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Dreamscape 08-19-2015 12:39 AM

OOC Thread

Want to congratulate someone on a promotion? Discuss your plans for the weekend or simply rave about your characters? Then this is the place for you. Use this thread to talk to other members about anything your heart desires. It's also a great place to plot and discuss storylines!

Ganymede 08-23-2015 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by Ganymede (Post 456343)
Yes, I think it does convert your timezones when you're viewing it!

I edited it to be hourly based on my times; if you guys have other options you want to add to it, let me know and I'll add it! :) We'll be able to see which times get the most clusters and create little playing groups based on that.

Here's the doodle link again: http://doodle.com/qrwfsf8829vsugsq

ETA: Better yet, you guys can modify the time slots and add more here: http://doodle.com/qrwfsf8829vsugsqu7ca2z2a/admin#admin

Reposting this here...

Chrissie, Daphne, Bonnie and anyone else reading - do you guys want to do a test run tomorrow?

Let me know what characters you want to bring in and we can come up with a loose idea of what we want to do. I miss playing Eric most, so I'm bringing him to the party. (A)

Anyone else who wants to add to/fill in the Doodle thing would be super welcome to do so!

Dreamscape 08-23-2015 07:20 PM

Yeah, literally all those times don't work for me. By the time I'm home after work, everyone else is asleep for the most part!

Callista 08-23-2015 07:29 PM

I'll be busy this week, showing students around... :(

Acquiescence 08-23-2015 08:47 PM

Amy, add some of your own? See if anyone can make those?

I can do tomorrow, Nick :D I miss playing my girls most, so probably one of them, but it depends on what we come up with.

As for the link, the reason I haven't filled it out yet is that I have no idea what I'll be doing so it's for hard for me to give a definite yes or no. I'll just have to give a yes or no nearer the time :-p

Imzadi 08-23-2015 09:32 PM

I'll try be on. But no promises. Lately I've been dozing off by 9ish at night (and this would be 10 / 11 my time). :-p
Our little big man has his pirate party this weekend (celebrating his 5th bday with his friends) ... I've my hands full :-p But I'll try.

Ganymede 08-24-2015 02:36 AM

Yes, Amy, please add more times that might work for you; could work for others at least :)

I'll be on Bonnie! Daphne we could try for the weekend?

Chrissie, no worries! Sleep is important but if you've got the energy to stay up (A)

On my phone so sorry for choppiness :P

Imzadi 08-24-2015 08:57 AM

Someone drop me a note on my phone through Gmail / Gtalk whenever you get started? If I'm awake I'll read it and try get on :nod:

Ganymede 08-24-2015 03:15 PM

You got it! (Y)

Acquiescence 08-24-2015 04:41 PM

What time are we doing this then? There are a couple of time slots. I'm available all evening but knowing roughly when will be helpful :-p

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