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Thor 06-06-2019 01:32 PM

Back in Time [Joy / Leif]
Back in Time

Leif Thorson has travelled back from the future to put a stop to certain events. So far he has been successful in making sure those events aren't coming to fruition. But in coming back, he left a few people behind. People he had grown very close to over the years of growing up.

Joy Barnes found a way to come back as well, initially following Leif to the same time period, she has an ulterior motive as well. By coming back to that precise moment, she manages to save her mother from an extended period of torture and abuse. Hoping that this will help keep her parents together. It leaves quite the impact on Joy.

Starting point for this thread is: The night of Carol and Bucky's rescue

* For Joy [Chrissie] & Leif [Ellen] initially. Crashing is allowed.
* It's currently February 2026
* All GENEsis and Board rules apply.

Imzadi 06-06-2019 09:52 PM

Her body was exhausted but her mind was on fire. Probably very much the reason why she was still awake. Joy had sat guard at her mother’s door for most of the night. Then a shower, the attempt to sleep … and then she had gotten out of the bed in the small room they had given her. And she had begun wandering the theatre.

She knew this place. And yet, she had no idea about it. So many familiar faces but they were all strangers. They all existed in a point in time that was so far from hers. Nothing she knew had happened to them yet.

Joy could not have felt more lost had she tried. Or had she been out in the wilderness. So eventually, there had been only one destination for her. A room so close to her own. Joy almost scoffed at the fact that she would not have had to go skulking all across the theatre to find herself back where she was now. Just across from her own room.

Leif’s lay beyond it.

She just took the door knob, twisted it and pushed the door open. “It’s me”, she murmured into the darkness as she stepped in, still wearing the flannel pants and t-shirt she had been given by one of the residents. Joy’s hair was up in a messy bun and her feet were socked. She snuck, soundlessly so, across the wooden floor towards Leif’s bed.

Standing above him, Joy hesitated only for a moment. There he was. Tall, dark and handsome. When had they moved from friends to … whatever it was she felt for him now? And … he didn’t know. He had no idea what she felt for him. To him, she would still be the adolescent friend. Off-limits. Had he even noticed that she had grown from a teenager to a woman?

Joy exhaled with a quiver and on queue Leif’s eyes opened. She offered him a bad attempt at a smile that ought to say I’m fine. Of course she wasn’t fine. Not when standing here in her pyjamas in the middle of the night.

Then she pulled up a corner of his cover, and slipped into the warm space underneath.

Joy knew she basically left Leif no choice as she pushed herself into his embrace. When he excepted her there, allowing her to occupy the space so close to his body, she breathed with relief. A moment of silence followed as she pushed her forehead against Leif’s clavicle. She felt something stir in her nether regions that went against what she felt overall. He was not wearing a t-shirt. His upper body was bare.

She shivered, then swallowed.

“My dad is still out”, she heard herself say, reminding herself of why she had sought Leif out. “I’ve no idea what to do with that. What if he dies in this version? Or won’t ever be himself again? What if this is different … but no better at all?!” Joy could feel the panic she’d been suppressing rise to the surface. The idea to live in a world where she’d swapped the hot place for a frying pan was stealing every last nerve she had.

What if this world was just as bad? What if her parents were just not meant to be?

What if this was worse in the end?

Thor 06-06-2019 11:11 PM

He had been lying in bed with his eyes closed for a while now, sleep was elusive, the events of today running through his mind. He had found Joy in the theatre, in tears and he had done everything in his power to comfort her. It hadn’t been the reunion he had planned, hell he had wanted to tell her that it had been reckless coming back here.

Because simply put, they had no way in getting back. His bracer was empty, and this time didn’t have the right power source to charge it. And Eva couldn’t send them back either.

So, they were stuck.

At least he wasn’t alone anymore, now he had someone he could talk to about the things he had to keep a secret. And yet it was all so fucked up, his younger self was still out there, and his mom was getting more restless by the minute. And he couldn’t blame her. But his dad had surprised him for once, and had sided with Leif.

Which had been a strange occurrence. It had shut him up, which had resulted in a strange look from his dad. And Leif hadn’t been ready to open that can of worms, so he had left.

Had tried to find Joy, but had ended up in the infirmary with Benji and her dad. Bucky was still unconscious, Benji doing his best to fix whatever had been broken inside of his head. Nothing Leif could help with, so he had gone to his room and had ended up in bed. Where he was not being able to sleep. He had gone through the motion, undressed himself, put on the pyjama pants he had been given, opted out of the shirt and crawled under the covers.

He heard his door open, her voice softly drifting through the room to announce that it was her who was entering.

Leif didn’t speak, waited for … what exactly? He could feel her getting closer, heard her exhale and he opened up his eyes to look at her. Her smile didn’t reach her eyes, and he knew that she wasn’t fine.

Scooting over a little when she got into the bed with him, he let his arm fall around her and pulled her into his embrace. He let his face rest against her head, taking in her scent and could smell the fragrance of her shampoo. Summer flowers of some kind, and he breathed it in deeply.

He took her hand, lacing his fingers with hers as she started to speak. Joy told him about how her father was still out. “I know.” He softly said, he had seen the man only a few hours earlier. Then she started to sum up what could go wrong, all the what if’s, and he could hear the panic in her voice.

“Hey…” He said, making her look up at him. “He’s in very capable hands, and by getting them out sooner, you minimised his exposure to Lang as well.” He told her trying to reassure her.

“Steve, he’ll wake up.” Leif softly said.

Imzadi 06-07-2019 07:52 AM

The heaviness in her heart was overwhelming. It dragged her down, threatening to pull her under the surface and cut off whatever air supply she still had. The odd and thoroughly misplaced notion of her body responding to his proximity had disappeared into the back of her sense of perception for now. All she felt was the weight of this situation – the cruel revelation that removing one evil from an image, did not automatically remove all of them.

Joy knew that they did not belong here. This was not their time, not their world. Their appearance here had created a new timeline. It felt strange to consider this – to see oneself as a creator in this sense. And yet, what did it matter if down the line nothing changed? In her world, she had had at least both parents. She had been allowed to grow up with a loving mother, and a very involved father. What she had just removed latter from the picture for this version of herself?

A sob bubbled up from her lips, and she drew herself closer against Leif. Joy’s fingers tightened the hold on his. There was something so intimate about their fingers interlocking like this. There was that urge to push her lips against his bare skin, find out whether he tasted as good as he smelled. Joy swallowed, conflicted by her body pulling her into one direction while her soul wanted to run into another.

She hurt; hurt in ways she could not put into words. The things she had witnessed during the past twenty-four hours were simply too much. She had not had time to compute. All of these impressions and experiences had just bombarded her. One blow after another. Leif gone. Her mother broken and bruised. Her father unconscious, his mind apparently shattered once more. A place full of people she knew, full of people that had played more or less important roles in her life – and none of them knew who she was. Joy couldn’t keep up. The toll of this was taking was far greater than she had anticipated.

It was like a weight constricting the space in her chest to take in air. There was that constant sensation of just not breathing deep enough.

Then Leif shifted, and she found herself looking up, his eyes bright even in the darkness of his room. His voice was soft as he spoke and she allowed the sound to engulf her, wrap her into a cocoon that could keep her safe from the world around them. Leif was the only one familiar. The only one who knew her. There could not be solitude anywhere other than in his arm.

He brought a semblance of security. Something she knew when everything else appeared to be off the bets for now.

She appreciated Leif’s words, wanted nothing more than to believe them. But how could she? She breathed out in a huff when she reacted with a small smile to his calling her by that pet name only he got to give her. “Promise”, she murmured, her eyes searching his. Of course she knew that he could not make such a promise. Leif did not know more than she did. He, too, was walking a playing field with a different set of rules, and a different set of characters now.

“I’m not sure I can do this”, she stated. Her lips parted as she tried to pull in air. The motion was cut up by small hiccups. Joy felt so incredibly helpless, so overwhelmed. For a moment, she just wanted to reject the responsibility she had loaded onto her shoulders. Not just Leif had made his move to change this time – she had, too.

“Why did I think I could do this?” she asked him, almost begging him for an answer.

She let her gaze slip away from his, and shifted down just a little, the side of her face pressed against the center of his chest. Her eyes slid closed as she allowed herself to feel safe, feel protected in Leif’s arms for this moment.

“If he dies, it’s on me … isn’t it?” she whispered into the silence of this night. Joy shivered, quite aware that she couldn’t live with that.

Thor 06-07-2019 09:57 AM

“I promise.” He replied, even if he wasn’t sure he could keep it. But he would do anything in this world to make sure her father wouldn’t die on her. He would do anything to put a smile back on her face. He wanted her to be happy.

Looking down at her, he smiled. “Of course you can do this. You already did.” He told her solemnly, and she had done it most brilliantly. Joy had been there for Carol, had made sure that her mother got what she needed to make it back to the theatre. His hand, the one resting on her arm, subconsciously started to brush his fingers over her skin.

“Because you are your mother’s daughter.” Another gentle smile curling on his lips. “Just like her, you’re a fixer.”

Which was something he admired in her, whenever there were things to solve, Joy would be there at the front to help. Whenever he had butted heads with his father, she would be there. Without her, his life would have been very bleak. Thinking about it, most of his happy moments revolved around her.

“You see a problem, and you go at it straight on.” He held her tight, letting his chin drop to the top her head and taking in the scent of her once more.

“He won’t die, okay? He’s too stubborn to do that.” He whispered back, shifting his head and dropping a kiss on top of hers. “He has too much to live for. You and your mother.” And he was certain that that would be the key in Bucky’s mind to keep him alive and kicking.

Pulling back slightly to look at her, he pulled his hand free from hers and brushed away stray strands of hair.

“You did good, Joy. You saved them, and they will be fine.” His fingers trailed down her bare arm, coming to a rest on her hip.

“I promise.” He said again, another smile playing on his lips as he looked at her.

Imzadi 06-07-2019 10:37 AM

Joy appreciated the promise he made. And no, it would never be about him having to keep that promise. It was all about someone else stepping to that boat with her, heading down that same path. It was all about knowing that she was not alone. And it was all she was asking for right now.

She felt a smile grow on her lips as Leif began taking apart her dire look on things. His assurance, his was of finding the words and doing the things, and being of the opinions she needed him to be of. She had no idea how he did it. How he always knew how to say the right things. Of course there had been moments when they were at each other’s throats. Oh he could drive her insane. He had the same brooding stubbornness of his mother, and the sometimes wild megalomania of his father. Still, she had found a man in him that would always look out for her.

A friend at first – certainly not her age group. A crush, yes … but then, then she’d grown older. And now, he was the only one she felt she could really trust. He was the guy her mother eyed with suspicion while her father did his best to drop the very awkward hints to ‘be safe’. Her dad had spared her the question about whether Leif was too old for her. Joy, however, had no doubts that her mother and father had had plenty of discussions about it.

The thought made her swallow, double-take. Her dad. Her heart felt like it added a few beats to its already quickened rhythm. She drew in a breath. That was when she felt Leif’s fingers brushing across her skin at her arm in a calming manner. She accepted the gesture, made herself listen to his words.

A fixer? Whatever that meant. Apparently she rocked at getting things done. Well, then … why had she never … she closed her eyes. It was so hard to not be completely distracted the longer she was this close to him. Then his hand found a spot on her hip and Joy worked hard to stifle a sigh. How could she possibly be able to feel this way? Her heart so full of fear and worry, and then … then … this kind of … it was arousal, she realised not without a start.

Her throat was suddenly dry. Joy decided that his presence was probably enough to calm her down enough in order for other things to push through. And she had stopped sobbing, had she not? The sensation of panic was ebbing off. She felt safe with him, felt like someone really had her back.

Too stubborn. The words kept echoing in her mind even moments after Leif had said them. This was true. Whenever his family was involved, Bucky Barnes was stubborn as hell. And he had her mother to live for – and her, even if at this point he only knew of the unborn version of her still tucked away safely in her mother’s womb. Enough to live for.

Again, that promise. And it helped her turn the weak smile into a proper one. She exhaled, then reached up, the hem of the shirt she wore riding up high enough to his fingertips grazed bare skin above the seam of her pyjama pants. Another shiver raced through her, and Joy momentarily closed her eyes as she breathed out in response.

She realised that while their bodies touching was nothing new to them, it had never happened like this. They would sit on the couch for hours, watching movies or binging on TV shows, their legs intertwined, or hers simply draped over his. They would share hugs, and more often that once Joy had patched a sometimes half-naked Leif up after combat situations. He had done the same for her. They were comfortable with each other’s bodies, comfortable within each other’s private zone.

Maybe that was why Joy had not even noticed where familiarity had suddenly, somewhere within the last ten minutes, turned into intimacy. She could no longer ignore his warmth and what it did to her – it installed a longing she had no idea how to quench. What would it feel like if he touched her? Would he even want to touch her? Well … like that.

She remembered a talk she had once had with Eva. Because talking about sex with her parents was just not working. Her mother would freak, and her father would weird her out with his calm approach that would then lead to him sharing more information than a daughter ever wanted from a father. He was always so forthcoming with information ‘how guys were’.

So Eva … she could talk to Eva. And Eva had chased away Joy’s worries about still being a virgin at twenty. Maybe she was just asexual, Joy had insisted but Eva did not quite see it that way. “One day, you’ll just want it. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never had sex before. You’ll want it anyway, because you’ll want the guy you’re with.” Joy had looked at her in fascination. “Serious?” she had asked and Eva had just nodded. Joy had never quite grasped the idea of wanted something she did not even know.

Up until now.

Well, not that Joy was actually asexual. There had been dates, with guys, and groping on couches in dark living rooms. And she knew her own body, knew how to bring the pleasure to herself. So she knew what arousal felt like, what need felt like. A shiver raced down her back as she accepted that the grief and panic from earlier were so easily chased away when in Leif’s arms, barely any clothes between them. Joy was sure her mother would probably fly Leif out of the Milky Way if she knew. Especially if she knew that her daughter had arrived at that point.

She wanted what she’d never had. Maybe as a means to work through the incredibly difficult emotional state she was in. If that had not unsettled her in such a way, maybe she would even be here, let alone harbour such thoughts.

But maybe’s and what if’s were behind her now.

Joy looked up, her hand finding the swell of muscle on his chest. He had certainly inherited the Asgardian physique. Tall, handsome … dark, unlike this father. Joy licked her lips, pushed her hips closer against his midsection while pulling up one leg to drape it over his. She had no idea why it felt so normal. The sexual element had never had a part in the interactions between them. And yet here she was, wondering what he would feel like.

What would his kiss taste like? Were his lips soft? Would his kiss be tentative or would he devour her? Part of her yearned for the soft, tender and caring side of the man she knew. Another wanted to bait the temper, the passion he had undoubtedly inherited from his paternal side.

Her thumb accidentally grazed the little bud of a nipple, drawing a reaction from him. She swallowed again, her gaze dropping to his lips.

It never even occurred to her that she could possibly destroy something she so very much depended on when crossing this line. In her mind, their friendship was indestructible – and how could he not feel the same like she did deep down? Joy never even considered this angle as she shifted upward as her lips sought his and feathered across them with the gentlest of touches.

And then, at last, she let the tip of her tongue dart out in a quick, soft but teasing sweep against his upper lip as she pushed everything from her waistline down further against Leif’s midsection yet.

Her heart was hammering in her chest, and she was sure that he had to be hearing it. It was the only sound breaking the silence between them. Joy stared at him, her eyes seeking his, searching his face as she wondered whether he would return what she had just offered.

Thor 06-07-2019 11:37 AM

It hadn’t gone unnoticed that she was licking her lips, more so right now that other times, his eyes had darted to the small movement and it did something funny to him. Even more so when she pushed closer and her leg found its way over his. In effect making it so that her hips were flush against his.

Something stirred inside of him.

Looking at her, letting her scent overwhelm him, he knew he couldn’t go there. He shouldn’t go there but she wasn’t making it easy. Nope not one bit. So he hitched a breath when she grazed his nipple, and it made him react. Made his body react.

When had things changed? Tracking her eyes to see them drop this mouth, and just the thought of kissing her fluttered through his mind. No… but why no? Because she was Steve. Funny, headstrong Steve, who knew him inside and out. They were close, up to the point where Carol had glared at him more than once, and he had waved her off. Nothing was happening between him and Joy.

He hadn’t seen the girl currently in his arms like that. But his mind rebelled at the thought of seeing her as a girl, not when her very womanly curves were pressing against his body.

So, now his thoughts had gone from comforting her like a friend would to something completely else. Something her mother would drop kick him into space for.

So when Joy pressed her lips against his, he didn’t do anything to stop her. He should, he should not allow this to happen but when her tongue darted out, he moved his hands around her body to press her firmly against him, and for the first time in forever he realised that he had been blind to her changes.

Where he had always seen the girl, he had watched grow up, he was now holding a woman in his arms.

He looked at her in wonder for a moment, that feeling he hadn’t given much thought whenever he had been with her surging to the forefront and telling him that he should just kiss her back. “Joy…” He whispered right before he lowered his head, brushing his lips against hers and returning the motion with his own tongue, much like she had before.

Groaning softly, he waited for her to let him in so he could taste her, and feed this curious feeling that was now growing inside of him.

Imzadi 06-07-2019 12:21 PM

Joy had read so many books. And always there had been talk about the power of one’s name on another’s lips. It had all sounded great in writing. Totally romantic and she had accepted it for that. But now … to hear it, to have this happening to her, it took on a whole new meaning. The sound of her name on his lips like this, in this moment. It was an acknowledgement. Acceptance of who she was, of the fact that she was with him … in this moment.

She held her breath, her eyes up and glued to his. She could not have looked away had she tried. Because there was a look in his eyes. Something that had not been there before. She could not interpret it, had no idea what it meant. Joy had simply not seen it before. She didn’t move until the motion of his head ended and thus brought his lips back to hers.

The sensation went straight to her stomach, then rolled further down. She exhaled with a quiver. For a moment, she didn’t dare to move out of fear that a simple movement was enough to jolt herself out of this moment. It could only be a dream, could it not? This could not possibly be real. The two of them, stuck in the past – and him possibly seeing past the girl he’d met to find the woman instead?

His tongue found her lips, and with the softest of sighs she let her lips part. Joy pushed her arms up and around his neck bringing the entire length of her body now flush against hers. It was a mind-numbing feeling. What made it even stronger was the fact that between her breasts and his bare chest there was no more than the thinnest sheet of cotton now. She could barely contain the urge to just take the piece of clothing off. But Joy held on instead, savoured the sensation – feeling a heady sensation when she felt the bulge in his pants somewhat swell.

She was doing this to him.

Joy tipped her head to the side, let the tip of her tongue find his. Slow, explorative as if to test the new terrain at first. But it only fed into the flame in the pit of her stomach that was preparing to grow to a raging fire. How many times had she woken from dreams like this? How many times had her mind taken her into a moment so much like this one, where his touch had brought her the most incredible pleasure? How many times had she groaned into the dark of the night to find that need, that longing she felt for him to go unanswered?

Her lips pressed against his as slowly and bit by bit, they deepened their kiss. She had kissed before. But compared to this moment now, it had been almost clinical each and every time. Going through the motions. This had nothing to do with that. This was something new altogether. She was drawn to Leif in a way she had not been drawn to anyone before. That alone was a game changer.

The organ in her chest was expanding, and she felt like soon there would not be enough space left for it. It would burst through her ribcage and the secret of the feelings she had for him would be out in the open.

I want you, was all she continued to think. Like a mantra in her head, over and over. Because if she thought it often enough he would hear it, and he would accept it. And he would take her into open arms and give her back all the feelings she had for him.

Thor 06-07-2019 12:59 PM

Leif was feeling things he had never before considered possible between them. Mostly because he had never looked at her differently before right now. She had been his Joy, and that was the crux of it, wasn’t it? She was his, and things between them had all been so natural and easy going that he hadn’t noticed the changes.

He had been quite oblivious to the fact that she had grown into a woman. Not so much now as she pressed closer to him, her arms around his neck, which pushed her breasts against him. His body was more than ready to react to that.

And still, that little voice in the back of his head kept telling him to ease down. That she had been sobbing moments before because she needed his comfort.

So, why not give her this kind of comfort? Because he also knew that it would be her first time, the voice reasoned with him and he cursed inwardly. Even though he was enjoying this, even more than enjoying this, he knew he had to stop.

Yet, it was so hard stopping and kissing her… it made something come alive within him. Besides the love he felt for her, there was this sudden flutter, an intensity that had sprung to life the moment she had brushed her lips against his. His hands wandered, pushing them under her shirt and he softly groaned as his fingers touched her bare skin.

So soft, silken to his touch, and it didn’t help in his resolve to stop this before he would cross the line and he wasn’t able to stop at all.

Leif pulled back from the kiss, breaking it, feeling his heart beat rapidly against his chest as he tried to catch his breath.

“Joy, we need to stop.” He told her hoarsely, even though his body was screaming that he was an idiot for stopping. His eyes darted over her face, a face that now awakened a fire within him, one he wasn’t sure he would be able to put back at all. His fingers were splayed against the skin of her back, and he didn’t want to move, but he should because she was tempting him.

God, how could he not have seen this? Seen her like this?

Imzadi 06-07-2019 01:26 PM

When Leif pulled back from their kiss, Joy could feel the single-minded reaction rising from her gut. No. This could not end. He could not come to his senses – because a nasty, small voice in the back of her mind insisted that he eventually would do just that. He would come to his senses and realise that someone so much younger than him could never love him the right way. To him, she would be a kid for a lot longer, that voice insisted.

But she was no kid anymore. She was a grown woman. Old enough to get married even. Old enough by a long shot to have children. So why did they need to stop? Why was he about to reject her?

Joy born as the child of two warriors, raised to be a fighter herself, did not simply give up. Maybe she had not yet had sex, but that did not mean she was inexperienced.

And then there was that vulnerable portion of her, at her center, trembling and fearing that he did not want her after all. Joy pulled her arms from around Leif’s neck and pushed them flat against his chest. She made him fall back onto his back, both palms against him, fingers splayed. Their gazes locked.

“Why?” she asked him, her heart hammering in her chest. Crossing her lower arms in front of her stomach, she took the hem of her shirt and then pulled the piece of clothing up and over her head. Her breathing was laboured now. Something about this moment was highly sensual. He had never seen her braless. Would he like what he saw? Mounds a little larger than her own handful, nipples hardened from the arousal and tension she felt.

“Please don’t stop, Leif…” A shiver raced through her, and her fingers were shaking when she reached for his hands and put both left and right onto her hips, then inched them upwards. “I need to feel something good.” She slid back a little, her own heated center now directly above his hardening length. It occurred to her that she was outright seducing him. That maybe he had been right to stop – and yet, she had no idea what to do with that fire she had stoked to incredible heights. Joy did not want to return to her own room and find ways to relieve that heat because otherwise sleep would just never come.

But more so, she did not want this to end. She did not want to stop feeling him, tasting him. After all these months of secretly wondering what it would be like, and harbouring these feelings for him … she felt like she had to seize this moment now or lose it completely. Another shiver as she reached forward and gently pulled at him, so he would sit up.

“I need you”, she whispered at him – hazel eyes gazing down into much darker ones. “She’s broken, his mind’s half-fried … you’re the only thing that’s left.”

Dramatic much, a small voice in her mind asked. And yet, Joy couldn’t help it. It was exactly how she felt.

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