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04-26-2012, 08:49 PM
The worst thing I did to Helena is giving her back her conscious.
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09-11-2014, 01:14 PM
I think I tend to focus on world-building as opposed to character-centric plots, but when I am on the loose no one is really safe. I created the Redland Kingdom in EC to basically tear it apart, resulting in betrayals, death, and torture. I suppose one of the most horrific things character-wise was Beatrix Rochester. Once Queen, her husband had a child with another woman, who then came back, claimed the throne, killed her son (and actual heir) and then subsequently disfigured her. She is having her revenge though... bit by bit.

On the world building bit, I suppose there was a ton of terrible things done to NPCs. Another character I have, Ives (same game), is a pretty damn horrible person who is known for his esoteric torture techniques.

Oh, there is also Drusus, who was a loyal army-man who was twisted in pretty much every way possible by those in charge, leading him to be a good bit deranged. Oisin was another who was kidnapped as a child, and when he returned to his family as an adult, he had found his mother had died, and his father had blamed him, leaving him with "no home" (this was after the home he had then was taken over and oppressed by an occupying force).

Then on another note, there was a Prince who had everything, until his mind was over-run by the spirit of a long dead vengeful spirit. He wasn't really played out, but it was a bit horrible for him as he was constantly seeing everything the spirit was doing, and couldn't do anything about it. Similarly, I have a character in the works who is 'reincarnated' into another host whenever he dies. His hosts are unaware until he takes over their minds. One of his hosts was a girl, and the influence he had on her made others think she was a witch. She was sacrificed at the age of 7. Poor her.
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