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Dreamscape 04-11-2012 02:37 AM

At The Moment - 15
[b]Talking to:[/b]
[b]Hating/Mad at:[/b]

Sister Grimm 04-12-2012 04:08 PM

Wearing: Lazy clothes
Hair: Don't care about it now
Makeup: -
Eating: Nothing, but will look for food later
Drinking: Water
Thinking: *insert frustration*
Feeling: Frustrated. Very.
Talking to: Nobody :(
Hearing: "Terrible Love" - Birdy
Loving: In one of those states where there's nothing to love, atm.
Wanting: To get out of the friggin' house and have a smoke!
Hating/Mad at: Not having my car around so I am practically immobile. :(
Waiting: For someone to reply my texts and pick me up! :(

Harley Quinn 04-28-2012 10:01 PM

Wearing: fishnet shirt under my zipper shirt ripped up jeans and my chucks
Hair: braids
Makeup: Nikki Misery Fangirl make up
Eating: Chocolate Fudge Brownie icecream
Drinking: water
Thinking: I don't wanna do this anymore. I just wanna go home
Feeling: anxius, nervous, really really angry
Talking to: Todd, my aunt, Alicia, B-Core
Hearing: the fan
Loving: ice cream, Nikki Misery, and of course the wifey
Wanting: it to be the 14th so I can just be home already
Hating/Mad at:Ryan, Daniel, Cassie.
Waiting: to see Gavo again

Targaryen 05-24-2012 12:54 AM

Wearing: Hawaii style shorts & a vest top.
Hair: Messy, getting into a right state, haircut come Friday! :shifty:
Makeup: None.
Eating: Nothing, too hot to eat.
Drinking: Energy Drink! :-p
Thinking: I need to book my flight to Sweden on Friday.
Feeling: Happy that I have no work till Tuesday now.
Talking to: My cousin by text.
Hearing: Marina & the Diamonds - Primadonna.
Loving: No work for 5 days, the WWD Revamp & it's payday on Friday.
Wanting: To book my flight already & to get to posting.
Hating/Mad at: Nothing at all. :D
Waiting: For Friday, for August to go see Andy & to get my Blackberry Bold 9900 already. (A)

Perfect Storm 05-24-2012 03:14 AM

Wearing: Yellow Robin from Batman T-shirt, pink leopard print pj bottoms
Hair: Some sort of messy bun
Makeup: None at 3am
Eating: Probably not wise to eat this late
Drinking: Cola, caffeine goodness
Thinking: That I forgot how much I loved Grey's Anatomy
Feeling: A bit sleepy, but I must prevail. Gotta get ready for night shifts
Talking to: No one :( *goes to bother Todd*
Hearing: John Mayer's new album Born and Raised
Loving: Season 5 Grey's Anatomy where Slexie was safe. And JM's new album
Wanting: The season 8 finale of GA to disappear from the face of the Earth
Hating/Mad at: Re:above
Waiting: For 4am so I can go to bed.

Gemini Shine 05-24-2012 08:04 AM

Wearing: White flowery shirt, red Starkid trackpants and sheep's wool slippers. The ones with the sheep head on the toes.
Hair: Out. Needs a brush.
Makeup: The foundation I applied this morning.
Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: Nothing.
Thinking: I want something to do to lift my mood.
Feeling: Judged.
Talking to: No one.
Hearing: Birds outside.
Loving: Chocolate, the happy food.
Wanting: People to just accept the fact that sometimes I ask stupid questions.
Hating/Mad at: I haven't figured that out yet. Myself? Them? Someone.
Waiting: For orchestra rehearsal tonight where I can put myself in a bubble and not care about things.

Perfect Storm 06-20-2012 11:21 AM

Wearing: Black sounds of the universe T-shirt, jeans, pink and orange stripy socks
Hair: In a side braid
Makeup: None today, can't be bothered
Eating: Nothing, just brushed my teeth
Drinking: Re:above but in half an hour subways is on my menu
Thinking: That I don't want to go to work
Feeling: A little tired, and a lot looking forward to LoK finale on Saturday
Talking to: Mel, sorta, she's in a One Direction/BBC1 zone
Hearing: Whatever Mel is listening to on her laptop
Loving: Legend of Korra. I have no regrets
Wanting: It to be 4pm on Saturday.
Hating/Mad at: Amon... :-p
Waiting: For Saturday *dances*

Targaryen 06-22-2012 10:03 PM

Wearing: Grey sweatpants, Black t-shirt and slippers.
Hair: Flat and forward.
Makeup: None.
Eating: Nothing, had dinner about an hour ago.
Drinking: Energy drink, I need it right now.
Thinking: About the epic posts I'm going to read in The Final Reckoning.
Feeling: Happy but a little tired.
Talking to: No one, not signed into WLM.
Hearing: Princess of China - Coldplay Ft. Rihanna.
Loving: That I'm off for 3 days now, that my new bed arrives tomorrow & it's payday on Tuesday.
Wanting: To book my flight, to see the BFF & for it to be August already.
Hating/Mad at: Random stuff.
Waiting: For my passport so I can book my flight, and to see that lovely bank balance on Tuesday.

Damon Salvatore 08-13-2012 05:54 AM

Wearing: tank top and shorts
Hair: up in a bun
Makeup: none, just took it off
Eating: nothing
Drinking: Dr. Pepper
Thinking: about seeing Henry at the zoo tomorrow
Feeling: sorta tired
Talking to: Emily
Hearing: Ashlee Simpson
Loving: Henry
Wanting: tomorrow to come
Hating/Mad at: hating that my hair dye washed out
Waiting: for tomorrow

Immortal 08-21-2012 04:40 PM

Wearing: Black/grey baseball shirt, blue jeans, sneakers, white belt.
Hair: Messy.
Makeup: None. Could always do with a bit of concealer but I always say that.
Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: Tea.
Thinking: Huh. A bit of music drowns out the entire student lounge...
Feeling: A bit exhausted.
Talking to: No one.
Hearing: Some instrumental/dubstep mash-up thing that is basically an eargasm.
Loving: That my financial aid paid for my books.
Wanting: To go to lunch with Samantha, but I have to suffer through Statistics first.
Hating/Mad at: The fact that my books were so unnecessarily expensive, even if I didn't have to pay for them.
Waiting: For it to be closer to 12 so I can go to Statistics.

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