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Details for RPG: Eternal Conflict
Title Eternal Conflict
Originally Created 03-13-2007
Managers Ganymede, Imzadi, Loki, poliahu, Thor, Tyrant
Assistant(s) N/A
Status Active
Accepting Biographies Yes
Creators Pandora, Zendatha, Thor
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Short Description of Eternal Conflict
The premise of Eternal Conflict takes us to a world that once was much like our own. Approximately 5,000 years ago, there were human-like beings inhabiting the planet. They were large in numbers. Billions in the two-digit numbers lived in a society ruled by technology that had been developed during a history extending another 3,000 years back. These people called themselves the Magans, and they even had a name for their planet; a name that has long since been forgotten. The Magans were a people of explorers and scientists, ever striving to better themselves and their society. However, when a team of archaeologists discovered a well that would turn out to not just be a simple water source, everything the Magan had ever known or believed in changed forever. [View Extended Information]

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