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Name: Phillip (M)
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09-10-2014, 11:17 PM
I am a Support Services Counselor for HIV/STD Prevention at a non-profit organization. I provide HIV, G&C, Syphillis and Hep-C tests to people for Free. Mostly people at risk because there is a screening involved to make sure people actually need to get tested. When people are at risk I do counseling. I do referrals. I'm the person in charge of giving people there results over the phone if need be. I'm also the person that helps with referrals to things outside of getting into care if someone is positive for HIV. I do numerous outreach at numerous locations throughout the city I live in. I love my job because I'm doing something to make a difference. Ya know?
Make a space, for my body. Dig a hole. Push the sides apart.
This is what, I'm controlling. It's a moat, the inside that I carve.

Make a cast, of my body. Pull back out. So that I can see.
Let go of, how you knew me. Let go of, what I used to be.
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Name: Stu (M)
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09-27-2014, 01:14 PM
I'm a Retail Sales Manager for a bespoke soft furnishing company based in the UK; we've recently been through some turbulent times which has culminated in the formation of a new company, with some of the lucky people (ME!!) being head hunted/taken over as part of the merger. I'm based within a premier department store in the city I live in, and I LOVE IT!! I'm moving to a new out of town location in a few weeks but again, that's awesome as it's my old store.

I'm responsible for dealing with the public both selling and complaints, recruitment, payroll, disciplinary proceedings (sadly ) & the general running of my local business. I have a small team of consultants, who are also amazing

...Can you pardon ~ My Past?!

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