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Star Trek: Into Darkness
Anyone see this since it came out? Are there even any Trekkies on the board?

I wasn't familiar with the original series, but as a kid, I watched the ones with Captain Janeway pretty often...

Anyway, this movie was pretty fantastic. The chemistry between Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Kirk and Spock was really amusing.

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05-22-2013, 12:18 AM
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Name: Amy (F)
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I can't begin to describe how much I loved this movie.

I'm on my phone, so I'll say more later.
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05-22-2013, 12:34 AM
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I finally managed to watch it a few days ago as well - and even NOW my mind's still occupied by it. So much awesome in it, I dunno where to begin.

I am REALLY warming up to Zoe Zaldana. I dunno - I had my trouble with her in the first movie but she got much more rewarding moments in this movie. The way she cares about Spok, the way she goes about it - and the way she cares about the Enterprise and Jim. I feel it put her into a much better position than she was in the previous on (where she seemed a little on the arrogant, shallow side).

Zachary Quinto as Spok. I think I've said this a hundred times before but whoever cast him as Spok was / is a friggin' genius. He OWNS that role. He IS Spok about as much as Leonard Nimoy could ever be spok. He really did his homework and IMHO he adds a layer of depth to the character I've never really seen in Nimoy's portrayal. (This is probably blasphemy but it's what I believe). In the first movie, he gave me GOOSEBUMPS ... this time, I got instantly converted to a puddle of goo. He so EASILY combines the funny moments and great chem he's got with Pine with the deeper, darker and emotional side of Spok. That scene outside the reactor and what follows ... I was speechless. Or the way he explains to Uhura (and Jim) that he does indeed care in the shuttle earlier in the movie ... Perfection! PERFECTION!

Though I'll be honest and say that Benedict Cumberbatch sort of OWNED this movie. The screen presence and intensity with which he played every facet of his role was breathtaking. Not once did I doubt that he really is the most dangerous adversary the Enterprise has ever faced / will ever face. Whether or not casting Cumberbatch was whitewashing the role or not left aside, I'm glad they chose him because he delivered an unbelievable performance. And IMHO he totally stole Chris Pine's show

Chris Pine: I have been on the fence about him as Jim Kirk. Granted he's got it really hard given how iconic William Shattner is in that role. This time around he too got the opportunity to explore the depths of this character a little more and that most certainly went well!

Scotty, Checkov, Bones ... I find all three have very tricky places competing with actors such as Quinto, Cumberbatch, Pine ... Karl Urban could surely use some more screentime IMO - and I'll never grow tired of hearing Scotty speak

Anyway, after the second installment of this rebooted Star Trek universe, I'm certainly thoroughly sold on it and I hope they'll make Pt 13 very VERY soon. I do wonder however if the movies will be retellings of the original movies - as Into Darkness certainly set the tone for this ... and the bar pretty high IMHO ... I wouldn't mind but the moment of surprise is most certainly out of the window after this one Though did anyone else go "Holy shit, NO ... OMG YES!" when they revealed Harrison's real name? I totally did the jawdrop then

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06-10-2013, 12:53 PM
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Name: Amy (F)
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^I agree completely.

I love how this movie gave them a chance to go deeper into their characters, especially Kirk/Spock's and Spock/Uhura's relationships.

I'm just hoping that JJ gets to direct the third Star Trek, despite the Star Wars conflicts.
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06-10-2013, 01:18 PM
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