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Imzadi 02-17-2015 08:50 AM

We've lost one of our best: Farewell, Aodhán.

We will miss you.

When one of us leaves our midst, it's devastating. Especially when they're so young, and the departing happens so sudden, so unexpected. This past weekend on Saturday Feb 14, Tyrant, our very own Aodhán, has passed away. He was only 29.

I doubt anyone can ever truly make sense of this because I surely can't.

His family is heart-broken, his friends and coworkers from Dublin have taken to his Facebook page to leave their condolences. Since he's been such a prominent figure to our community – and a number before this one … like Charmed: The Prophecy – we wanted to put the very sad news here as well. He leaves a void too big to ever fill. A brilliant mind paired with a kind and passionate soul. I've known him as someone who'd always put a smile on your face, who was always there – who always cared.

He has done so much work behind the scenes here these past months. Not all of it was finished but what we have is striking in its brilliance and we'll be releasing the schemes one by one during the upcoming days and weeks. He's put forth ideas, came up with entire game systems. We want to try use as much of it as we possibly can as he's made all of this – for us, for you, for this place. We want to share it with you.

I'm not quite sure how to find closing words to a post such as this one – so I'll do it with my own, private ones.
Aody, I still can't believe I'll never be able to speak to you again. That I won't be able to see you when I make it to Dublin next. You're one of the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure to know and spend time with. You're dearly missed and the world's a darker place for me without you in it.
Love, always.

Thor 02-17-2015 08:51 AM

I remember the first time I met you on C:TP and I was truly scared of you (you should know I’m writing this with a smile on my face). You were this big shot admin and I was just a newbie trying to level up and stay in good graces with the nice people of the board. It was then that I met Chrissie, we started talking and from there on out a friendship blossomed. I didn’t know, but with that friendship came you, Aody, and I’m so glad it did. I got to know you from a different side than most people saw you and I was amazed with the brilliancy and funniness that was you.

Then I met you in person at Chrissie’s wedding and I was blown away once more. You loved to hug. Gods did you love to hug, I swear if our bed hadn’t called to us we still would be hugging. I call myself fortunate to have met you, to have seen you brilliant mind at work. The ideas you came up with… they always left a tingle behind. An impression of the amazingness that is you, Aodhán.

This is all still surreal. Still cannot believe this has happened. You will be missed my friend <3

Callista 02-17-2015 11:44 AM

It’s always a shock to hear that someone you knew, no matter how close you were, has passed away. It’s scary to be faced with the fact that life has an end and that someone in your bubble has met it, regardless of how it happened. Somehow it feels like missing a step on the stairs, like a certain sense of safety and infinity has been taken from you. You’re faced with the fact that nothing lasts forever and that life’s circumstances can change in a heartbeat. And while for me, the news was an intensely sad reminder of life’s realities, I know that a lot of people knew Aody better than I did and have suddenly lost a dear friend. To all those people, I send my hugs and kindest thoughts.

I knew Aody only from his activities behind the scenes. I don’t think I’ve ever even spoken properly to him. But even from the things I did read from him, from the hard work he did for this forum, I can tell that he was a kind and inspiring person to work, talk and plot with. To me, he was the one keeping it all together on MS. Somehow, whenever something good happened to the forum, he was behind it. To me he felt like the driving force that kept this place up and running and I’ve always appreciated him for it. Not to mention the schemes that he put together for all our sakes. They were always beautiful and so incredibly detailed. He worked hard to make them work and somehow you could tell just by looking at them.

I know there’s not much more for me to say. But even though I didn’t know Aody well, I think we can all feel the hole his sudden passing leaves us with.

Wherever you are, Aody, I hope you remember us as fondly as we’ll remember you. Thank you for everything.

Captain America 02-17-2015 02:00 PM

Oh god I'm so sorry to hear this. All the love and hugs in the world to his family, friends and everybody on here who knew him. I never personally interacted with him but I know he put a lot of work into this place and the sites that came before it. Hugs for you all. :(

Harley Quinn 02-17-2015 04:27 PM

this kind of loss is impossible to describe. It's the kind of loss that affects more than just one person small group of loved ones. Tragedies are never small. I will always remember Aody as this great thing, a presence here that will always be missed. anyone who has spent time on this board or any of its predecessors knows how much time he spent making sure things ran smoothly His reputation preceded him as someone kind and fun loving and I am sad I never took the opportunity to develop more of a friendship with him. my heart goes out to everybody affected by this, his friends and family in this tragic time for us all. The world lost someone special, but whereven ever he ended I am sure it is beautiful. Aody deserves nothing less.

Ganymede 02-17-2015 04:47 PM

Aod, I can't believe what happened, and it's still a little surreal. I met you first on the C:tP on the ChatRPG's, and when you GM'ed an episode, I just admired your ability to creatively take charge. And then when I joined WWD, I remember being intimidated by you, and well, that's because you were intimidating in the early days! Still, you showed me what professionalism was and set a model of working behind-the-scenes in place. Thank you for being tough on me; it encouraged me to grow and earn your respect.

Your ideas, your talent—you were a force! It seemed like you could do just about everything. You're still such an inspiration. I felt like every time we were stuck in a rut, you were able to come in and everything would simply become magic again. You just had that inimitable spark which will be sorely missed. You planted all of these ideas and let us run with them, and from that I think a lot of our imaginations grew; our little world around here just sparkled. I'll miss you, and I will always be thankful to have known you and to be surrounded by all of your creations that have touched me and so many others.

Funny Girl 02-17-2015 04:52 PM

I will miss you. I will miss being very slightly scared of you (:-p), I will miss working with you, miss being ceaselessly amazed by your creativity and ability and talent, and I'll miss fighting with you over virtually everything. I mean, there are times I thought we'd kill each other. And I'll miss you.

But, more than that... Thank you. This Board and C:tP has changed my life in ways I can't even begin to imagine. You literally altered the course of my world with your brilliance and dedication, and I like where it's led me so far. As we go forward, I just hope we don't let you down. I hope we make you proud of us, and what we do with a small piece of your legacy.

The Riddler 02-17-2015 05:24 PM

such tragedy, my heart goes out to everyone who knew Aod and to his family. Things like this is just horrible.

Immortal 02-17-2015 07:37 PM

You spend so much time in this world of RPing building up a reputation and getting to know those people that you wanted to impress. I spent so many years hoping that I could impress someone that I idolized as much as Aodhán. It's strange to think about him not being here and it's strange to think about a world in which I'm not looking to get that tiny bit of validation that I never asked for but always worked for from him. Because he was a force of nature and he was brilliant and he made other people feel brilliant because when he had a good idea and thought you would like it, you felt like you were in on the most wonderful secret.

Even as I type this I'm not sure what I'm actually aiming to say. These past few days have been punctuated with ups and downs and the one thing it did help me realize is that we are all family and loss is never easy.

I wish all the best for his family and his friends and I hope that he knew how much we cared and I hope his family and friends knew as well. I know I did, and I'm going to miss him. I'm never going to be completely sure any idea is good again, because there were so many times in which he's inspired me to push for something greater. It's like losing a muse just as much as it's like losing a friend. However, he will forever be a great source of inspiration and I he has left a beautiful legacy for us to uphold.

poliahu 02-17-2015 08:04 PM

I'm in shock over the news. My head can't seem to wrap around that one of the individuals I looked up to in the RP community is gone.

I didn't know him as well as most of you but I did see his brilliance. I remember the first time I saw his name, it was because I was trying to improve my limited graphic skills and I came across his thread in C:tp. His work amazed me there and I thought everything he did was masterful. The more I got involved here the more I realized that his was a mind bent to the creativity. His beautiful renderings for schemes and even his masterful hand at creating the histories of the races and people in Eternal Conflict always, ALWAYS, left me amazed.



You and I never really knew each other in a personal sense. All of our interactions were here on the board and usually it was I PM'ing you annoying messages about how I "can't or don't" about something or other. You were always so helpful and knew so much that just from communicating with you I'd know exactly what needed to happen. I never mentioned to you how in awe I was of every single scheme you put up in here. The brilliant mind you had to create such detailed pieces always amazed me. I'm sad that I didn't tell you that now that I don't have the chance to.

I will miss your artistic mind, I will miss your helpfulness. Rest in Peace, Aod.


My heart goes out to those of you that knew him as friend and also to his family. May you find comfort in the coming days and find peace that for those of us here Aody will be remembered as a talented individual that fostered creativity in others. That his influence forever improved the lives of his fellow RPers.

I will truly miss seeing him on here,

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