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09-11-2014, 01:58 PM
Keeping others Active [Post #1]
So, based on the previous post by Renew, I'd like to get everyone's thoughts on keeping others active.

Most of us here, one time or another, ran a game or a board, or a website with members. How did you keep them active and, most importantly, how did you get those members in the first place?

The boards that I admin'd had a luxury of picking up members from other, closing down boards. For example, Charmed: the Prophecy was able to grab a lot of those members jumping ship from Charmed-Boards. Midnight Shadows also received a boost in membership from the WWD when CtP was closed. So I don't claim to be an expert on the subject.

I suppose, the only way to get members is to fill a niche, but there are a few slight problems with this:
  • The Niche needs to be something the admin enjoys as well, otherwise they will lose interest. Nothing kills a board faster than an inactive staff.
  • The Niche cannot be filled by other sources. If it is, then you need to come to terms with the fact that you're splintering your audience. Competition is good, but when all services are offering things for free, then it becomes less about competition and more about cooperation. What ways can similarly niched boards help each other out, share members, and enjoy a positive, mutually beneficial relationship?
  • Constantly giving members what they want (to a point). I understand "creative vision", but there's no point in having a vision that no one else agrees with. I think as an admin/manager/whatever one must always realize that it is a learning experience, and your original idea will evolve and change with input (and, in doing so, will be better

It's no secret MS was more active in the past, and I think throughout our lifetime there has been several of the above traps we have fallen into. However, I do believe when embraced the above ideals would lead to a better experience both for admins and for users.

So what is all your thoughts on motivating and keeping a memberbase in tact and growing? Whether it be a game, a board, a blog, etc. etc.
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