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07-01-2010, 11:02 AM
I've had quite many characters and since I've lost all the files of many recent characters on my computer, I just will pull out those I remember on my own and with the help of the database.


Ellie / Kelly Jones / Rachel Black / Julie Ashford (Many different AI's, including Mischa Barton and Amanda Seyfried) - Okay... Why all the names here? Well, because they are mostly the same character. This was when I started to roleplay and what I remember, I think at the point of when I "created" Julie, I started to change around quite a bit with history and stuff. Mostly I based it on myself. Like too much of myself. Ah, the start of roleplaying.

Psyche Warren (AI: Amy Lee) - I loved this character. She had very much things planned out with her curse and with her past. She also had about ten zombies with Hades Waves. I really liked her and I wished that I hadn't left and just... Forgot about her. She had something good going but yeah. I tried to pull in her into ADA recently, but it never worked out.

Eva Anderson (AI: Billie Piper) - When I returned to FGB after a major hiatus, I created Eva. I really worked hard with her bio, plotting out many things that got here where she was "today". She was very interesting to play as well and she found a boyfriend in the demon Jacques. She was also moved to the ADA, but it never worked out that much.

Zoey Lilienthal (AI: Isla Fisher) - She was going to be this drawn back calm character that just was stealthy and almost spy like. She turned that completely around and went all crazy and hyper on me. I did not really enjoy playing her for very long, that was for sure.

Bella (AI: Emmy Rossum) - Bella was a broken girl. She was terrified of fire and to be a bit blunt, she was a bit of a nut case. I did enjoy playing her for the while I did, but she did not last long as it was really nerve wrecking to play her. It just broke me in the end.

Dean Ashby (AI: Zac Efron) - He was my next character try after Bella in FGB and it did not really work out that much. He was a clumsy kind boy that just wanted everyone well while he hated on himself for being a Hell Scorned. I retired him because Joseph took over his place in my head and I just could not get rid of him, even after months.

Joseph Silverfox (AI: Matt Smith) - He is like my baby. I care for this character loads and I have so much worked out with him. Plus, even if I put him through hell back and forth, he still sticks with me. He does have some personality traits of mine, but otherwise it just is fun to play him because he is yet so different. He is a bit of a ladies man (at least, he would like to think so) and is pretty outgoing. However, with his troubled past and all the things that just keeps happening makes him such an interesting person to play. Every reaction to everything is fun to play. I don't think I would ever retire him.

I mentioned Psyche and Eva as they were the first ADA characters I've had.

Frej (AI: Alexander Skarsgård) - He was connected with Bella, never played it out though. He spoke Swedish. He sadly did not last for long, sadly. But he was kind of boring.

Hecate: (AI: Natalia Vodianova) - She has lived an interesting life. Well, lives. I have not really found any grasp for her and I even retired her once. I do really hope that I can get hold of this character, as I really do like her. She can be quite fun.

Eternal Conflict

Stephen (AI: Gerard Way) - My first character on this board! He was a Bloodshadow Lycan. He was a bit darker when I first played him and when he returned, he turned more and more into a hippie. He also had a pet wolf, Hecate. Who was awesome.

Michelle Morgan
(AI: Kristen Stewart) - Michelle have been through so much. First she was a crazy vampire that heard voices, then she was a valkyrie in the Celestials and then she had a revamp completely and became a dragonrider. Then she was retired. I loved this character very much, but I just lost contact with her in the end, which was sad. I think I tried a bit too much with her.

Apollo Lefebvre (AI: Jared Leto) - He was a mix up of my own ideas and as well an NPC that Tom had created for Gabriel. I loved playing him, because he had so many personality traits of my own, yet he was living under very different circumstances, being a vampire and all. Before he was retired he was also the King of the Bloodshadow, taking after my other character of Aloja since she died.

Aloja Hernandez (AI: Sophia Myles) - Another NPC that Tom created. She was crazy and mean and evil. Totally awesome to play, but she did not last very long thanks to a massive stone throne. I really enjoyed the time I had with her.

Othello Mandrake (AI: Jensen Ackles) - He was a Djinn in the Bloodshadow, a fallen Paladin. He was troubled, always questioning his own life and his own destiny since he had been turned. I retired him, but he returned to me and I gave him what he wanted; to become a Paladin again. He is very happy with that and I really enjoy playing him. He is quite thoughtful and he sees things in such weird manners sometimes. Also, he has a thing for his General, Jonah. They are like awesome together.

Amie Merlotte (AI: Deborah Ann Woll) - My Feline character that did not last for long. She was quite fun though, but it just did not work out.

Elena Catherwood
(AI: Emily Browning) - She was a Celestial girl that never spoke. She was scared into silence when she was a kid. However, she refuses to be written in third person when I played her and you got loads of her thoughts and things she wanted to say through her first person perspective. Considering revamping her a bit and bring her back.

Kanja Rissandar (AI: Zoe Saldana) - My new dragonrider character. I've had her (and her dragon mind you) in my head for months, but I never did anything with it. So, I brought her to life quite recently, which makes me happy. She has quite nice history worked out and her dragon is absolute crazy, which makes them a hilarious pair to roleplay.


Tegan Blackwell (AI: Karen Gillan) - She is a human girl that is just a complete sweetheart to play. She is dating Andrew and they are also very cute. I do plan to evolve her history into something better, but I don't play with her that so much yet, but it will get there.


I've had more characters on and off here and there. I just remember their names kind of... Amelia (Nightfall), Narya and Paige (Thanatos), Ethaniel, Grace and Cheryl (The Greater Good). Ethaniel owned a book store. I remember that. And Cheryl had her heart broken more than was necessary.

I probably had more characters, but I don't think they are that important, seeing how I don't remember them.
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07-29-2010, 03:00 PM
Wow. I've had waaaayyy too many characters

River - The first character I created on C:tP and pretty much the guy I go back to all he time. Originally he was something of a tortured Warlock, brainwashed into believing that witches had slaughtered his family when in reality he was a witch that had been abducted by the Academy. He was cold and quite dispassionate in the beginning, but an awesome storyline with Coven from the FGB found the humanity in him, and he eventually switched sides. AI: Tom Welling

He came back to ADA as Version 4, but I was still frustrated with him from his FGB days and didn't last very long. Version 5 eventually emerged, and was different to how the character originally was and thought he was going insane due to hearing voices in his head. That was a lot of fun to play. Eventually I had to retire him because I didn't have any character spaces left, but he's probably my favourite and will return at some point.

Price/Ihy - A short lived character, possessed by an Ancient Egyptian child-God and creeped me out just by how evil he was. He didn't last long, but he fascinated me as much as he freaked me out. AI: Leonardo DiCaprio

Dylan - Connection the Arthurian legends and my attempt at an earth Warlock. He just didn't settle on any level and was retired pretty quickly. AI: Henry Cavill

Khyan - Another shot at a Warlock, this time Water. He was a Dark Elder character, and pretty much obsessed with ruiling people through seduction. He was interesting, but eventually was retired in favour of River V.5 AI: Leandro Okabe

August - My Phoenix Summoner character and something different for me. He was a soldier, obsessed with rules and regulations and quite respectful as demons went. I would have liked to expanded his character further, however he was retired due to storyline commitments and never really had his shot. AI: Kellan Lutz

Samael - An ego maniac obsessed with loyalty and power. Everything was a stepping stone to him, all for the greater glory of his own status. He saw himself as more than a Warlord, and was actually a lot of fun to play. AI: His name escapes me...

Cain - My Werewolf character, and someone who I can either way on. Originally just a beefed up version of an NPC, I've tried to flesh out his character and now he's got some interactions going on, he might last a while. Jury's still out. AI: Brandon Stroughton
River - Version two after switching to the FGB, and this is when I started hating him. He lost his bite and just became a drip so I retired him. He eventually resurfaced in the FGB as Version 3, much more in the style that he used to be, but I lost the love that I had for him and it felt like a chore to play him. I retired him for later resurrection in ADA. AI: Channing Tatum

Lucas - My obession with TKO was manifested in Lucas. He didn't last very long as he was more a character based around a power. AI: Alex Band

Addison - Again, a character based around a power. This time it was Astral Projection, and he lasted a little bit longer but was eventually retired. AI: Orlando Bloom

Reese - Probably one of the more frustrating characters I've ever played. There was something about him that frustrated me, and I could never put my finger on what it was. I could only play him for a certain amount of time before I had to stick him in retirement. I wish I knew what it was so I could fix it, but as of yet I don't know AI: Chace Crawford

Henry - Ahhh Henry. Up there with my favourite character River. He had some of the best storylines I've ever been involved in, and as a character he became much more than I'd originally intended. I feel like I wrote some of my best posts with him, and wish I had space for him to continue playing the character. Maybe be some day he'll come back, and finally get his happy ending. AI: Robert Pattinson

Sky - Henry's son and a short lived idea that I wished I'd kept. Unfrotunately, due to Henry's reactivation, I didn't really want to play father and son so Sky had to go. I plan on bringing him back at some point, as I really want to play him with his memories wiped. AI: Mitch Hewer

Finn - Finn be my comic relief character. At least, that's how he started. A less serious fun way of just RP'ing. I brought him back just to try out different ways of speech patterns (and to have a character with water based powers ) but he was only meant to be short term. However, he seems quite popular so I'll play him as long as he keeps my interest. AI: Matt Lanter/Ian Somerhalder/Craig Horner

Micah - I felt like a change of character, and right after I made Guide. It worked out well, as Micah seems to fit the Guide role well. I'm interested to see how he develops. AI: Leandro Okabe
Felix - An absolute psychopath that I haven't really played yet. He interests me, because he tries to hard to keep the mask of normality in place, yet his mind is constantly scheming. AI: Christian Cooke
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07-30-2010, 07:45 PM

Angelus Zachariah James: This character was my very first RPG character! They grow up so fast I've been playing Zach ever since 2004! A total of six years of playing the same character, with of course a break here and there. I first got the idea for him while playing in a member-made RPG on C:TP. Then whenever everyone gradually stopped participating in the RPG, I took bits and pieces of him to make a FGB witch. Over the course of the years he's gone through so much: being possessed by a demonic God, going crazy for ultimate power, finding out he had a sister and a brother, dying, being brought back to life, having his memories stripped, being placed into the ADA, having a soul placed on him upon resurrection, killing his own son, losing his sister.... Soooo much.
.... and I seem to remember changing his name to Roman during his memory loss days.He has been my favorite character to play though. Because I took his storyline, at least I think, to such epic levels that I never thought I could play any other character that well again. Zach as experienced it all. AI: First it was Brad Pitt, then I switched to Chris Evans


Troy James: His dude was Zach's "son" from the future. In the future, Zach cloned himself so his empire had a heir for if he ever died. However, just like his father in the beginning, Troy was created with a soul and did not want any part of Zach's life. Troy fled into the past where he got married and then was supposedly killed by Zach. I had created him a couple of months before C:Tp closed down. Troy was played the first time during a break I was taking from Zach. Playing Troy has always been difficult because I'm always tempted to go down the same roads that I took Zach on, because they are both one in the same AI: Chris Evans


Kylie James: This chick-a-dee was a really undeveloped character.... Sorta spur of the moment. I had just killed Troy off and felt that I needed a second character to play along with Zach. Kylie was the actual daughter of Zach and a demon in the future. The purpose of her being was to be used as a energy source for Zach once she gained her full powers. So of course, she came back from the future to destroy him... However... I just sorta left her in limbo and never went back to playing her. Because I had slowed down with her as C:Tp was closing. Then after the board switch, I never went back to her:-/ She was just so undeveloped and had no spice to her. I never really interacted with other characters with her because it was just so hard to give her any depth. AI: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Those three are the only character I have ever played..
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05-29-2011, 08:51 AM
To begin, I tend to resurrect characters from one game, and then convert them to another universe. I've also forgotten others, or where others came from, but its a bit tough when you think about the years - and the boards - I've been around.

And oh, if you notice a trend with the character race/type I played in 3 major RP's...


Draven - not my first-ever character, but my second-ever character and had been with me ever since. I started with him in ADA way, way long ago (roughly May 2003), and he had been a Dark Angel when he started. There wasn't a lot of the specie back in the day, and I kinda outlived them all. I reached L4 with him, where I got stuck and can't go any higher, so thought I needed a break from this guy.

When the second switch week came in, I moved to FGB and brought Draven over. Weird as it were, I didn't think I can play him nice, so after a short period of making him goody-goody, I went along with the rest - there were 'baddies' in FGB back then - and played him as what he was. I moved to FGB as an L2, got up to L5, and at that time, cross-roads came. I could either stay in FGB and complete working towards L5, or move back to ADA (with the third switch) and experience the species again (which didn't happen because the sins came into, when I returned). Until today, he is still L5 and still in ADA, just not yet playing as he needs a new powerscope. And by the way, even in his existence in FGB, I played him as the Vampire-Angel through and through.

Kherr = He's the character I replaced Draven with, when I restarted, and was an Incubus back in the day. I struggled to play his character out until I got used to it. He was supposed to be the geeky, weak kid who would learn to become a demon after being murdered and coming back to life with the - then unknown reason - powers of an Incubus. I reached L2 with him, and with the second switch week, he went into hybernation as I played Draven again.

Given the chance to create a character in both sides of WWD, I brought him back, placed him in FGB, got him to L1, and he is still active until today. I kinda ret-conned his bio so he started as a witch and not an incubus, but I am working his development so that his bio will reflect his being a previous Incubus, how he learned how he became an incubus in the first place, and how he was cleansed of the Incubi, brought to FGB and catch it up with his present story.

Cora = She's my youngest, and my first female WWD character. (I have played female roles before, specifically in GENEsis as a test-run, but hey, its fun to explore different ways of RPing.) Cora came about as a character supposedly for FGB before I brought Kherr to that side, and went into the shelf when I chose Kherr instead. Now she's back, and since she never saw the FGB, her bio was edited to get her to start in ADA right away.

She is L5 as of today, and I'm playing her with a form of catch-up because owing to her level, she has only had experience of her 5 Psionic powers before coming into ADA. I played her out as if she was a witch who chose the dark side, trained and served as a demon henchwoman, reached L5, and only then was accepted into the Academy, currently in the process of getting used to her talisman, and to get her MDA (Master of the Demonic Arts - typically, L6, ADA version of Master of the Craft, because Dark Elder is an entirely different thing.)

I also had a Chaos Demon once. Can't recall his name today. Very short-lived, but I had fun with apparating all over the place.

The Summoning

Stryfe = He was styled after Final Fantasy VIII, gunblade and all. Since FF VIII didn't specialize in a certain jobclass, I simply played him that way, although he had a hint of the Hyne's (Sorcerer's) blood which gave him Telempathy as a special ability. He fell in love with a classmate at Balamb garden, Kira, and his travels mainly involved searching for her, meeting her again, and losing her once more. He is still alive, although retired even before TS did, after vowing to become a Summoner's protector (and although not mentioned, her husband as well), much like how a Sorceress has her knight. I miss playing him because he was gentle, he fought valiantly, and he always had his love come first, although being a Telempath, that is hard not to do. I guess in hindsight, he might as well be a gunblade-toting knight, although his abilities aren't reflective of it, his actions did.

Sylvanno "Vahn Darke" Darkchilde = With a rather long name, I shortened it down. He began as an alchemist who also carried a gunblade (reference made to FF X/X-2 and FFVIII), and although he had magic, more relied on his Alchemistic skills with potions - using potions in his bullets (Status Potions from Irvine Kinneas's influence), and potions on himself (buff potions). He was gothic bad-***, with silver eyes and hair. I didn't have much direction on where to play him as, but played him as much as I can, however I can - true to his mercenary ways. He's my longest-playing TS character all the way to the end (of TS)

Streau Ryfkin = He was a character from a different board that I moved to TS after the board closed. (I only had 3 characters from that board, and 2 made their way here). He originally was human, but in TS I made him an Elf Bard, with the Bowmerang - a bow and boomerang in one, which also had a three-string harp's musical capabilities. He also carried a flute for his bard spells, and plays the piano. I loved playing this character because in his TS version, I relived the gentle soul plunged into a chaotic world from Stryfe's story, only his is short-lived, with the close of TS. (His story on TS and the first RP he came from never was completed, am thinking of where to take his character, but that will happen once I bring him back somewhere - I am considering EC, but maybe later)


Vlarien = I started the game with Vlarien, Archon of the Celestials. I had great plans for him, and since he already was at the top during that time, those plans weren't that hard to enact. He had a vision of sieging the Magi (then under Dan) and absorbing them into the Celestial fold as the Magi were dealing with earth magics, and the Celestials with heavenly magic, but their roots, their classes, and their class abilities were similar at that time. His last act was unifying the Celestials in EC version 1, because they were a proud race, they didn't wish to inter-breed with others, yet their numbers dwindled. There was a storyline of a small faction of rogue Celestials - those that did have families outside of the Celestial line. Sadly, I had to drop RP for some time, and didn't have much of a chance to explore with Vlarien's story.

Lukas = First-generation Necromancer whom Rathma succeeded, leading the Scourge at the start of the game. He was ambitious, cunning, and had a thing for flesh as though it were nothing but a meal for him. He still had flesh, and was still alive somewhat, mind you. And when a proper leader was heralded for the Scourge, I stepped Lukas down, which was when Rathma took over, and from Necromancer, played him as a Lich. If memory serves me right, I thought that when the Necromancer died, he made sure his unlife would extend, as it would be a shame as a Necromancer if once he died, he didn't continue. Sort of had to revamp his story from the Necromancer days, to his Lich status to make it seem that Rathma had been the necromancer all along, and Lukas was a by-product of a problematic soul-switch, separation, combination, and classification experiment with Rathma. Currently retired.

Radoku = second character from a long-closed RP that Streau was part of, brought to EC and custom-fitted. He is part of the Bloodshadow, a Harpy at that, which I played after I made a brief return from hiatus, and retiring Vlarien at that time (non-leaders can't play multiples back in the day). He was young, naive, quick-tempered, and very, very shy. I had trouble with character interaction because compared to the proud and brave Vlarien, and the womanizing elite Lukas, Radoku was... not well-mannered, lived savagely, and had to struggle with being a Harpy, a male Harpy which was allowed in Bloodshadow, but in most canon stories, was unheard of. He happened to be one of two harpies in the side at that time, and the other, although male, was leaning towards the feminine ways. So yeah, identity crisis in three different fronts. Fun to play, hard to RP.


Ok, I played a lot of characters in this game, although I originally had 2, because we had Management-only characters, more like NPC's that further a storyline, and I had a hand in creating and playing those NPC's. It was here I played a female character for the first time, taking the role of Tessa, better known as Sage, as an NPC. I also played Forge temporarily because of a plot he was desperately needed for, and then took Kurt Wagner under my wing briefly before the game closed (although he was meant to be for another player).

Then, there was Warren Worthington III, Archangel. He was my favorite, although he wasn't the first character I had, because he was mature (more than any of my other characters), he was rich and powerful, he had a huge responsibility, and although he was at the height of it all, he kept falling for all the wrong red-heads that eventually are swept off their feet by Summers men. He lead a habitat, one of, if not the largest, that housed mutants ousted by flatscan humans, and rose to government positions in support of human-mutant relations (this was happening before X-3 came out and Hank McCoy was portrayed as a mutant ambassador, we swear, its all in the GENEsis records. ) He also fell - hard - for the Headmistress of a secretive mutant school he also went to when he was young, where he met the first red-head that broke his heart, and went to school with the blonde that let him love again. We never got to play their romance much when GENEsis went down, and not much was seen of that same romance, until Blank Pages offered a means for that.

Bobby Drake = third character I made, which was in lieu of my second slot when Warren became Management. Originally intended to play out the romance that failed in the canon comics between him and Polaris, although that didn't pan out when the player supposedly playing Polaris had to opt out. I played him at an advanced stage of his life - fresh out of Accounting, hired at the Western Habitat, open about his being a mutant. He was the only character I made that had an open-ended result, meaning, I didn't play him towards a specific goal only, but played him to see where it takes him. He was the character I had the least time to play when GENEsis closed.

X-man; Nate Grey = clones were not allowed in GENEsis, and because Cable, Strife and X-man were almost the same character in an AU sort of way, (except Cable was the son bore of Jean's clone with Scott, and Strife was the healthy clone made from the infected Cable) X-man took the spot for all three. I pushed the envelope with this character, owing to his powerhouse abilities, and his history which almost didn't fly in terms of GENEsis's storyline. Lots of edits were made, but he still had his close-to-original history I first submitted, and close-to-original abilities as well. He was the first GENEsis character I submitted and played, and his plot revolved mainly within the confines of the school, but I had a blast playing Nate, as he was in the center of mischief, non-global storylines, some important game-plots, and over-all nonsense in terms of character interaction. Pretty much, he was my highschool character, and I played him as close to such as I can.


In other games, I had other characters as well. Many of them are hard to recall. There's:

Victor Vonroy in an RPG based on Lost, made into 2 versions since the first was a battle RPG, and the second was more story-oriented towards the island and its mysteries which I was also co-managing. Robin, Lea, Manu, George, Jen (Pandora), Ellen and more from WWD back in the day also were in the first version of this game (and I vaguely remember Jen having a whip she can't seem to stop using, back then. )

Ereinion Oronar from LoTR, I think it was theonering or something similar. They had a Middle Earth RPG, and that surely solved by LoTR cravings. Short lived, because I found CtP not too long after starting there, and was simply absorbed in WWD back then.

A forgotten character name from a Hogwarts RPG, part of the Slytherin house (hey, I took the sorting hat's test and it landed me there), which also was part of my first few RP's, before coming into WWD. That board had great people back then, and I felt right at home in the Slyth House. What I loved was the as-canon-as-possible set-up the game had - classes, houses, spells, etc.

I was also part of Twisted Realities, and lead a side with Ellen, called Exodus: Omega Dawn. It was high-tech and very futuristic, based from the cyberpunk genre. It had influences from Matrix, Judge Dread, Mad Max, Chronicles of Riddick, Aeon Flux (I love Charlize!!) to name a few. We, unfortunately, were the least active side, as we had to compete for member attention against the Magical (Charmed-ish, a little HP) side, and the Mutant (X-men) side. We composed the Machine side. Am not sure what my character was named. Its somewhere in the old characters bin I have, but too lazy to find it.

That wasn't the first high-tech RP I was in, because the first was with Mags, Vix, Jono, Mari and more (I am terribly sorry if I forgot some of you who I worked with, on this game) that you may know from FGB back then. The board was called Northern Galaxy Extreme - NG-X for short, if I got that right, which was a board all about Anime and Manga. Unfortunately, I can't remember my character much, but I loved the Guyver (not MacGyver!!!) Leader char I had back then.

I also had a brief stint at Heather's board, which also housed a battle RP, from where both Streau and Radoku came from, although Streau was the more popular character, becoming part of the Assistants for RoS.

If I remember it right, there was also a battle RP that pre-dated that one above, the Kurson Academy, and the Elysian Institute, and the game was called Courtyard. I recall having Darren, Fred, Marion (maybe Mattie, or even both), Robin, Nick (Vingt-trois) and others, but can't recall what came of the game. I had a character at the Kurson Academy, also named Kurson, with Heather's permission.

One more Battle RPG I helped manage/lead. I can't remember the name of the board anymore, nor if I got around to creating a character in the game. Tiff, Kie, and James, among others were here as well. BWP, THC and a third side I can't recall, composed the game (I only recall these two because I had lead/co-managed one of these two sides at one time or another).

I also was in DIS, with Dea, Jen (Aradia) and Darren, but never made it far (for reasons I do remember, but won't discuss). I think I played a zombie back then, using one of the characters in the above list. The game was GvE, I of course was in the Evil side.

The most recent is that, before I went on hiatus and before the board went under renovation, I co-lead an X-men Battle RP, with Chris on the Brotherhood side, Brian on the X-men side, and myself on the Shield side. Was fun while it lasted, and I played Iron Man.

I briefly tried to play in a Wheel of Time RPG, but that was too tough since I was a newbie, and everyone else is either experienced, or knows the canon books like the back of their hand. I felt out of place. Anyway, I played a beginning Ashaman named Az'eroth.

I may have a few more, but my memory can't squeeze out any more than what I have here.

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06-02-2011, 12:23 AM
Wow I had so many Characters I don't even remember anymore.

I know I started in the FGB with Cassie took her all the way up to Level 5 and then when they allowed the switch to ADA Changed over to Raven. Loved playing her and using her as a Rpg trainer she was an alchemist and damn fun to play

Then co- owned board Nocturnal with Chris, Nick, Kawanee, Jamie, Joey. Ant and a whole bunch more people and played some evil characters there. I think I brought Raven there for a time

Also owned and worked on the Lost board can not remember my characters think mostly wrote settings lol

Then owned and played as Hermoine in a Harry Potter board DivineMagick. So many people worked with me but Isaac was the main designer and created the board with the rest of us working with him to flesh out the settings.

Then we can't forget Twisted Realities which I coowned with Joey, Steven Rodney worked there, Jenn, Ellen, Chrissie, Kawanee, Kristy, Neo. I was a leader of the Super Hero part of the game. Loved creating powers and settings

Oh yeah and worked on Jaymes board with him Ant and others .

Can't forget Heazie's board HT. I created powers there with CJ

Last of all played in Genesis as Shadowcat.

Boy those were fun days and then RL hit and life changed.

Going back to Genesis 2 this summer and hope to have alot of fun
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11-27-2011, 01:53 PM
Time to give my list an update [Post #16]
Midnight Shadows

Eternal Conflict

Jelena von Campt - A free spirited water mage, who's accepting of all races. She's just such a sweet girl CI- Sharon den Adel

The Summoning

Ailyn van Buren - She was nice, but didn't last long. One of those "left behind the family money" cases.. CI- Silje Wergeland ; retired

Wrestling With Demons - ADA

Red Apollo - Oh my goodness... My very first character! Made her way back in 2003, I think. She was such a wack job for a vampire. I'm kinda embarrassed I wrote her, actually. CI- Amy Lee ; retired

Caleb Roberts - My first attempt at a male character. An epic fail. CI- Tuomas Holopainen ; retired

Michelle Slater - My main character's sister. A little crazy. CI - Deborah Ann Wohl ; retired

Wrestling With Demons - FGB

Jessickah Slater - My main character, and my favorite! I love playing her, and I don't think I'll ever get sick of my plots with her. CI- Simone Simons

Celeste Kenward - She's an Avatar. I haven't had a chance to play her much, but I can't wait to delve into her character more. CI- Shelly Hennig

Elena Ward - Joshua's sister. It's nice to have someone care free. CI- Bridget Regan

Jocelyn Murphy - A spirit walker, new to the whole magic thing. And an avid math lover. CI- Alison Brie

Levana Morde - I don't play her enough, but I love her background. An ex-demon, who used to be quite powerful, and is now trying to make up for the evil she did. CI- Katie McGrath

The Greater Good

Nicola Larson - A good character, but I got bored with the RPG, so I retired her. I've brought her back elsewhere, though. CI- Charlotte Wessels ; semi-retired


Amelie Solveig - A middle age woman struggling with her new powers that killed her husband, and is fighting to get them under control so she can be with her daughter again. One of my favorites, but never got much action. CI- Liv Kristine - retired


Nadia Demurtas - I love her . She's a wonderful vampire, with such an interesting history. CI- Cristina Scabbia

Sophia Davenport - So carefree, and indifferent about everything. And a succubi . CI- Rachelle Lefevre

The Uprising

Lillian Dawson - Revamped her back to where she was when I first wrote her, only now she's a medium. CI- Jonsu Salomaa

Tara Chandran - Not much changed about her, but I love her to pieces CI- Frieda Pinto

Audrey Parsons - An elemental who was experimented on by the government. Lots of issues there. CI- Phoebe Tonkin

Forever Dawn


Lillian Dawson - SO DAMN CUTE! I love her to pieces! A human engaged to a werewolf. What could be better? CI- Jonsu Salomaa

Kate Jackson - Full name Katherine Jackson, but when Michael Jackson died, and they kept talking about his mom, I couldn't help but giggle. A vampire with a sad past. Had a dad that died in Pearl Harbor. I like her, since she grew up in Hawaii, and I used to live there. It makes me happy CI- Hayden Panetierre

Tara Chandran - A werewolf, who was raised in India. Recently moved to Colfax after finding out about her heritage, since her Mom was Native American. Sad, sad girl . CI- Frieda Pinto

Whispered Fantasies


Eva Castillo - A Mexican-American violinist who just moved to England to play in an orchestra. I love her . CI- Marcela Bovio - moved

Nicola Larson - The great comeback . Revamped her bio a bit, but she fits in well there, I think. CI- Charlotte Wessels

Perfect Ending


Anneke Huston - A wonderful bohemian chick that I haven't really played much. CI- Melissa Auf der Maur - retired

Lorelei Hawthorne - She was originally made foe a heroes RPG, but I made her more normal for this. New owner of the family fashion company. Lots of moolah. CI- Amy Lee

Mia Ellis - An aspiring broadway actress, and quite sweet CI- Anna Poppelwell

Oceans Away

Eva Castillo - Moved from WF. Nothing different from before, but she's great CI- Marcela Bovio

Hollywood Hills

Jennifer English - Daughter of a famous actor, who is making a name for herself in photography. Currently in a bit of a romantic pickle with her life-long BFF.CI- Anne Hathaway

Mia Ellis - Ex-Disney star who revamped her public image, and is now the lead singer of a popular metal band. CI- Cristina Scabbia

Castle Heights

Courtney Daniels - An innocent girl I made recently . Haven't posted with her much, though. CI- Ginnifer Goodwin

Makalai Hawaii

Analeigh Gordon - A member of the Navy Band currently stationed in Pearl Harbor. All of my characters in this RPG are spurred from my childhood, and Analeigh was inspired by my Dad's time in the Navy Band while we were stationed in PH.CI- Gillian Jacobs

Keona Palakiko - Born and raised in Hawaii. Her life in the islands, and how she interacts with the people there, along with where she goes, really represents how I viewed Hawaii. She also grew up in the Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus, which I was a member of. It's nice to have that connection.CI- Ziyi Zhang

Roslyn - Just got out of a long term relationship, and is picking up the pieces. Moved to Hawaii when she was in middle school, and had to endure being picked on for being the non-Hawaiian. Definitely dealt with some of that myself .CI- Karen Gillan

Immortal Incarnations

Tanya Parker - Iris. Art college professor who is recently divorced.CI- Sharon den Adel

Serena Ashcroft - Eunomia. A successful lawyer working with the US government in Athens.CI- Deborah Ann Woll

Constanta Cristea - Agalope. The oldest of the siren sisters. Grew up in the gypsy world, and with her sisters, became quite famous in the musical industry.CI- Carly Smithson

Hollywood Scene Boards

San Diego County

Callista "Callie" Reiner - A photographer, which makes her awesome . CI- Fiona Apple
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Pearl Kaye - Tempress - I have a lot of memories connecting to this character. It was my very first character on any board, before that I merely roleplayed on chats and it was all mostly canon characters for a brief while. Pearl is truly the first of many (and I do mean many) to that would follow. And of all my characters, she was probably most like me. While there's plenty about her that I would change now, alter to fit better in how much I've grown over the years, I still love her very much and remember her and her development dearly. AI: Vesna Pisarovic

She never reached level 1, keeping her at trainee level for such a long time. While back then it felt like taking forever, today, I'm very grateful about it. Even in other roleplays, I keep certain characters back to fullfil what I plan for them.

Pearl, my second character, created after a gap in my writing on the board and following the changes ADA went through was part of the Legion of Excess. I'm rather ashamed to admit I don't remember much about her (I got her name off one of her signatures recently). I do also remember using Rose Byrne for her face.

Glory Burns - Fire Warlock - My current WWD character. She's new, still been worked at. I did start her out last time I came back and now I'm coming back into the fold. I've always loved the element of fire and playing a character with it is almost a special favorite. She's got more layers in her, much of which needs to be discovered with time and I look forward to it. AI: Rachel McAdams

Eternal Conflict

Delilah Renshaw - Scion (Magi) - A whole new area of MS for me really as I've never roleplayed out of WWD. The basics of the character was worked out before my LOA so I'm currently re-learning about EC and figuring out where Delilah fits. What I'm already aware is that compared to the other three girls, she's probably more good than I've ever played on the board.
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Eternal Conflict
Leslie van Camp: I'm just going to say that Leslie is my favorite character I play. Mainly because he's been here since the beginning. He's an emotional little vampire. He's been through so much with his family. He needs companions badly. That's all for EC. But I would like a second character very soon so I'm going to get Leslie back up and running because I can always build on his story. He's got so much to go off of in just his own story. AI: Cam Gigandet, forget the second one, Ian Somerhalder

Wrestling With Demons
PJ Wells: [FGB] This was my first character of them all. And WWD will always be my favorite RPG. Leslie is my fave character, but WWD is my home so that's my RPG over my character. Well PJ was handsome witch who had the power of astral projection. He was a short-lived as a witch though because Cotton took over. AI: Ian Somerhalder

Cotton Stone: [FGB/ADA] Cotton was my favorite WWD character. And I'm thinking of bringing him back on the ADA side, but I have other ADA ideas. Anyway, Cotton was PJ's id and he took over PJ's body with a astral projection and a potion. So PJ was no more. Cotton then learned that he was a Tempest and he started to come into weather powers and took the last name Stone after his mother. Well, PJ/Cotton had a step-brother who was a demon and in a battle somehow ended up in Bailey's body. He was angry and embraced a demonic side which put him on the side of ADA. AI: Ian Somerhalder, Matthew Goode

Bailey Wells: [ADA] Bailey was Cotton's step-brother. He was dumb, evil, and weak. Wasn't a very fun character which is why he was short lived and I let Cotton take his place. AI: Matthew Goode

Celeste Bonner: [FGB] Short-lived female character whom I just couldn't have fun with. So she was retired quickly. But she was a character nonetheless. AI: Alexis Bledel

Rice Reynolds: [FGB] Rice was a fun character. He was a sexy Entrancer. Dark and mysterious. He always had a lot on him mind. Can't really remember that much about him though. Hmm? AI: Ian Somerhalder

Onyx: [FGB] My newest character. Real name is Channon Olsen. He should be pretty fun because he's a male siren. I can't say too much without spoiling so just be on the lookout. AI: Aaron Johnson

I had a character here and I don't remember anything about him except the fact that Ian Somerhalder was my AI. I wish I could find an archive of Thanatos. That was so long ago!

Camp Half Blood
Dorian Grey: He goes by Dori for short. I haven't played him much but I'm about to and I'm excited. He's the son of Chronos and can manipulate time. He's going to be a fun character to play. AI: Hunter Parrish

Infinite/Misha Pyles: This should be a very interesting character because of the fact he has multiple personalities. He will be very, very emotional for sure. And quite entertaining for the most part. Not sure on his AI yet. He's still pending.
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I have played so many characters over the years I think I have forgotten most of them but here are the ones I remember.

Eternal Conflict

Mimi Rodriguez - Dragonrider (retired) - Rosario Dawson
Sakura Tanaka - Lidérc - Katie Cassidy


Alayna Aurore - Winter Faerie - Jessica Alba

House of Madness

Le Coeur de Marais

Ginger Moonbeam/Ophelia Stratford - Emma Roberts
Raven Bloodmoon - Jessica Alba

Reign of the zodiac - closed

Crystle - cancer

Perfect Ending

I can't remember what game it was but I played a character named Ravyn Ankinetos. She was the second incarnation of the character. Played by Keira Knightly.

Gemma Doyle - Hilary Duff


Ravyn Ankinetos - Keira Knightly

Charmed Boards

Castle Aurora
Willow Rose burg - night elf - Alyson hannigan
Elenora Marie King - pyromancer - Delta Goodrem

Legions of Darkness

Jamie Rosen - vampire - Sophia Bush
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