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December 28

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08-11-2008 06:44 PM

Chrissie, I just thought I would poke a hello. And say that I am having much fun reading your lifestream. It inspired me to watch advent children so I could actually undertand the FF world better. Still dont understand it. However, still loving reading the Lifestream. (so spent a saturday when I should have been working reading it.)

08-08-2008 11:24 PM

hmm.. another Leo fan lol.. but yeah, pretty sure its Daeva =) Oh and hi Daeva!

07-29-2008 09:03 PM

Hey.. this name is strikingly familiar... tell me are you the same Daeva that was with Charmed: The Prophecy?

06-03-2008 04:08 AM


Just wanted to say hello.

That is all. =D

06-02-2008 10:31 PM

lol.. if it makes you feel better. I havent thought of anything better.

05-30-2008 09:10 PM

I keep thinking the smurf needs retired and a new name created. However I fear that if i did that no one would know who I am as I lurk to much.

05-29-2008 06:29 PM

I am in a mass spamy mood. And just wanted to say HIIII.

05-23-2008 02:45 PM

Typos ... -_-

05-23-2008 02:36 PM

Visitor Messages haven't been getting much love lately.

So here's a ton of LOFE dumped right in your profile!

05-19-2008 01:53 AM

Oops, ignore my first PM. The second one is the right one.

05-18-2008 12:23 AM

Nevermind, it failed.

05-15-2008 09:08 PM

Aw... I'll come on soon just for you.


[you're about to be attacked by ellen]

05-15-2008 12:14 AM

Hurray! Thanks. I miss our MSN chats but I rarely go on anymore.

05-13-2008 11:00 AM

I wouldn't chop up Dee. Neither would Kira. Dee is like her only girlfriend. (Dallas doesn't count for the obvious reasons!)

05-13-2008 02:51 AM

Well thanks. That makes me feel better.

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