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She pushed more of the pizza into her mouth when her brother asked where his was. He did not need pizza when he was trying to focus. Or better, he did not need her pizza. She felt the smallest whim of guilt for not thinking about bringing him a separate slice, but the consideration imploded almost as quickly as it came into existence. She looked at him, his attention set, and tried to chew around the too big of a bite she had shoved beyond her teeth.

Benji’s comment about not wanting Lang left unattended had her nodding along in agreement. The man’s ability was to multiply and it had been diffused before being shoved into a cell. The likelihood of him leaving it were exceedingly small considering the people that surrounded it. But more than just Lang had been brought through and offered cold bare accommodations. They had returned with a plus one, Jamie Madrox, a name she had only ever heard of and never put a face to. The Multiple Man. He had apparently been like the tiny mutants that ran the halls of the theater, mutated before, at, or around birth.

More concerned about Carol, though, her brother insisted. It wasn’t the woman’s physical wellbeing, that was easy enough for her to manage on her own. The mental state, though, that was what had him worried. Valeria didn’t need to be able to read his mind, she could pick it out of the way he said he was worried, in the focus that he offered the unconscious form before him. Physical wounds could heal, to an extent, but scars across the mind…

She swallowed her pizza and glanced somewhat across the lab towards Kate and Elise, and the unconscious man laying out and strapped down to another of the exam tables.

Lifting herself up and off of the counter’s edge, she moved towards her brother and, for the hundredth time in weeks, reassessed his height over her, looked him over from the side and tried to discern the subtle differences she was presented with in comparison to what she could remember. He was older, but so was she. Lifting her arm, she shoved the crust of her pizza against his mouth until he accepted it and she left him, stepping out of the lab and setting herself in what she knew to be Carol’s direction.

[Valeria.] Beth’s calm voice in her head. Still weird. [Cells. Now.]
[I thought you were there.]
[I had to step away. There’s no reason to stop her.]

She frowned. No reason to stop-

Then she was moving quicker, her course shifted towards the indicated area.

Of everything she could have heard, smelt, or perceived in any way, the first thing the noted was red. And then the tang of iron. She hesitated on stepping further into the bay before the cells when a hand set against the center of her chest. “Give it a second.” Laura advised, as calm as ever. “Give her a second.”

She grimaced at the sight and wondered how anyone in Carol’s unsuspectingly lithe body could manage such an...act. There was the minute thought to comment on that fact, until Caitlin’s calm voice pushed into the cell and seemed to draw Carol’s mind back from the brink. Quiet footsteps inward, careful hands trying to lift her up. When she turned towards the other cell, Valeria responded almost out of reflex to lift an invisible barrier between the super woman and the man curled in on himself on the floor. The one that was still alive.

He reabsorbs them. Had been Caitlin’s simple explanation when she asked about the duplicates and what happened to them after they had seemingly served their purpose. She wondered if Madrox could or would absorb one that was dead, and far beyond that. She wondered if he knew what it felt like to die without having to touch the being he or another version of him had created. Did there have to be physical contact in order to facilitate the transfer?

[The dupe is dead.] She projected.
[I know.]

Valeria frowned again. Then she and Laura stepped away from each other when Caitlin turned with Carol to take her out of the rather bloodied area.

“Some help girls?” Caitlin glanced briefly her way. “Maybe let’s clean it up, manage the body?”

Val gave a not of agreement and assurance. “Yep.”
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