Midnight Shadows FAQ Smilie List

'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:) Smile Smile
;) Icon Wink Icon Wink
:-p Tongue3 Tongue3
:D Icon Mrgreen Icon Mrgreen
:$ Blush Blush
:( Icon Frown Icon Frown
:'( Cry Cry
o_O Huh Huh
:nod: Nod Nod
:| Icon Neutral Icon Neutral
:eh: Eusa Eh Eusa Eh
:elol: Elol Elol
:shifty: Eusa Shifty Eusa Shifty
:bow: Bow Bow
:e:p Eviltongue Eviltongue
:hug: Hug Hug
:hehe: Hehe Hehe
(A) Eusa Angel Eusa Angel
:chin: Scratchchin Scratchchin
:shrug: Shrug Shrug
:shakehead: Shakehead Shakehead
:sigh: Sigh Sigh
:orb: Orbing Orbing
:party: Party Party
:wow: Wow Wow
:viking: SFi Vikingax SFi Vikingax
:armsfold: Arms Folded Arms Folded
:sprint: Sprint Sprint
:spider: Smiley Spider Smiley Spider
:dragon: Dragon2 Dragon2
:vampire: Vampire36 Vampire36
:smile: Icon Smile Icon Smile
:biggrin: Icon Biggrin Icon Biggrin
:moose: Moose Moose
:P Icon Razz Icon Razz
:nice: Nice Nice
:winky: Winky Winky
:wink: Wink Wink
:sunglasses: Sunglasses Sunglasses
:cool: Icon Cool Icon Cool
:smug: Smug Smug
:hihi: Hihi Hihi
:sun: Sun Sun
(Y) Thumbup Thumbup
:thumbright: Icon Thumright Icon Thumright
:thumleft: Icon Thumleft Icon Thumleft
:yay: Yay Yay
:cheer: Cheerleader Cheerleader
:banana: Banana Banana
:woohoo: Woohoo Woohoo
:dance: Eusa Dance Eusa Dance
:dancing: Dancing Dancing
:eclap: Eusa Clap Eusa Clap
:clap: Hello2 Hello2
:peace: Peace Peace
:hail: HAIL HAIL
:bounce: Bounce Bounce
:bounce2: Bounce2 Bounce2
:bouncered: Bouncered Bouncered
:lol: Elol Elol
:chuckle: Grinning Grinning
:pointlol: Point Laugh Point Laugh
:rotfl: Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing
:rofl: Rofl Rofl
:lmao: Lmao Lmao
:slol: Sign Lol Sign Lol
:spit: Spitout Spitout
:loco: Crazysilly Crazysilly
:geek: Geek Geek
:angel: Angel Angel
:laugh: Icon Lol Icon Lol
:wave: Wave Wave
:waving: Waving Waving
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:kiss2: Kiss2 Kiss2
:comfort: Comfort Comfort
:flirt: Flirt Flirt
:love: Loving Loving
:love2: Love Love
:blush: Icon Redface Icon Redface
:blush2: Blush Blush
:blushy: Blushy Blushy
:peek: Peek Peek
:wub: Wub Wub
:heart: Heart Heart
:Drool: Drool Drool
:drooling: Drool Drool
:edrool: Eusa Drool Eusa Drool
:brows: Wiggling Brows Wiggling Brows
:sign: Crazydeal Crazydeal
:girl: Girl Girl
:lilgirl: Lilgirl Lilgirl
:blink: Blink Blink
:wacko: Wacko Wacko
O_O Icon Eek Icon Eek
:O Icon Surprised Icon Surprised
:scratch: Scratch Scratch
:brow: Brow Brow
:eye: O O O O
:eek1: Eek1 Eek1
:eek2: Eek2 Eek2
:dropjaw: Dropjaw Dropjaw
:erm: Erm Erm
:what: Confused Confused
:ermok: Ermok Ermok
:ponder: Ponder Ponder
:confused: Icon Confused Icon Confused
:oy: Oy Oy
:sad: Icon Sad Icon Sad
:cry: Icon Cry Icon Cry
:pout: Pout Pout
:sadno: Sadno Sadno
:sadwave: Sadwave Sadwave
:eyes: Eyes Eyes
(N) Down Down
:no: No No
:headshake: Headshake Headshake
:dunno: Dunno Dunno
:pray: Eusa Pray Eusa Pray
:tongue: Tongue Tongue
:rolleyes: Icon Rolleyes Icon Rolleyes
:crazy2: Loco Loco
:crazy: Crazy Crazy
:doh: Eusa Doh Eusa Doh
:duh: Doh Doh
:tsk: Eusa Naughty Eusa Naughty
:nope: Eusa Snooty Eusa Snooty
:poeh: Poeh Poeh
:hand: Eusa Hand Eusa Hand
:poke: Poke Poke
:li: Hanli Hanli
:hammer: Hammer Hammer
:smash: Smash Smash
:beatup: Beatup Beatup
:bonk: Bonk Bonk
:wall: Eusa Wall Eusa Wall
:badboy: Badboy Badboy
:blegh: Blegh Blegh
:shocked: Shocked Shocked
:halo: Halo Halo
:sh: Shush Shush
:smirk: Smirk Smirk
:angry: Icon Mad Icon Mad
:suspicious: Suspicious Suspicious
:mad: Angryfire Angryfire
:bash: Bash Bash
:cuss: Cuss Cuss
:@ Mad Mad
:smashcomp: Smash Computer Smash Computer
:rant: Rant Rant
(6) Devil Devil
:goodevil: Goodevil Goodevil
:evil: Icon Evil Icon Evil
:twisted: Icon Twisted Icon Twisted
:devil: Devil Devil
:ad: Ad Ad
:lightsaber: Lightsaber Lightsaber
:firet: Firet Firet
:gunfire2: Gunfire2 Gunfire2
:gunfire: Gunfire Gunfire
:chainsaw: Chainsaw Chainsaw
:vader: Vader Vader
:arrow: Shooting Arrow Shooting Arrow
:bigaxe: Bigaxe Bigaxe
:toiletclaw: Toiletclaw Toiletclaw
:chomp: Chomp Chomp
:kill: Smile9 Smile9
:borg: Borg Borg
:fishslap: Fishslap Fishslap
:surrender: Surrender Surrender
:hide: Hidesofa Hidesofa
:duck: Duck Duck
:shimmer: Shimmer Shimmer
:sonic: Sonic Sonic
:sneakout: Sneakout Sneakout
:bump: Bump Bump
:escape: Escape Escape
:thud: Thud Thud
:bored: Handball Handball
:sleep: Sleeping Sleeping
:snore: Snore Snore
:coffee: Coffee Coffee
:bloodshot: Bloodshot Bloodshot
:think: Eusa Think Eusa Think
:whistling: Eusa Whistle Eusa Whistle
:whistle: Whistle Whistle
:shh: Eusa Shhh Eusa Shhh
:liar: Eusa Liar Eusa Liar
:urock: Yourock Yourock
:spam: Spam Spam
:offtopic: Offtopic Offtopic
:help2: Help2 Help2
:help: Help Help
:bs: Bs Bs
:banned: Banned Banned
:hm: Hm Hm
:justkidding: Justkidding Justkidding
:withstupid: Withstupid Withstupid
:stop: Stop Stop
:welcome: Welcome Welcome
:...: 3dots 3dots
:dito: Dito Dito
:closed: Closed Closed
:cyasign: Cyasign Cyasign
:baa: Baa Baa
:funnypost: Funnypost Funnypost
:helpcry: Helpcry Helpcry
:grr: Grr Grr
:oops: Oops Oops
:spamman: Spam Spam
:iloveyou: Iloveyou Iloveyou
:blah: Mblah05 Mblah05
:censored: Censored Censored
:woot: W00t W00t
:rockon: Headbang Headbang
:idea: Idea Idea
:whisper: Whisper Whisper
:grouphug: Grouphug Grouphug
:laola: Laola Laola
:bouncies: Bouncies Bouncies
:gossip: Gossip Gossip
:chat: Chat Chat
:flower: Give Flowers Give Flowers
:flowers: Flowers Flowers
:whip: Whip Whip
:popcorn: Popcorn Popcorn
:boohoo: Eusa Boohoo Eusa Boohoo
:drive: Driving Driving
:eat: Eat Eat
:beer: Beer Beer
:gulp: Gulp Gulp
:clonk: Clonk Clonk
:cell: Cell Cell
:rug: Sweep under the rug Sweep under the rug
:X: Eusa Silenced Eusa Silenced
:sick: Eusa Sick Eusa Sick
:-s Sick Sick
:sneeze: Sneeze Sneeze
:sick2: Sick2 Sick2
:hb: Occasion13 Occasion13
:bday1: Bday1 Bday1
:bday3: Bday3 Bday3
:flower2: Flower Flower
:cake: Occasion15 Occasion15
:sandkasten: Sandkasten Sandkasten
:slap: Slap Slap
:lolli: Lolli Lolli
:ride: Ride Ride
:noevil: Noevil Noevil
:off: Off Off
:nails: Nails Nails
:muscles: Muscles Muscles
:fly: Fly Fly
:mature: Mature Mature
:magnify: Magnify Magnify
:shower: Shower Shower
:smoke: Smoke Smoke
:noidea: Ponder Ponder
:smoochie: Smoochie Smoochie
:toothless: Toothless Toothless
:toilet: Toilet Toilet
:upsidedown: Upsidedown Upsidedown
:wed: Wed Wed
:whoops: Whoops Whoops
:compose: Compose Compose
:beer2: Beer2 Beer2
:cutegirl: Cutegirl Cutegirl
:dance2: Dance2 Dance2
:dance3: Dance3 Dance3
:die: Die Die
:door: Door Door
:doves: Doves Doves
:comehome: Comehome Comehome
:bouncer: Bouncer Bouncer
:boxing: Boxing Boxing
:brush: Brush Brush
:bye: Bye Bye
:candle: Candle Candle
:celeb: Celeb Celeb
:clock: Clock Clock
:dump: Dump Dump
:goodnight: Goodnight Goodnight
:handkiss: Handkiss Handkiss
:bathduck: Bathduck Bathduck
:frog: Frog Frog
:egg: Egg Egg
:einstein: Einstein Einstein
:farwell: Farwell Farwell
:fence: Fence Fence
:hit: Hit Hit
:matrixfight: Matrixfight Matrixfight
:neo: Neo Neo
:mib: Mib Mib
:ninjameditate: Ninjameditate Ninjameditate
:smurf: Smurf Smurf
:papasmurf: Icon Bigsmurf Icon Bigsmurf
:mouse: Mouse Mouse
:tigger: Tigger Tigger
:elf: Elf Elf
:cow: Cow Cow
:karate: Karate Kid Karate Kid
:rose: Rose Rose
:icon_arrow: Icon Arrow Icon Arrow
:exclaim: Icon Exclaim Icon Exclaim
:question: Icon Question Icon Question
:iidea: Icon Idea Icon Idea
:smiley464: Smiley464 Smiley464
:snow_grin: Snow Grin Snow Grin
:huh: Huh Huh
:happy: Happy Happy
:snow_laugh: Snow Laugh Snow Laugh
:grin: Grin Grin
:xmas-smiley-022: Xmas Smiley 022 Xmas Smiley 022
:rudolph: Rudolph Rudolph
:xmasbiggrin: Xmasbiggrin Xmasbiggrin
:xmascheers: Xmascheers Xmascheers
:christmas: Christmas Christmas
:carols: Carols Carols
:xmaskiss: Xmaskiss Xmaskiss
:candycane: Candycane Candycane
:xmassign: Xmassign Xmassign
:snow_cool: Snow Cool Snow Cool
:snowman: Snowman Snowman
:new_year: New Year New Year
:smiley532: Smiley532 Smiley532
:smiley536: Smiley536 Smiley536
:presents1: Presents1 Presents1
:xmas tree: Xmas Tree Xmas Tree
:smiley1845: Smiley1845 Smiley1845
:presents2: Presents2 Presents2
:xmastongue: Xmastongue Xmastongue
:presents3: Presents3 Presents3
:smiley1864: Smiley1864 Smiley1864
:rudolf: Rudolf Rudolf
:smiley1861: Smiley1861 Smiley1861
:sad santa: Sad Santa Sad Santa
:smiley1844: Smiley1844 Smiley1844
:smiley1842: Smiley1842 Smiley1842
:smiley1828: Smiley1828 Smiley1828
:xangry: Angry Angry
:xlaugh: Laugh Laugh
:xwaving: Waving Waving
:xelf: Elf Elf
:xconfused: Confused Confused
:xmassmile: Xmassmile Xmassmile
:santa: Santa Santa
:xshocked: Shocked Shocked
:xsad: Sad Sad

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