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Details for RPG: Wrestling With Demons
Title Wrestling With Demons
Originally Created 12-03-2007
Managers Acquiescence, Callista, Dreamscape, Funny Girl, Ganymede, Imzadi, Immortal, Thor, Vindicated
Assistant(s) Tyrant, Obsidian
Status Active
Accepting Biographies Yes
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Short Description of Wrestling With Demons
Have you ever wondered if there was more to the world than just what meets the eyes? What if there really is hell? What if there really are fighters for good? And both wield magic so strong and so magnificent, that the world tremors when they clash?

Wrestling With Demons is an RPG entertaining this idea, allowing you to join either the demons, trying to flee hell and take back what they rightfully deserve. Or you can become a fighter for the Forces of Good, organized in powerful covens, these warriors try to hold the evil plague at bay. [View Extended Information]

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