of strength but eventually, all sound ceased. And she was in the vacuum of space.

She hovered, turned, gazing down. The sight made her heart stutter each time. The blue planet so far beneath her.

It cleared her mind, allowed her to shed the filter of emotion and just see things for what they were.
This woman was not her mother. The man not her father. They would one day become them, a version of them as this world required them for the unborn version of herself.

Her real parents, however, still lived in the world she had left behind. The mother she loved so much, the father she adored. She missed them. This time, she didn’t fight the tears. Up here, they were silent, drying underneath the shield of her energy almost instantly.

Joy, a voice piped up in her head.
Emma? Irritation wanted to rise from her stomach all over again. You know I don’t like you telepaths just po..
-I know. Please forgive my intrusion. Emma sounded genuine.
Joy pressed her lips together and closed her eyes for a moment. It’s ok, I guess.

And then it felt like Emma moved out of the way, linking her mind with that of another.
Joy? Are you okay?
Leif?, she smiled. The irritation faded, making room for another, stronger feeling in her chest. What … why..
I saw you take off, he responded, almost sheepishly.

Joy relayed what had happened. The sight of her father, her mother not telling her of the news – and then the fact that it felt so incredibly hard to talk to her. To this Carol, her little girl was far from a grown woman.

Can you come back down, please? Leif asked.
It’s just space.
This had him laugh nervously. Yes, Josephine. Space.
It’s just a bit farther up than what you do…, she teased.
Josephine… his voice dropped and Joy wanted to purr in response. Come back down. We can talk?

Joy felt a smile on her lips. There. His was the piece of ‘familiar’, the piece of ‘home’ she had here in this world. And she was incredibly grateful for it. He was her Leif. The man from her world, the man who knew her – knew exactly who she was.

Will there be icecream? she quipped happily.
All the icecream you want, Steve.

Josephine laughed into the void that was space and turned around, slowly descending and once more entering the atmosphere. Slowly, she shifted her energy signature, turning herself invisible to any tracing device.

A few minutes later, Emma was gone from her mind but she let her feet land on the roof top of the theatre again. She let the energy dissipate, once more turning fully visible. The wind had quieted down a little, and as she looked towards the rooftop entrance, she spotted her boyfriend’s form. It was like the currents that still owned the air up here spared him completely.

She offered him a smile as he pushed forward. His gaze was concerned, longing, caring. His long legs covered the distance in no time and eventually his strong arms closed around her, soon enough to hold her when Joy’s tears flowed with renewed vigour.

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