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She stared at the suit, as she did often enough, trying to make sense of the contraption she had been forced into, the walking computer that loomed and responded to her call but refused to yield completely to her order and directions. It had other directives, authorization was necessary. Preprogramming that refused to be swayed regardless of the situation. So it stared back, almost tauntingly, hoping she would ask it to do something so it could deny the instruction.

When it spoke her name, it didn’t sound like the soft mechanical murmur she had become accustomed to. It was deeper, warmer, more appealing than the emotionless hum. It didn’t matter how it attempted to emulate the idea of emotion, the suit was not like a Six model, it had never been meant to ‘feel’. The sound of its voice, though, around the structure of her name was something else.


Something she wanted more of.

She chased it through the corridors of the hall that gave way around her, before her, and when its appearance tried to shift, she realized the state of the dreaming she had slipped into. If she flexed her senses, she could feel him on the periphery, like a thought that kept trying to slip out of reach. A memory that she tried to keep a hold of even as her focus was being drawn elsewhere.

When the suit said her name again, it was someone else’s, one she felt herself miss, drawing her name out in its longer form. More appropriate, Because that was how he had always been, as though he had never had the opportunity to speak it before meeting her and felt compelled to say it whenever possible.

She never thought she’d miss Tony, not when he’d been alive.

Warmth settled against her lower back and she anchored to the sensation, let it draw her through the haze that sought to cling to her perception. Her fingers bunched lightly at fabric, and she rubbed her face absentmindedly against jersey and skin. She opened her eyes enough to see his chin, watched it move and she lifted herself up onto a forearm to better look him over. She blinked the sleep from her eyes and stifled back a yawn. For a moment, she looked to the suit lingering almost completely asleep in the corner of the room.

She smiled down at Jaxon, something sleepy. “Hi.” She looked him over. “Are you…are you okay?” He looked alive, and well enough. A flush to his skin that indicated appropriate blood flow rather than the ashen appearance he had started taking on. She set her hand against the side of his face and gently swept her thumb along hi jaw and chin. Then she twisted enough to look at the monitors, all of which had been turned off at some point. She could recall flipping the main on into hibernation, but she hadn’t turned everything off.

It was…morning? Maybe? “It’s been at least a few hours.”
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