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04-05-2012, 05:41 AM
In Another World [Post #1]
Maybe the title of this is misleading but I think this is something we might want to discuss. I decided it would be a bit of good conversation to have since I'm going through it.

With the WWD we have our own "What If?" forum and here we also have Blank Pages, and I guess I'm wondering about how we separate two different versions of the same character. Now, don't get me wrong, I get how you would do it but do you find it difficult to play two different versions of the same character?

In my current situation, my character is being romantically shipped with someone else and until I made a clear and distinct line between the two of them, it almost felt like my character was cheating.

So I'm wondering, with "What If?" scenarios, how do you all handle the differences? And with that, is it hard to keep up with or does it come naturally to you for the circumstances of the thread?
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04-17-2012, 09:05 AM
With all the characters I do have I have exactly 1 thread in a What If scenario. Even the BP-threads I do are cannon. I've come to realise that I suck at branching a single character into different worlds simultaneously. My brain stops functioning the way it ought to (it's really hard for me to switch back and forth between canon!Gabe and AU!Gabe). It is getting easier as the story progresses and moves away from what's considered canon in WWD - but it's still odd. I pour so much heart and mind into my ongoing SL's and there's usually nothing left for any AU SL's - if that makes sense.

It's also why I'm so nitpicky about where I take my chars - because there's just one way to go for me And since I don't make chars for specific storylines but basically make chars to stay (I just keep going and going and going) taking them down a certain path is likely to influence everything that will come later so yeah

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