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Serenity 02-16-2011 09:18 PM

Filling Voids [A very short set of rules]
Filling Voids
A very short set of rules for Blank Pages

Freeform RPing
Are you wondering what the Blank Pages is? You may have gathered it from the forum description already, but let me tell you again anyway. It's basically that place where you take loose ends, ideas that never got worked out but have been bugging you until today. It's the place to find closure. RPGs end, characters move on ... sometimes you're happy they go, sometimes you're left wanting. The Blank Pages is where you come to finish what could not be given its place properly.

It is also a place where anything and everything goes. Maybe you have new character ideas that don't fit anywhere. Or you have simply ran out of space in the RPG where you think the character would work. Or maybe you just like the idea of a particular pairing so much but you can't be bothered to fit them in any of our current RPGs. Well, here is where you can play out all those ideas. Any AI, any pairing, any premise. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. You can make a thread just for you and one other person or for a whole bunch of you to play in the same universe that doesn't currently exist in the board. You can even play canon book/movie/show/whatever media characters if you're so inclined to. You only need to find people who'd want to play with you.

Basically, anything and everything you can think of. Total freedom. No need for a structured premise or character bios (unless you feel compelled to make them, that is). Just go for it.

The rules are simple: there are no rules other than the board rules.

Keep it PG-14. Do not bash others and go by "each to their own". ;)

You can put requests for pairings, crackships, canon characters or plotting threads in this forum. All playing threads, however, must be made in The Drafts forum. Feel free to start them yourself whenever you're ready and/or have found your RP partners. Of course, with this total freedom comes many temptations to start as many threads as you want, which is allowed but we just want to remind you not to start tons of threads only to let them go inactive later. Be sure you're taking on an amount that you can handle.

When you are finished with a thread and want it closed and moved, please PM either Imzadi or Serenity.

Questions, concerns etc. may be posted in this thread (Y) Have fun!

Sister Grimm 04-11-2011 03:04 PM

So this is basically where you create threads and settings for a particular storyline that you want to pursue?

Imzadi 04-11-2011 03:24 PM

Well you should have at least one other person to play with. This is not really for just opening settings and waiting for people to jump in. So at least two players (or more, of course) are expected to take part in a setting that's set up. So if you have that figured out with at least one more player, then yes, this is the place where you put up a thread with a setting for a particular storyline which no longer can be played elsewhere.

Did I make sense? :-p

Sister Grimm 04-11-2011 03:52 PM

Yep, that did. :D Thank you Chrissie! :bounce:

Filendie 11-08-2012 03:37 PM

If we did make a thread to gather interest/post ideas can it also act as an OOC for the playing thread aswell?

Serenity 11-08-2012 04:54 PM

Yes, of course. :)

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